The LA tool/Uniqueness discussion, 2 side arms + scout rifles

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  1. Tycon

    After reading the LA forums for a bit I see a few distinct themes that recur far too often, these issue are excluding weapon balance suggestions.

    --TLDR version at the bottom---

    1.) Light assaults lack tools or other utilities that other classes provide making them very solo based, anti team based classes.

    2.) Light assaults have no unique weapons available to them, they are an engineer with a jet pack minus the utility.

    3.) Light assaults are pigeon holed into using C4 as a utility slot, there is essentially no other option.

    4.) LA grenades are awful

    Tool portion:
    While hard to really solve all of the problems, an easy way to provide light assault a niche tool like option without adding too much to the game would be offering light assaults to be the only class to have 2 side arms available.

    While not exactly a tool itself, having 2 side arms would give a lot of flexibility to the LA to which types of tools they wish to bring, particularly using to hunter QXC crossbow. While using a standard side arm such as Empire semi auto for finishers or a NS-44 Commissioner, the light assault could also bring weak QXC tracking darts for recon like utility, explosive bolts for extra anti armor (doesn't free from C4 however) or the new blackhand for sniping options. Obviously carrying 2 regular sidearms would allow for extra close combat security swapping up to 3 weapons to finish enemies, and help other complaints in areas such as low ammo supply when lone wolfing without using the ammunition belt suit slot. Having 2 pistols also compliment a battle rifle quite nicely, it's almost like having a primary magazine size weapon. Other random quirks of 2 pistols allows you to carry an off hand with dark light for infiltrator hunting and the other with a laser sight. Perhaps even a 6X scope on the QXC for vision and scouting as well.

    Class uniqueness:
    While sort of a band-aid fix, it's an easily implemented change that offer a uniqueness in weapons to the class, obviously offering more utility with the addition of more weapons. While I'd like to give LA their own weapon line involving classic weapons such as the special assault weapons from planet side 1 like the rocklet rifle it seams unrealistic to expect. An easier and more acceptable solution would be the access of a scout rifle and a shared weapon with the infiltrator. Much like the medic, engineer and heavy assault dropping into the battle rifle, I'd like to see the LA have the option to use scout rifles also, a shared option with the infiltrator but exclusively keeping sniper rifles to infiltrator only. The vandal and empire specific semi auto scout rifle would add medium range options outside of slug shotguns and the auto scout rifle offers better range and accuracy over carbines at the cost low damage per magazine and poor hip fire. LA would finally have some portion of their arsenal unique to only them that the engineer didn't have, as well as have carbines and shotguns over infiltrators. I've been dying to use the Vandal on a light assault.

    While it would be nice for another class to use assault rifles, this would be over the top for the class and would likely be a better option for Heavy Assaults. I'd love to receive battle rifles for the LA but they seam way to common among classes and wouldn't separate the engineer form the LA, scout rifles are the best option for weapon sharing that wouldn't break the class itself nor rob identity from another class. While great medium range weapons, keep in mind that sniping with scout rifles doesn't compare to a dedicated bolt action or semi auto high zoom sniper rifle. With the black hand essentially being a battle rifle LA already have a long range weapon.

    C4 portion:
    Shortly put, there isn't much to say other than as an alternative to the above allowing C4 to be used in the utility slot with medkits in the accessory slot is another option. This seams complicated to balance though, perhaps light assault should really just get their own mini medkit/restoration kit like device but it doesn't seam as unique or enticing to play the class over 2 pistols or scout rifles when regeneration implants essentially cover this problem.

    Grenade Portion: Flash bangs need a large radius and explode on contact feature to make them on par with the far superior EMP grenades. There's already an implant in the game to block flash bangs if they get out of hand. Smoke Grenades are just a problem with graphical settings and Q spotting. I'd suggest making the smoke either deal damage like a poison gas or simply remove the resource cost from smoke grenades so they are easily expendable smoke screens. Carrying 2 smoke grenades by default wouldn't be awful but I could see them getting out of hand.

    TLDR Version: To easily add uniqueness, flexibility and tools to the LA without adding new features, textures and items to the game they could do the following. Give LA access to 2 Side arm slots by default and access to scout rifles (not sniper rifles, not battle rifles). C4 is fine the way it is, perhaps let medkits be a utility slot not accessory. Make flash grenades explode on contact, make smoke grenades not cost resources similar to revive grenades.
  2. asdfPanda

    Double sidearms is a nice idea.
  3. SupaFlea

    Honestly I would rather a tool that members of a squad can benefit from and still be useful solo, The LA has never needed another way to kill things, we are all about killing as is.

    LA's problem is it really has almost no use as part of squad and most serious good outfits and squads only want 1 in a squad at any one time and thats at a push because they bring nothing but access to rooftops.

