The LA is a class with no utility but we keep getting nerfed because people complain that we kill.

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Ghoest, May 4, 2013.

  1. whiteshadow2000

    Seriously Hellas, quit whinging, stop being so lazy and learn how to improve your tank driving.

    C4 being underpowered against Sunderers, tanks already makes being an LA pretty pointless in most situations already.

    I pretty much play as every class, fly, drive, go on foot in PS2 and whenever I'm in a tank and get C4'd by an LA it's because I put myself in a position that gave the LA an opportunity to C4 me. That's bad play on my part and good play on the LA's as he's probably had to sneak past several infantry, whilst avoiding turrets and other tanks in order to put himself in a position to C4 me.

    Basically you want C4 nerfed to the ground because you're too lazy\bad a player to look around and not put your tank in places that put you at risk.

    It's players like you who are ruining this game. You want to sit in your tank and pick off infantry and other tanks at distance, while you feel invulnerable sat in your tank.

    Learn how to play the game and quit complaining about more skilled and situationally aware players killing you due to your own mistakes.
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  2. HellasVagabond

    And here is why you are doing your best cause you don't want your "toy" to get nerfed.....

    As things stand now pretty much EVERY SINGLE LA in the game runs with C4 because they know that in most places they can get close to a tank (either by using the jetpack or bunny hoping) and score a good kill with little effort (i can't call much effort just falling onto a tank from one of the countless places PS2 offers, dropping two bricks of C4 and pressing the mouse button).
    So currently there's a no-tank zone beneath biolabs, around bases, beneath towers and pretty much around hills. So pretty much the ONLY place one can use a tank is out in the open and even then there are many LA's riding ATVs just to get close and once they do they jump out, leave C4 and boom, points. Sure if you are against one of those you can make sure it doesn't get close but during engagements Tanks are supposed to look out for Tanks and ESFs (if you have AA like i do) and not ATVs circling around you.

    Sorry but i am done talking with clueless players who just don't want their farm "toy" nerfed. This is the only problem with these forums, people who abuse game mechanics or who have a certain way of gaining points do their best to keep it as is. SOE i hope is not dumb enough so an C4 nerf should be inbound.
  3. Alarox

    As a Heavy Assault I blow up enemy tanks regularly with C4 by walking up to them.

    Likely, these same people who miss a blue glowing soldier in giant armor running up next to them, taking his sweet time placing C4 on their backs, are the same people who complain about LA using C4.

    Only difference is they have no excuse against me blowing them up, but Light Assaults can fly so apparently that's an excuse.
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  4. Kcalehc

    I would like to see C4 nerfed agains MBTs, to only do 46% damage per block; so taking 2 to put it on fire and followup UBGL to finish it off.
    And then, added in as aditional utility slot options the Shaped Charge and the Satchel Charge. Both operate similar to C4, taking up the same slot with the same throw animation, except that:
    - the Shaped Charge does just enough damage to an uncerted MBT to put it in the red, but it has only a very tiny (or no) splash.
    - the Satchel Charge does (almost) no damage to armor, but has a large splash and does significant damage to infantry.
  5. Hagestol

    How about we don't nerf the second least played class (pretty close to the least as well)?

    How about we nerf the most played classes, the engineer and heavy assault instead? You must be tired of those lockons, lancers or hard to spot phoenixes? Or the overpowered AV turrets?
    And not to mention the SAW, jeez. That thing is so overpowered.

    (Don't nerf anything, just using the same argument based on numbers and not fantasy)

    Tank drivers: Don't stand still so much, spot around, use a gunner, make him look up and report to you, drive back once you see a LA and blast him out of the sky. If you're in a tight spot and its hard to move - either adapt or answer me why infantry should auto die in open fields vs a tank.
  6. Wolfwood82

    You are a clueless player who doesn't want their farm toy nerfed. Hell you don't even know the definition of what a farm toy is.

    Something that costs 100 resources per detonation, has a chance of failure to detonate (due to you dying) and therefore wasting those resources, and has a limited field of effect, is not farming.

    Something that makes you more resiliant to attack, does enough damage to one shot infantry, and can do so from range, is farming. Tanks, ESF, Libby bombers, these are farm toys. C4? Ye- no.

    I'm not trying hard. It does not take a super genius to tell you your logic is flawed and you have no supporting argument.

    I personally hate C4. I could care less what happens to it, I personally don't use it. But as many members of these very forums have found out, I hate stupid brainless logic. Wanting C4 nerfed because you literally don't know how to drive your tank to save your life is stupid brainless logic.

    If you can't hit an ATV with your tank cannon, you don't deserve to be in a tank. If you are dumb enough to skirt near buildings and over hangs when you know ANY infantry are in the area, you don't deserve to be in a tank. If you can't figure out how to roll with a tank column and utilize supporting units, you don't deserve to be in a tank. Get out of the damn tank, because someone will inevitably get you out.

