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  1. metalfreak

    The only reason the lasher was used = for supressing fire.

    With the new Lasher and its increased dmg on hit..its our new melee weapon..rush into a building and have fun..thats the only way u can use this weapon now :D
  2. Xasapis

    Not sure why we need a new thread on the lasher.

    Did you even try it post patch? Because it's godly compared to the old version. The main difference? You attach a 2x scope (or whatever else you prefer) and you aim your kills.
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  3. blessedpatrick

    It's like everytime I use it to stab someone I also stab myself!
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  4. metalfreak

    godly compared to the old one? ur missing the point that the lasher should NOT be a weapon to kill mass of enemys, JUST to supress them.

    But nvm..
  5. IamSalvation

    Yeah its really **** that it now can kill ppl... damn soe.. o_O
  6. Xasapis

    Well, it wasn't any good at that to begin with. Unfortunately PS2 does not have a decent suppression mechanism, which meant that in most cases, whoever you tried to suppress turned and killed you with their much lower TTK weapons. Now though, the lasher serves both as a splash weapon and as a direct killing tool. The only difference is the ADS part, everything else remained the same with the main difference being a lot more lethal to whoever you aim directly.

    There are people who love and people who hate the changed heavy HA weapons. I'd just give it a try for longer, before I dismiss the lasher. It is in my opinion finally a viable weapon that is versatile enough to be a suppression tool, without losing it's direct killing capability.
  7. metalfreak

    y i'll try it with something new, lets see..just miss the old one or the IDEA between the old one :p
  8. Nyscha

    I preferred the lasher without a stupid scope I liked hipfiring.
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  9. metalfreak

    thats what i mean :) but now we have to scope ^^
  10. NDroid

    It could be a difference in playstyles but I have to disagree. The Lasher was and still is primarily a suppression tool- you saturate an area with splash damage to discourage people from going there, to push them back or to flush them out of cover. You can get kills or assists with it but the main point is its tactical value in the specific situation where it can be useful (and there aren't many of those).

    It's not much use for direct hit firefights simply because its RoF and projectile velocity put you at a disadvantage against any opponent but in my experience what allowed it to stay at least somewhat competitive even then was the the accurate hipfire. You mitigated some of the damage by moving while still being fairly accurate which gave you a chance to compensate for the weapons shortcoming. Now that we have to ADS to be accurate and sacrifice our mobility, winning those firefights will be almost impossible against a competent opponent.

    For me at least it still fills the same role but it's now a bit more situational which I imagine wasn't the intention.
  11. metalfreak

    im testing it now with 2x scope and it IS for dircet hits only. The splash dmg does nothing to them, only with direct hits and on mid range ur able to get kills on someone. For long range bursts its ok, but ONLY if u hit them in the face..
  12. Xasapis

    Actually it became the exact opposite. It retained the ability to splash damage an area, while at the same time gained enough power to be a viable 1vs1 killing weapon. Combined with the changes in the ADAD ability of infantry, and it has become a lot more versatile than it used to be.

    Expect to see it a lot more often in the battlefield ;)
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  13. ent|ty

    Lasher worked fine last night. Still inaccurate for its higher ROF, (which means its pointless to rapid fire), but with scope, range is increased.
    I had to hop on last night (even though PS2 bores me now) just to try it out, and though I got killed more often with it (due to learning curve) it is fun to kill with.
    Several times I flushed out the enemy that tried to hide with the splash damage, and got some fun kills with it.

    It has an observed downside though. the splash damage can hurt you especially when trying to fire from cover. or if you are charged by the enemy, and you shoot them close range... their bullets and your own splash damage bouncing off them can cause you to suicide... So this seems to be a weapon for medium range mainly.

    You can snipe with it as I was last night, if you're good at leading targets with slow projectiles (which I am since I dumbfire a lot and ESF Light PPA a lot).
    Its also fun to play a weird weapon, and work towards mastering it, so hopefully people come back and cry on the forums to get it nerfed once again.
    Players hate it when you take unpopular weapons like the Lasher and own them with it.

    That being said, PS2 is boring, so the fun with the Lasher is short lived, since game play still sucks.
  14. metalfreak

    they new one is not bad just different..the challenge with the old one was much kill an enemy or supress them good enough..and not getting killed from your own lightning balls :p
  15. Joram

    The Lasher now is a supression toold AND a weapon, you can defend yourself with the Lasher, ofc if you fight at close range against anything you are gonna loose but its ok at medium range. This is my chance to get the Auraxium medal lol
  16. ent|ty

    Still can get killed by your own. I would say even more so.. or players with shotguns have now become extra cocky and running into my face more.
    Last night i caused quite a bit of damage to myself when I went close range like that. Apparently your own splash damage comes into the equation in cQC. So I adjusted the angles in the building, and /or took my lumps for the times I didn't. No biggie.

    Yeah they were a little harder 'pre-nerf' in the sense of having no scope for longer distances. NOw with scope and appropriate shooting speed for distance, it is effective for that too. Probably some enemies were wondering (how the hell am I getting hit with thes ball things.. oh over there, lol)

    No, that is incorrect. You will NOT Die against ANYTHING. I just posted that I didnt...
    Adjust your gameplay and tactics and you will survive.
  17. metalfreak

    ahm..i dont know but i was standing in front of an enemy..shooting him with all i got and i received no dmg from my "splash"..he killed me and i only got his shields to 1/4 ^^
  18. ent|ty

    Good for you, but I did. SO there you go.
  19. metalfreak

    y no offence just saying what i had to deal with
  20. TeknoBug

    Thanatos > Lasher, still. I do like the somewhat boosted direct damage the Lasher got, but it's no better than an LMG that shoots faster and more accurately.