The Leperwood Screams....

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  1. QuakerOatsMan

    A small player-interactive environment item (detail) are the circle things in the walls of some facilities (off the top of my head I vaguely recall some being maybe inside SCU rooms (in tech plants?) and they remind me of the LHC in terms of how they look) if you go near them, they start "glowing." Not too significant, but is one of the few interactive map details I thought was worth at least bringing some attention to.
  2. MrMurdok

    "...And to this day, in the dead of night, when not even the wind blows through the burnt husks of the trees that surround the haunted building, you can still hear him, screaming, shrieks tearing through the air...

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  3. Cougarbrit

    Just been on a little easter egg hunting trip on my dusty VS alt, I hung around Leopardwood for about 5 minutes or so, in various spots, just by myself, but I heard no screams at all, or any other funky enviromental sounds. Place is pretty silent, at least during the daytime, I would check it out for night to see if there's a difference but I don't know the times of the day/night cycle. I did however finally realise why it's called a nursery, it's a tree nursery, least that's what I'm assuming anyways, plenty of trees around it, plus saplings.

    As for the vanguard, I flew around most of the west and north sides of Amerish in a scythe but didn't see anything, nor did I see anything suggestive of a terrain piece like a derelict tank on the map. I suppose it could be somewhere in the southeast but I didn't fancy flying that far from home when we barely owned a quarter of Amerish. There were a few other places I intended to check out but I decided I'd spent enough time easter egg hunting.

    I did however notice that there's some pretty sweet terrain inbetween the Ascent and Raven's Landing that is just begging for some good infantry combat though. Winding uphill/downhill paths along the mountainside with plenty of incline to give cover, and even trees once you're in view of the Ascent, the trail entrance/exits are a bit inconveniently placed though, especially for the Ascent, it's like halfway down the road near the corner leading away from there.

    My general thoughts when examing Amerish's terrain as closely as I was basically amounted to: this place is great for infantry combat. Now if only we had any reason to be fighting in the ditches and forests.
  4. NikkoJT

    If there's any Cobalt NC interested in this mystery Vanguard, I'm standing outside Sungrey Amp Station looking for it right now. Feel free to join in.

    edit: it's a real shame nobody comes out here to the edges of the map. There's some spectacular and interesting scenery out here. It's beautiful, and brilliant for fights, but only people like me who just wander for fun (and that Vanu Lib that set down for repairs on the next hill over) will ever see it.
  5. Ubad00d

    Today in Ceres I flew in a scythe past Leopardwood Nursery, and noticed in the chat "Hey TR guy, are you also searching for the screams" I looked down and saw two players, one VS and one TR, collaboratively searching for the scream - was pretty cool :).

    I enquired about it to this guy and got freaked out about the possibility of a scream...In a nursery so I promptly sped of with after burners XD.
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  6. NikkoJT

    No Vanguard yet, but I did find an interesting plant on the seaward side of the NC Arsenal.
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  7. Duvenel

    Thread - Shooting zombie space people, get bored, go looking for weird stuffs... If you can't find the vanguard with the railgun I can link a picture of the model from the game assets.
  8. AdennTM

    As for esamir: last week when I was fighting their with my platoon one of my guys started yelling in the platoon channel that he had heard the monster. He seriously freaked out and then I explained to him about the monster easter eggs.
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  9. Crysander

    The Vanguard is not one with a Railgun, I've stood on it. I believe its meant to be something to do with its coaxial machine gun. I do remember it being slightly smaller than a normal Vanguard though. I can't remember where it was sadly, all I do remember is that it was immediately outside a Facility Satellite Spawn Building up against a slight slope.

    That said, I'm going to find it and grab a picture!

    Nope, they definitely removed it. Went to check and it wasn't around any of the things I remembered. So I had to google it - came up with which shows the north satellite at Kwahtee Amp. Since they updated the spawn rooms the Vanguard is no longer there :(
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  10. NikkoJT

    Awh. Sad face. Oh well. I might keep sneaking around a bit anyway, it's funny.

    Did find a tiny floating rock outside Sungrey west gate though. I'll upload the video shortly.

    edit: obviously some kind of Vanu infiltration device
  11. ObsidianSoul

    The derelict NC vanguard was in the north satellite outpost of Kwahtee Amp (which is VS territory) in Amerish. Just outside and south of the spawn building. Wasted a few rockets on it as a noob.

    But it's gone. It hasn't been there since that update which revamped base designs.
  12. Cougarbrit

    Yeah, the terrain on Amerish is really nicely done, but we don't get to fight around most of it because (a) it's hell getting around amerish on land and (b) people only ever really fight around facilities anyways.

    I mean, there's loads of little streams and forests around the place that would be interesting places for combat but it's unlikely they'll ever see it, unless people choose them as locations for events.
  13. ShopTrain

    So I went on a little Indar Adventure to find this "Scream"
    And I think I found/heard what this sound is. It was not a scream, but it sounded more like a Whale singing. I heard the sound near the bay, and it was night time too.
    The sound is very faint, and I had to turn off my ingame music and turn up my volume all the way.

    ^Use the link to see the location.
  14. FischiPiSti

    Heh, i was the TR guy. Actually it turned out that both of us were TR, he just made a spy toon. Im too loyal for that, so i wraith'd my way down there... Quite dangerous. I didnt find any clues tho, then some barney 'self defensed' himself +100 XP and ended my investigation :(
  15. Kn4ck3br0d37

    Such a nice reunion. I was the covert vanu. When the alert ended I flew back there with my TR but you had left by that point. I scouted the valley south of the Nursery but still nothing. I'll have to check the whale sound out today.
  16. ShopTrain

    So I thought that if I can hear the Whale Singing near the bay at Leapordwood, then I should be able to hear it at Indar Bay Point.
    And I was able to hear it too, not only that, I could hear other animal noises.
    If you want to hear it, it has to be night time, and I suggest you turn off music as well. Once again the sound can be very faint. Also patitience, cause it takes time.