    I am done with this discussion. Some people can't be talked to, I need to keep a list so I stop screaming at brick walls.
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  7. HeadshotVictim

    simple question:
    how many kills do you get with 250 Inf resources in form of C4 bricks and a Frag grenade?
    how many kills do you get with 250 Mecha resources in form of an mbt?
    what lasts longer? what did cost you more?
    let's see how many certs you can farm up in one week with
    a) 700 certs worth in c4
    b) 700 certs worth in a tank
    and THEN we shall decide what a farm tool is, right?

    Some puny tankdriver parking next to buildings, trees and cover cries because he gets killed in his tank stating that C4 needs to be nerfed.

    While it is true that nearly every LA runs with C4, one should ask WHY?
    Engineers run around with 2 different turrets, (med kits,) c4, tank mines, AI mines or ammo package.
    Heavy Assault can be found with a variety of rocket launchers, c4 or med kits...

    LA have only one purpose in this game. They only kill. They have no built-in ability against tanks or air, only AI. And they have C4, like every other class in the game (except infi).
    I don't see LA with C4 overpowered. Good tank drivers will get blown up very rarely.
    The secondary gunner has to look around and watch back and sides while reloading his gun, the driver has, well, to DRIVE the damn tank in order to keep it alive.
    When you have a safe spot to anchor a Prowler feel free to do so, but WATCH your surroundings.
    When you get blown up by LA all the time: don't anchor, use radar. Easy going.

    But a lack of observation should not be levelled by a nerf of anything in this game.
    Only because one is bad, nothing has to be changed. They bad player should learn how to be better.

    A LA who spent 2000 certs into his class should have the ability to kill stuff.

    A tank driver (someone actually driving a tank) should be able to get kills. fine.
    Yes the tnak driver put certs into his gear as well. But the actually fighting unit on the field is his tank. The certs put into the weapons of the driver itself do NOT count at this moment, since th driver is not attackable from outside.
    Infantry can shoot 10billion rounds of small arm against a tank - it still will have full HP, as well as the driver. So the certs put into the infantry drving the tank just don't count. If you jump out and try to shoot the attakcing LA, well it's an even battle again.
    Both of you put 2000 certs into the infantry char. The tank driver just had to spent 2000 certs into his tank as well. that is right. He gets a tank for shooting stuff with for it. He can jumpout if it takes too much dmg. And will STILL have a 2000 certs worth character. While an ataccking LA will be dead - and his precious 200 inf resources wasted. (Wasted because he didn't got anything for it.)

    A LA killing a tank gets:
    500 Exp for the tank.
    350 exp for an Extreme Menace driver
    350 exp for an Extreme Menace gunner
    1200 Exp, or something close to 5 certs. (At best. worst is an empty tank worth 500 exp, 2 certs)

    A tank driver can get.... I don't know.... if he is good. 10.000 exp killing sunderers, infantry, tanks and esf. additional gunner kill-bonusses, repair exp. (I know that I can get K/D of around 8 as a vanguard gunner on a good day, my usual tank driver gets more kill than me by far...and a tank last for about 20-30 mins)
  8. vaxx

    I would give up C4 for prox mines.

    I would give up C4 for Assault Rifles.

    Yes, C4 is good in certain situations, but personally I have found HA's, friendly armor, turrets, Engineers, and air, so much better at killing vehicles. When I am in a position to place some C4 the vehicle dies before I can, or gets blown up before I can hit my trigger.

    I do find it great to combat Max's though.

    I don't understand why people complain about an LA with C4 though. I find it funny that people think C4=LA, when quite a few classes carry it. If you are in a tank parked up against a building its just as easy for a Medic, Engi, or HA to sneak up on you.
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  9. HellasVagabond

    The way bases are designed vehicles MUST get near buildings. But that's not the only thing that makes C4 something that needs to be nerfed. People jumping out of their burning vehicles and throwing their C4 at you just to score the kill is equally wrong. People jumping from their ESFs and blowing up their C4 is also tragic. C4 has so many uses right now that combined to lockon weapons like the striker that can hit MBTs from 500m away and stationary weapons like the Mana which can do the same from even longer ranges the entire battlefield is a "no-zone" for MBTs.
    On top of that add the Mossie/Scythes which the TR/VS are using in huge numbers and there's really nothing else for the NC to do. The Reaver has been broken since the Beta with no solution in sight (no extra armor to make up for the size, gun offset issue), the Vanguard only has an 5s shield compared to the other MBT's (which just now started working as advertised) so what should we do ? If the devs EVER manage to balance this game then C4 will be ok, but until then it's not just like the Striker and the Mana turret.
  10. Alarox

    So basically, people want C4 nerfed so that it is essentially useless against vehicles to the point where no rational human being uses it?

