The last new Content we've had...

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  1. PhilDun

    The last new content was the Harasser. And before that, the new rocket launchers. Feels like those were introduced ages ago.

    Man, things have slowed down quite a bit since release. Did a lot of devs get pulled off of Planetside, or has there just been an increase in bureaucracy (i.e. having to write 10+ page written reports before making any balance changes)?
  2. FA18

    Content didn't slow down, It didn't speed up in the first place.
  3. NeverWas

    look at road map.
  4. Goretzu

    Well I'd rather the put out new continents and work on the meta-game over all (and both things are basically making PS2 more PS1-like, thankfully).

    But new weapons and stuff? Well there was the new SMG, but really there's only so much they can bring in. Certainly infantry weapon-wise there's not much left after the empire specific pistols.

    Vehicle-wise there's certainly a few more PS1 options they could bring in, but really again continents and meta-game, and frankly cosmetics are probably better for them on a $$$'s perspective.
  5. gualty

    We'll get an overall boost (contents, performance, and so on) when PS2 (a SONY game) will be released for the Playstation4 (the SONY console).
  6. IamDH

    Remember all that stuff we should of had in July? NONE of it came (unless you consider the squad screen change and update//)
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  7. Cinnamon

    I guess that some things take longer to get through the pipeline than others. Especially if you want them to be good quality when they get released. They could probably flood us with tweaked alternate versions of guns if they wanted to but instead they give us things like the flare gun and ns pdw.
  8. FateJH

    You really don't need a consistent stream of new content.
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  9. Samutus

    They are currently working on a new continent.
  10. Chipay

    Maybe you don't check out the PTS, there's a new continent there, together with new ESF weapons, all unfinished though, but i don't think that building a continent can go any faster.

    Besides, Esamir had a full rework. You might go "well reworking is no new content", it actually is, SOE added a ton of new base designs => new content.
  11. Pikachu

    We got faction pistols, NS smg, lmg, pistol and carbine, flash revamp with seat and shotgun, 1 ES MAX AV weapon, pump shotguns. And always lots of cosmetics.
  12. 660/12

    Esamir update made a huge difference to gameplay there. (I won't get into the quality of the gameplay, but. . . .)