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    After playing Planetside 2 since 2013 I catched up with neat tips and tricks that I want to let everyone know.
    I know that someday Planetside 2 that we love will come to an end sooner or later.

    I share EVERYTHING that I learned and what I researched for.

    Who am I and what have I done and accomplished in this Game?
    I'm Sandro, aka Diggsano, former known as DIGGSAN0 (Zero as O) playing at Cobalt, currently I am23 Years old.
    I named myself like this because it is a Acronym of my Last and First name scrampled together into one.


    Digg......... Sandro turned into DiggSan (dr) o. the dr was taken out because I never played a Healer in MMORPGS hence leading to Doctor --> Dr.
    The two G's stayed together because of GG (Good Game).
    My Name in L33T is spelled out D1995AN0. 1995 is my Year of birth.

    there are many more details in the name but I can't mention them because it contains Info about my Surname.

    I started the Game in late 2013 after my classmate told me about Planetside 2. I created a VS first....but my friend played TR so I deleted my VS and started as TR called Diggsano, we played and I was bad, very very bad. In fact I had a KDR of 0.5 as an Infiltrator playing on a cheap 200 Dollar worth Laptop.

    After some time we split appart from each other, such as in real life and in PS2 too.
    I created DIGGSAN0 on VS with a Zero to symbolise the "scratched" or something "split" in the O.

    after learning from playing TR for circa a Year I wanted to try the VS Weapons as Infiltrator, rising the KDR up to 1.2 (it meant a lot to me that time) and after years it rised up to 1.7, close to 1.8 until it did sink because I learned to not care about KDR and focus on FUN. I played Infiltrator up to 75% of my Playtime, having 57d 13h right now on Inf only.

    -You can Jump up walls with a FPS over 60, I climbed trees, barricades and heck even Mountains to Snipe my Targets.
    -You can redeploy faster when you redeploy WHILE in loading screen, just push Redeploy and you hear it.
    -You can fly every plane faster by pushing space and W while looking downwards and slightly going sidewards.
    -You can look bellow your feet by spamming crouch in a special rythm, getting you a look under the map or roofs.
    -Motion Spotters do scan Spherical in 3D, while Sensor Darts spot Cylindrical (Infinite up- or downwards)

    -You do not need any target finder implant, just place a Waypoint where you want to snipe and you know how many meters the enemy is away.
    -I sniped with and without Silencers, the Milldots on Paralax and V10 (Empires Equivalents too) are normaly 100m, 200m, when you snipe silenced it is doubled, leading to 50m on first dot then 100m, 150m, 200m
    -You can zoom into the Game with the Windows combinations, everyone can do it. WinKey + NUM+ for zoom in and WinKey + NUM- zooms back. you can hide the Lens Window by pushing ALT in game and hovering over the Hide option. I currently use Windows 10, after 8.1 were it worked too, just had to enable Fullscreen Windowed Mode in PS2 back then.

    Macros, QoL Improvements etc:

    Yes it is possible to create macros, I used it for Years so my Mouse does hold longer ( I still use it after 4 years xD).
    The Program was Logitech for my Logitech G600

    I mapped the 12 Thumb buttons as 1,2,3 -to- 9,0,'',^ (Whole Number Board)
    You have seen right, the Mouse has a ringfinger button were I maped the Button "F8" and as long I hold it down it holds the F8 button for 25milliseconds and then pause for 21 milliseconds, leading me to laserprecise burstweapons and fullauto Pistols that once were Semi Auto, You will win close to every fight with just a Inquisitor, hence why I delete and recreate new Characters for fun.


    You can map Crouch and other Jerk**** to **** up peoples lives but that is just pathetic, I even very rarely use the shot macro because it is so OP and easy .

    The G20 Button (12th Thumb) does scrambling WASD and Space and redeploy together to simulate activity when I do not want to get logged of when I walk my dog or help other people :)
    I do that on the Map screen so I don't stay in the way.

    The G7 and G8 buttons (next to Mousewheel) have "WinKey + Num+" and "Winkey + Num- " programmed to them so I can zoom freely with any scope. and crossbow etc. 2X sights become 4X, then 8X and then 16X scopes.
    I can enlarge 12x Scopes to 24,36 and even 48 and seeing just pixels, you can all set it the way you want it.
    I also learned how to program macros via AutoHotKey were I was given help by a Cheater that writes them for ez Money in CS:GO. (no I won't help you to write a Macro)

    Note that Macros ARE ALLOWED in PS2 as long they DO NOT move the mouse (no recoil help)

    I still have a screenshot of the Reddit statement from a Dev regarding Macros.