    Jet Pack Boost: piggy back a single soldier over a wall or on to a roof and twice the cost of jet fuel.

    Portable Jump Pad: Same idea as above but maybe more useful, Obviously a lot of balance would be needed not to make it overpowered.

    Emp/Flash Mine: Flash Nades are pants as well know but mines will give you a definite hit if someone walks over it. Emp mine would take down Heavies shields and Infils Cloak. giving LA some usefulness in base defence.

    Portable Shield Wall: like the energy wall surrounding a Engy Turret but time limited

    just a few of my own random ideas that ive always thought about, Ive been an LA from day one with bit of Infil on the side so I want something useful not more fire power kinda deal lol
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  4. Shiaari

    See, I just can't agree.

    LA is my go-to all-purpose combat class. When I deploy into an unfamiliar situation LA is the class I choose. It's got the firepower and mobility that make it flexible to respond to any situation.

    It is my very general and humble opinion that mobility and flexibility is the class' tool. Yes, this is another "Jetpack is LA tool" response, but it really does bear good reason.

    LA's need not be solo classes. Sure, LA is fantastic for the lone wolf, but a coordinated squad of LAs are a force unto themselves. They can go just about anywhere, get to any location, navigate bases with depressing ease (if you're playing HA or MAX against LA).

    The thing with LA is that it takes on the real life role of light infantry. Light infantry are mobile and operate without support. LA does this--must do this. The very nature of the class is to go beyond support to attack flanks and rear quarters. Good LA infantry players are some of the best players in the game (ask Iridar).

    I realize I'm going against the grain with the preceding, so I will add this: If the LA needs anything it needs a tool that gives it itself more staying power without support. Perhaps give LAs the ability to "loot" ammunition from slain enemies, or something?
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  5. Iridar51

    I appreciate the sentiment, but remember the commandment: don't make yourself an idol. There's always bigger fish, and my case is no exception. I'm good, but I'm not in the cool kids club, as I often take breaks from PS2.

    There are a few good LAs, but the sad reality is that most of the best players choose HA with nanoweave, NMG/Adrenaline, Orion / NS-15M, med kits and battle hardened 4.

    The result is the unstoppable dueling machine that's incredibly hard to take down at most ranges and is much more versatile / can answer to wider array of threats than LA.
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  6. SupaFlea

    Iridar said it in a Nutshell right there, HA can do everything a LA can do, better and longer and even more versatile at doing it, LA can take down 1 or 2 vehicles at most with C4 and a good handful of AI, HA fully equipped can have C4 and AV plus enough bullets to take down far more enemies.

    I do believe that playing as LA makes you a far better player since you get used to being the underdog in every 1vs1 and learn to aim faster and more accurately for the head. That said LA still is last choice for any squad by serious outfits etc.

    You said it yourself we need do help in killing or fighting, staying power is fixed by a engy or finding a sundy to rearm, an LA's trait shouldn't be just to be able to camp longer it needs to bring something other than jetpacks to a squad
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  7. K2k4

    Everybody is always saying that LA and C-4 belong together. I say we should own it. Move c-4 to a tool slot, allow us to equip 1 per skill rank up to 4 ranks. Allow us to drop c4 as a "demolition charge" with the tool key. Now this is a pretty significant buff so there needs to be some drawback - instead of throwing the charge, have it drop straight down. This prevents it from being a spammable grenade and makes it more of a bombing tool only. As a demo pack it will also cost 0 resources.

    Yes this will likely be received with much moaning from tank players. Eh it's not like it's their fault their tanks aren't omnipotent impervious death machines for balance reasons anyway.
  8. omfgweeee

    Imo the utility for LA must come from the jet packs and every jet pack must have its own kind of utility. For example drifter JP could have this:

    "while on the ground if the player double tap jump Drifters Jumpacks use the whole energy of the pack and fires the player with very high speed 20m in the direction he looks at"
  9. SamReye

    I think a combination of a few of the suggestions would be better than adding everything mentioned in this thread thus far. I support cool changes as much as the next guy, but I don't want to fight a scout rifle LA with 2 sidearms, flash grenades that actually work, mines, a dash ability, deployable bombs, etc. Mostly, I want to be able to use my Revenant on LA, since I actually would stand a chance against 1v1 HA heroes with a BR on that class. Anyways, the ideas are cool; only a few should be available at a time or whatever.
  10. OldMaster80

    I agree. The only thing I'd change is making the class specific grenades more viable.
  11. Kcalehc

    The ability to equip 2 suit slots.
  12. BrbImAFK

    Personally, I think the LA is in a pretty good place right now. That said... I still think that the drifter and icarus JPs should be combined, and you could switch between functions at will, like a fire-mode toggle.