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    :eek: THIS IS WHAT YOU ALL ARE COMPLAINING ABOUT?! :D HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! I cannot count how may people I have killed trying to do this......He would have been dead in an actual fight. :eek: Leave my easy kills alone please. o_O This takes too much time to do in a real fight. Most of them get stuck on the side of the wall, and have to jump down usually killing themselves in the process. JUST USE A JET PACK. o_O Jitterbugging is the real annoyance in this game....
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    We are not in a trial, you are free to judge though
  4. Trigga

    In other words; 'we cannot fix the problem or even begin to find where it happens'.
  5. DarkStarAnubis


    That's the main reason why "exploiting" is not mentioned in the EULA, whereas cheating (editing game files, decrypting packages, ...) and using third party software (auto-aiming, automating certain actions via macros, ...) is.

    Jumping is jumping. And Jumping IS allowed in the game, you have a key for that. But the jumping mechanism can be used to climb walls, just like there is a way to climb rocks to reach the roofs of Biolabs buildings and a similar way to climb over constructions and bypass walls/towers.

    And besides the philosophical and sterile debate (OMG, is that playing smartly or exploiting? Where does one ends and the other begins?") how would you check that? Ban someone who makes more than X jumps per second?

    Like I wrote before if you want to avoid people exploiting something you must design it properly. Exploiting is a natural consequence of poor or lazy design coupled with human nature.

    Do you really want to avoid people bunny-hopping/ADADing to avoid being hit or spam-hopping to climb walls?

    Easy-Peasy: add Stamina. Each action consumes stamina and after too many jumps/runs/sidesteps you will either have not enough stamina to move or to aim properly (you are fatigued, your sight will sway).
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  6. Campagne

    There is nothing philosophical about the distinction. Exploitation is the practice of abusing faulty mechanics for personal gain and playing smart is using existing and intended mechanics in creative ways for personal gain.

    Example: Catlike can be used to jump from the outside ground in a tech plant onto the second floor walkway next the point. This can be done all with one jump at a time, and is using the game's intended features in a way most players are unaware of. This allows the player to skip past the obvious choke points and potentially flank those on the second floor.

    Exploiting would be jumping the wall from the walkway up and over directly into the point area.

    Corruption is a natural consequence of poor and lazy design coupled with human nature. Just like exploiting it is a detriment to everyone else who doesn't break the rules. One person gains and everyone else is worse off because of it.

    Drastic actions have drastic consequences. Unforeseen consequences. It would be better to just flat out ban everyone proven to use exploits instead.
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  7. Demigan

    I have a better example: Grenade clipping.

    One patch broke the buildings near biolabs, allowing players to suddenly throw grenades through two walls into the Spawnroom. This is obviously an unintended gameplay problem that gives the player abusing it a massive gain, practically a better gain than just plain subtle cheating or bighead cheats.

    So... Just because it's possible, should players have been allowed to use it? Personally I would have just (temp) banned every single player who used it. The dev team keeps heat maps showing deaths so they keep track of where a player dies. If someone killed half a dozen players with each grenade toss and all those players died within the coordinates of a painfield of a biolab they should have known what's up and just banned the heck out of them all as a warning.

    Even better, there was an old popular RPG game that at some point had a major flaw: It couldn't recognize a certain keystroke. If someone typed it in the chat the entire server crashed.
    Now you could say that crashing the server was allowed. After all it was the software of the game that did it and it was a legal keystroke to make. People would use this exploit to avoid deaths, or when they felt they had to spite someone and had no other option, or just for laughs before someone defeated a boss or gained a high-reward item something similar.
    Is it really a good idea to allow exploits if it allows players to gain an unfair advantage and often ruin the gameplay of others, in this case to the extreme? Just because it's possible doesn't mean it should be done or condoned!
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