    -Quality of Life Improvements (QoL)

    I suggest trying Recursion stat tracker, I made my own Crosshair so I could snipe People with my 2x Sight Crossbow from over 150m away.
    I designed it so that you wont see any big lines while Hipfiring but have references according to the 2x sight I have choosen from to give it two little Milldots for 50m and 100m.
    It also helps with MANY weapons and Tanking ;) just ask if you need it, I'll send it.

    You can easily reply to people who whispered you by pushing the "BACKSPACE" button

    I know SO MUCH more but I have already written for 2hours, I rest and will write again.

    I thank you for reading that giant wall of text and I surely will try to answer questions.

    I know what I wrote is questionable but I asure that I have many HEAVY INFOS that could result in a Ban in the Forums so I just posted the Legit and Allowed ones.
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  2. 0fly0

    Tomorrow we learn how to modify hitbox boys get ready, why the **** not after all so many already do it
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  3. Demigan

    While you say you teach people, you only mention stuff you can do. If you have 60+FPS do you jump over things by spamming the jump button or do you time it and what can you climb exactly? At what point exactly do you press the redeploy because if you do it the moment the loading screen appears you don't start the countdown. What is the special rythm to look through the floor etc etc.

    There's also some mistakes. You swapped how motion spotters and motion darts work. Motion spotters have the cylindrical infinitely upwards scan range while the motion darts have a spherical spot. This can easily be tested at a biolab if you place one underneath the airpads on the ground. A motion dart will not find people up at the airpad while a motion spotter will and up to the edges of it's range, meaning it has to be a cylinder scan.

    And why would you promote that you have illegal exploits available for people who ask? It's just begging for problems and it doesn't really make me have a high opinion of you if you use exploits to become "good".
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    I know how it works but I won't post that, In theory it is possible to render Infiltrator visible if you make your own assets....but you will get kicked/banned because of the assets check.

    Apparently Shaql gave me the Asset# something that gave access to the Flight carrier (Reaverhitblx with Carrier look) and rendered also Infiltrators Invisible. He said that we will get banned when using on live. That was 2015~ish
    We also saw the Sanctuary in the Early state.

    If i wanted to circumvent this I just load the assets after check. I never ever had any hitbox or assets modified in the live server, not even Test (exept the shaql show)

    I do not share exploits, I share everything I know and I hope you read that everything is very easy to do- Can't be banned.

    Macros are allowed, looking trough roofs is easy to do when you stand, it is possible while walking too. Imagine a drop pod on a roof.

    You can redeploy IN the Loading screen, just push the button and you hear the countdown.

    I promoted that I will send the selfmade Recursion Corsshair. Nothing about the Macros etc. just the Image you load on the middle of the screen
  5. Demigan

    Then why would you promote the fact that you have "heavy info's" on things that can get you banned after you tell people they can contact you?

    Only by virtue of them not being very easy to find and ban in the first place. Your semi-auto/burst macro for example perfectly destroys the risk/reward for using a burst gun over the ordinary version, meaning that you'll always be more accurate and have a higher ROF to boot using your macro.

    To take it to the extreme you could say "hey, there's no law against stabbing someone repeatedly in the neck in this country, so let's do it!". Just because something is allowed or no law against it has been made does not mean you should do it.

    Again, you say it's easy but you offer no way to do so as you need to beat the downwards angle limitation, besides ofcourse that looking through objects that you shouldn't look through is an exploit.

    Yes I know you can redeploy IN the loading screen, I use it all the time. The problem is the timing of when you use it. If you press "U" the moment the loadingscreen starts it's too early and you do not redeploy. That is again why I ask you to come up with some more concrete information on how to do what you speak off, rather than just mention "yo you can slingshot in this game allowing LA's to get much farther! What is it and how to use it? I'm not saying I'm just telling you it's there and that should be enough".

    So why would you promote that you have much information about bannable exploits if you don't intent to tell anyone just after you tell people they can contact you for the crosshairs? It's like a loanshark who tries to get his payment by saying "you've got nice kids, would be a shame if something happened to them". Sure they don't say outright they will cause the children harm if you don't pay them but the threat is there.
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    I do not understand the problem right now, are you suggesting me that I should show people how to destroy Planetside 2 for everyone or that I should not?

