The Lancer should be called the Lol-zer. It does 160 damage. one bullet does 167 damage

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by PS2Veteran, Mar 18, 2013.

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  1. PS2Veteran

    I love being NC, you know why? the entire SOE balance team is made up of NC players.

    Disclaimer: All my info comes from an NC dev called Las0m:

    The Phoenix
    If you played PS1, you'd know how OP the phoenix was. Well, they're bringing all that OPness back, plus major damage and splash.

    The Striker
    "The striker will have the fastest vehicle TTK of any infantry based weapon in the game. It reloads fast and fires fast."

    The Lolzer:
    "The lolzer takes 2.5 full charge shots to drop a full health max"

    A max has 2000 hp. 2000/2.5 = 800 damage for a fully charged lolzer

    HOWEVER, the "The damage doesn't scale linearly, the longer it's charged for, the more damage each charge does. The breakdown is roughly: Level 1: 20% Level 2, 50%, Level 3: 100%."

    So basically 20% of 800 damage = 160 DAMAGE. ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY. LOLLLOL


    Since it takes the lolzer "4 seconds to fully charge", that's at least 2 seconds for the first level.

    So basically it takes 2 seconds to fire one bullet from some pathetic excuse for a weapon.

    TL; DR:
    1st charge of lolzer (2 second charge) does 160 damage. ( keep in mind a bullet is 167 damage)
    2nd charge of lolzer (3 second charge) does 400 damage.
    3rd charge of lolzer (4 second charge) does 800 damage. (keep in mind infantry has 1000 hp)

    To show you guys how pathetic this damage output is, let me compare it with the hp of other things:

    A standard infantry has 1000 hp. Yup. 1000. you can't kill infantry with this thing
    A max has 2000 hp.
    The decimator does 2000 damage
    The Empire specific rocket launcher does 1700 damage
    Anti vehicle turret does 1700 damage
    Annihilator does 1500 damage.

    So on top of being the worst weapon in the game with the lowest TTK, and cr@p mechanics:
    "This makes it have an interesting gambit between maximizing damage and potentially wasting a shot if something ducks around before you let go. If you want to, you can fire it at "level 1" 6 times. Each time you fire it it will have a slight delay, similar to the original Lancer"

    how is this thing good?
    Las0m says: "Coordinated fired with your squad mates can accomplish that" and that being able to take down some tank.

    LOL. Just LOL. you can do that WITH EVERY ROCKET LAUNCHER. have a bunch of people fire them?

    So this is what we get for having an All NC dev team? And you wonder why VS population is dropping like flies (other than the fact that Higby makes fun of VS every time he has an interview)[IMG]
  2. Zaik

    it has reduced infantry damage so you're not carrying around a OHK sniper rifle and LMG at the same time, get over it.

    Also, you are further forgetting the 20% base explosion resist MAXes have. It works on direct hits as well, which is why MAXes don't drop from one hit from the Decimator.
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  3. PS2Veteran

    But to do 160 damage after TWO seconds whereas an lmg does 167 damage per bullet? LOL. Gotta love NC excuses

    BTW, it's perfectly fine for NC and TR to have rocket launchers that own infantry on top of auto locking and camera guiding it onto vehicles right?
  4. McWafflez

    They will be like the empire specific heavy weapons, useless.
  5. PS2Veteran

    Except the TR version will be able to completely decimate vehicles in seconds.
  6. Leo Di Caprio

    Quick question, a fast traveling laser is basically a Saron, why was the saron nerfed if it was useless?
  7. Ranik

    Numbers do look low. I'll wait to see it in action though, they may have hit a wall trying to balance a nearly hitscan infantry portable weapon.
  8. Zaik

    You can shoot down the Phoenix rocket, and the TR one can't even be dumbfired atm.

    Keep fueling that victim complex though.
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  9. StormStrafe

    Wait, so an in-game anti-vehicle launcher is going to be most effective against vehicles?
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  10. Joram

    4 seconds to charge still less damage than default rocket launcher, on paper sound awfull to me even if the weapons its hitscan.
  11. Thrud007

    Yeah i was looking forward to this weapon. I not even going to buy this pile of ****
  12. Ranik

    If it's at all like the PS1 lancer then probably not. It all depends on the ammo count / reload speed.
  13. QuakerOatsMan

    Stop jumping to conclusions. A MAX is considered an infantry unit.

    It's pretty ineffective vs infantry and does a lot less damage to them, you can't 1-shot an infantry with a fully charged lancer. It does more damage to MAXes, but still takes ~2.5 full charge shots to drop a full health MAX
    He simply states that it does more damage to a MAX, the reason for which is probably more utility against its tougher armor. Nowhere does he discuss the lancer's actual damage against vehicles, which guaranteed to be far more.

    Also please stop using "lol" with a z, in iterations, and in caps. It looks awful.
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  14. Gundem

    Its gonna be ****. Get over it. The devs hate Vanu, they favor NC and TR. That explains why they also ninja nerfed the Supernova PC.
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  15. PS2Veteran

    I'll stop jumping to conclusions when Higby and the rest of his NC developer worshippers stop telling us they want to nerf VS into the ground and are fired from their jobs forever.
  16. CrashB111

    :eek:You mean that SOE can make weapons do different damage to MAX, infantry, air and vehicles independently and that the damage the Lancer does to a MAX does not in any way indicate its damage to a tank?:eek:
  17. Gundem

  18. Zapon

    Wait a second , 2.5 full shots?

    But the lancer in PS2 only has 2 FULL charge shots(Devs stated this)- so that would mean the Lancer cannot take down a max at all. But the default roccket launcher carries enough shots to own a max easily.

    ....what the heck?

    And yes, that means we really do anything with the lancer we couldn't with the default launcher- also the speed buff is going to be a bit...useless with damage values like this not closing in on damage from the other launchers. And im not talking empire launchers- someone else will have to do the math for those.

    Was it this way in PS1? I thought i heard it was a bit more capable....????

  19. PS2Veteran

    We did not have an All NC dev team during PS1. Also Higby wasn't here during PS1.
  20. Mefi

    2 full charges per reload.
    It'll have several magazines. Something like 20-25 additional charges.
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