The LA is a class with no utility but we keep getting nerfed because people complain that we kill.

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Ghoest, May 4, 2013.

  1. Marinealver

    The LA doesn't need a nerf but the other classes need some sort of climbing ability be it personal climbing claws that allow a player to crawl up a cliff a deployable antigravity pad that engineers can use to help squad over walls or a zipline attachment for crossbows that allow infiltraitors to get to better vantage points but limited on ammo. The LA will still be master of mobility but there can't be too many jetpack only clubsites on a game. That is the unbalance in the game.
  2. Hagestol

    A buff to all other classes except the LA is an indirect nerf to the LA. And why is the LA overpowered again? I forgot.

    We should have a nerf herder LA forum and a LA forum for those of us that actually play LA.
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  3. HeadshotVictim

    I don't quite get your problems... seriously.
    I am gunner with an Enforcer from time to time. Getting good streaks, but my driver knows where to go, where and how to engage.
    Yes, vanguard is slow, I know that and so does my driver.
    BUT we got a shield and a Combat Chassis and have seldomly problems with LA. Sometimes, yes, but not too often since HEAT- and Enforcer-Rounds kill Infantry pretty fast. You use a Walker, so it is a bit harder to kill infantry, but since the Waker on vanguard doesn't differ much from the one on the Vanguard your gunner should be able to see infantry when not in first-person view.
    He should still be able to spot a Plane flying around you. (He has a freaking AA gun... so he is looking around all the time isn't he?)

    I don't get why people try to capture AMP stations in tanks... the only thing they can do is shell the Respawn room.
    It hard to manouver inside a tight space like an AMP station anyway, so tanks are pretty easy fodder for HA, LA, Engi and all the other guys out there with AV-Abilities
    Get out of your tank, give ammo and place your turret and mines inside the base or dirve around the base and secure the minipawns by shooting any sunderer trying to get close the AMP station.
  4. ArcKnight

    I believe it might be due to the raining C4 phenomenon
  5. Hagestol

    Sure. I mean, the excuse for LA consistently scoring lower than the HA over all BRs is that launchers are better than C4. But C4 is overpowered, lets nerf that.

    It is all making sense to me now.
  6. ArcKnight

    C4 was fine before the nerf, now its less profitable
  7. Hagestol

    Still good enough to buy and use. That being because we have nothing else to use or that it is viable is always a discussion though, and I have no answer for that one.
  8. biterwylie

    1) Ok, if your gunner on your tank is only capable of looking at the sky, then HA with C4, Engineers with C4 and Anti tank mines are all going to kill you as easily or better than a Light Assualt.

    2) As I already said. It is your choice to go inside a base. You have only a main tank cannon and no anti infantry secondary. Your death cannot be blamed on anyone other than yourself.
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