    I thought that after 6 Years of PS2 that it will come to an end and I wanted to share everything legal in PS2, yes LEGAL.

    Spamming crouch to see under you is a showcase of how stupid the gamemechanics are, I would likke to show you how I climb the walls, I teached in fact many people on Cobalt VR how it is done.

    Macros are legal, acording to your analogy the Policemen said that stabbing people multiple times is alright, but you may not want to and I said that I stabbed people but very very rarely, despite it being legal.

    No I won't post how to derender Cloak, no I won't show how to go under the Map (I think we remember that disaster and I still feel bad for it).

    When you want to redeploy wait for the loading screen to load like 1/5 and then push Redeploy, after a time you get the feeling.
    And as you can see I posted NONE private Infos on how to contact me. I want to answer questions and clarify the state you are playing in today.

    When I know that Sh!!t, another not so honest Planetman could know too.
  7. FLHuk

    tbh while I hate everything you say about mouse macro actions we've known about them since the start.

    Anyone that bumped into a guy early days remembers the instant shot and spot.... AHK, mouse, keyboard scripts.... Meh.

    No one designed this game thinking "I hope these guys use mouse, sound, keyboard macros to become gods we can't stop"
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    I am sorry that you feel that way, I want people to know what is done inside the game.

    When you first see a magic trick you are astounded how they have done it, but doing the trick yourself you are not as amazed as before. The same counts for those very good players we see in Planetside.

    I guess slapping the truth into the face is not the right solution but that I may have choosen. (I hope I did write that right)
  9. DarkStarAnubis

    The problem lies in the game mechanics because if people can exploit something they will, it is human nature.

    If, as a game designer, I do not take crouching, running, jumping, sidestepping as activities that consume stamina and do not alter the precision of firing then I should not be surprised by seeing people crouching, bunny hopping and ADADing to prevent being hit. The action is repeatable at will so the next logical step is to code it - so it can reproduced by pressing a button. Don't blame the macro, it is just a crouch or a QoL element.

    How to fix it? Forget BattlEye, make the CoF increase each time you jump, crouch or sidestep and introduce stamina.
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  10. Demigan

    I'm not suggesting you should give people things to destroy the game, I'm suggesting that the way you display the information makes it look like people could ask you for that information without outright saying it.

    Further I'm asking for you to be more concrete with your information, like the 1/5th wait time before activating the redeploy while in the loadscreen, that is concrete and gives people a guideline irrespective of actual loadtimes when they can use this. That is what you should use in future info dumps.
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  11. DIGGSAN0

    alright, I am also planning on doing a Video to show you guys how I climb
  12. DIGGSAN0

    Climbing starts at 0:52

    I used Shadowplay and it stopped itself, currently I am uploading a better Video.
  13. Campagne

    This is an exploit. You are showing players how to cheat. (Also Wrel beat you to it a long time ago. :confused:)

    Sharing fun and helpful tips is good, showing people new ways to abuse the game for an unfair advantage is not.
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  14. DIGGSAN0

    Are you saying that climbing is forbidden?
  15. DarkStarAnubis

    1. Cheating != Exploiting.

    2. Judging by the number of HA, Snipers, Engineers and Medics I can see on the Biolab buildings your concern is a few years late... At the very least the OP is leveling the play-field by making that exploit known to everybody. Let's not hide behind fingers please, even my cat knows it is futile.

    3. If DBG would have cared (and I do not believe they did) this should have been fixed ages ago.
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  16. Albertafox

    Using windows magnify in a competitive game is a exploit. It was in 1999 with Win98 and is still today.
    You are using a 3rd party tool to exploit what is not provided in game. IE: using a lower magnify scope then enhancing it with the magnification tool so as to keep scope sway/recoil/FoV/close up OPF from being affected.
    People did this back when you were what? 4yrs old. Playing on a 14inch crt monitor at 1600x1200 and trying to pick off heads was only for the lucky, not so much when you can zoom in to see each individual pixel at render distance.
    You're a blatant cheater if you're do this, which you admit to doing.

    As for climbing, speed boost... that is a engine problem. Anyone can do it, although it seems some can do it much easier than others.