    If you can't protect your tank, you don't deserve it.
    I protect mine and kick *** because I get gunners who aren't idiots and I use third person to watch my flanks.
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  11. Alarox

    This is why you have infantry and tanks, not just infantry, and not just tanks. Problem solved.
  12. Metal Insomniac

    I agree with the OP with the exception of the new shotty being OP. Far from it.
  13. HellasVagabond

    Sure, let's call it a day and have SOE remove everyone who is NOT part of an large and organized outfit......Cause i can't think of another way what you are saying could apply.
  14. Alarox

    So instead, you just want Tanks to steamroll infantry without any infantry support? You want tank zerging to be the penultimate strategy of the game because you're too lazy to get coordinated or get out of your tanks?
  15. HeadshotVictim

    holy hell, Hellas!
    You drive your tank INTO a base?
    What do you expect? Please accept, that there are areas where tanks shouldn't go! You are one of the guys trying to drve a tank into a subway station in BF3, right?

    Or drive your tank through a mine field...

    If you are unnerved by LA C4ing your Tank, get top armor and racer chassis. This way C4 won't instakill you, and ayou can reverse fast enough to dodge the falling C4. But you need to keep an eye on your surroundings, which you seem incapable of...

    Last point:
    GET A GUNNER WITH A FUNCTIONING BRAIN! there is an ingame chat, that works pretty well. So why not use it?
    You need no outfit, squad or friends. You just need a mic, situational awerness and a little luck with your gunner.

    What PS2 DON'T needs is another nerf caused by people without a clue.
  16. Wolfwood82

    The simple solution was already provided to you in the form of polite advice that you spat on.

    Get over yourself.
    Get support.

    You do not have the right to be an invincible juggernaut just because you spent certs and paid resources on a weapons platform. If we did things your way, this would be World of Tanks, not Planetside 2.

    Honestly, I think you're a lunatic simply because you seem to think the cert/resource cost for a vehicle means you should be invincible or have special privileges. It's abundantly clear by your very attitude exactly why you are having problems. You are a self centered egotistical n00b (and I don't use that term) who has no clue how to drive his tank and therefore wants the game to cater to his own personal needs.

    Again, get over yourself.
    And get support.
  17. biterwylie

    Your in a tank! If you die to a LA using C4 than that is the fault of A) The driver for placing themselves in a terrible location and B) the secondary gunner who should have been more alert.

    Never before have I seen a post more fit for the response - L2P!
  18. biterwylie

    Bases are not designed so that you must bring your tank into them! If you drive your MBT into an Amp station for example, then you must understand the risk v reward! There are planety of infantry to capture the base, that is there job, not yours!

    Again you are argueing your point based upon your risky playstyle.
  19. Hypest

    I would like the AV turret to fire backwards.

    Seriously, after the inFAILtrators the engies found a reason to nerf the class? Guess what, after i got blowed up by C4 i blame myself or in the very worst case the gunner for losing my tank and not coming to the forums making "Did it kill me?! Nerf it."-posts.
  20. HellasVagabond

    I want B A L A N C E and right now that's nowhere to be found. Infantry have a plethora of weapons to use against MBTs and the Vanguard (i am only playing NC, seriously anyways) can't compete. Striker missiles, Mana turrets, C4, you name it. There's simply no survivability for such a slow moving tank that needs time to build up its speed so by the time it does that it's dead meat. I've said it 100 times over, if the devs ever manage to balance this game nothing will have to be nerfed but as things are some things need to get nerfed.

    I have racer chassis but the tank is still slow as a turtle especially in reverse so if an LA is next to you or dropping onto your tank you can't avoid him. As for top armor i am not going to invest on something just for the same of LAs (ESFs target the back mostly). As for the incapable part try to be shooting at infantry and vehicles and at the same time keep an eye for LA's. It can't happen. And even if you do have support others will be doing the same as you so noone pretty much cares about a single LA and that's what's getting abused with C4.

    I use an G30 as secondary so i expect from my gunner to keep an eye on the sky and not for LAs. If i have a gunner who is looking out for LAs what happens with ESFs ? And then we have all the abuse going on with people spawing as LAs, placing C4 on ATVs, then equiping as Infiltrators, going all cloaked and boom you are dead.
    Unfortunately PS2 is filled with people abusing its mechanics and since that will never end i don't see another solution than nerfing C4.

    So when the enemy is attacking an AMP station and i am near i should do what ? Go stay outside and leave my teammates do all the work just because LAs could be camping on buildings waiting to drop C4 on vehicles ? That's not team play mate.