    Viewing through walls/floors by any means is a exploit, thats why you cant Q spot people through them, unless your BR100 MLG who run around 1-12 pop fights and you hear them spotting people though walls. The same as a Light Assault glitching through certain spots with flying/collision, or crouching then moving so your head gets in certain spots to see through walls. Or those "pro's and big named outfits" who mash their vehicle into spots so the top gun(s) can poke through walls and shoot people. You know damn well youre not supposed to be doing it even if it can happen.

    Macros that turn your semi auto into full auto is again a blatant cheat. A macro that swaps weapons/tools, chat selection, spot... to a 1-12 mouse button isnt. A macro to swap to medkit and use medkit, then swap back to a weapon in one key press is, since you input 1 command and got 3 commands out of it.
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  17. Demigan

    pretty much this. Climbing this way should have been a bannable offense and better yet fixed. It is unintuitive, it breaks the intended flow of bases, it steals away the ability of an entire class (You freaking climb faster than the standard jumpjet would have!) and is a deliberate exploitation for personal gain.

    But at the same time SOE/DBG should have it fixed. Like the crouchspam that with Macro's is even easier it is actually extremely easy to fix with a simple delay in certain actions. Only for exploiting the latency system would someone deliberately spam the crouch button while randomly changing directions, only for exploiting would someone continuously jump like that and since nowhere in the game you are able to jump and gain height like that without it also being exploiting you could simply limit the amount of jumps per second and/or limit the amount of height you can gain through it in any certain timeframe. You can use the steepest climbable slope in the game as the ruler. If over 1 second you climb more (respective to the ground you stand on) than would be possible when you walk (since you are jumping you cannot sprint) up the steepest slope then you must be exploiting and your jump is cut off for 1 second. This is reset each time someone uses a jumpjet since LA's would be the only class that should be able to benefit from any such exploit without it gaining ridiculous abilities beyond what it already has.
    As an alternative such an exploit could be deliberately turned into a feature. Not like the reverse maneuver that was handled with "whelp, it's possible so let's call it a feature instead" but by adding actual mechanics and giving players a heads up that this is possible and how to do it... Even with low FPS.
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  18. DIGGSAN0

    This is my playstyle as an Stalker Infiltrator since 2016 and I do not believe that climbing is even slightly forbidden, simply because Wrel did show us how it is done in a Video

    here is some more climbing stuff starting at 3:10
    this time I got a longer video also unedited.

    It shows walljumping on the tree and how to avoid falldamage at mountains.
    Also I sniped with zoom but you can't see the Zoom

    Please note that all this looks easy to do but I had to learn the momentum and the experience in climbing, as example I can climb the big stone wall even backwards

    Basically I never needed light assault (climbing), fall damge implant, catlike implant(cclimbing) or sweeper hud (distance)
  19. Campagne

    No, I'm saying jumping up walls and other vertical surfaces is forbidden.

    Did you mean to type "=/=" ? != doesn't make sense to me. Regardless exploiting is absolutely cheating.

    Well with Catlike it's actually possible to get on top of just about every rooftop if not all of them legitimately. But that does not matter. Just because a lot of players abuse hitboxes doesn't mean everyone else should too. And I'm quite confident there are a lot of players that would do so given the chance, if only they knew how.

    Caring isn't enough. Well have all seen their incompetence first-hand and honestly I don't think there is any way to fix the hot garbage that is PS2's terrain system without burning it down and starting fresh. They obviously care about aimbots but haven't ever stopped them from showing up.
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  20. 0fly0

    Starting to sound like the guys on hacking forum here...

    Hidding behind the fact that one dev told you it's ok to use automatic macro to justify your poor state of mind and expect people to get your way is ridiculous.

    Do you even know why daybreak allow you to use crosshair overlay and macro? simply because they have no way to spot the players using it, so they rather give you the permission to do so...

    That doesn't mean it's ok to do it, you know why? simply because the game wasn't design for it.

    You see when you run or use jetpack your crosshair get wilder, when you get hit by emp, your crosshair disappear, that's design to make it harder for you to aim in those situation...

    Same goes for battle rifle with auto macro, it take a huge amount of skill to get even close to the perfect firerate and recoil control on a battle rifle and that's made to balance the weapon...

    I can go on and on but yeah you guy's just take away everything that take skill in this game and hide behind the lack of boundaries daybreak put you.
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