The LA is a class with no utility but we keep getting nerfed because people complain that we kill.

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Ghoest, May 4, 2013.

  1. OldMaster

    Dual wield? You mean using 2 pistols at the same time? Using 2 pistols such as commissioner or underboss would be absurd...
  2. Kulantan

    Well, I assume you'd lose the ability to ADS (not having a button left to do so with). So I wouldn't worry about the NS heavies, more the TR sprayer.

    Also, as has been mentioned before, dual wielding is a terrible, terrible idea.
  3. ih8Darian

    There's no news on what the LA will dual wield, I for one don't want them to dual wield revolvers, but I hope we get a pair of fun weapons to use :p
  4. Leo Cyrule

    I just hope they balance it. Because it seems like Dual Wielding is only a benefit to the TR.
  5. Thrustin

  6. Lance007

    Bc LAs will have been nerfed to the ground........
  7. GraphicJ

    yeah OP, sadly this is what happens when certain aspects of a game...(most of it) is catered on the "easy to use"(COD) generation.
  8. Lance007

    The LAs' only skill is killing. This is their only use and it used to excel at it. Then the noobs, with no sense of balance and the bigger picture, whined that the LAs killed too well, and SOE, with their characteristic lack of ability to stand by their decisions, listened to the noobs and nerfed LAs, and will continue to nerf LAs into the ground, as long as the noobs are whining.
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  9. Ronin Oni

    screw dual-wield... that's so frackin **** I never want to see that BS here.

    I agree LA's need something, but Dual-WIeld is weetahdid
  10. Hagestol

    The LA class is kinda reminding me of the rogue class in wow vanilla. Great in the start, then dwindling as people get better and nerfs while other classes retain their usefulness.

    First jetpack sound, C4 range and damage (?), high RoF carbs nerfed, C4 not killing sunderers even if you guard it after drop. In the previous weeks only.

    HA is the warrior of PS2, it can tank, deal damage and is always useful. LA is the rogue. They can be lethal, but generally not great for operations. Lets not turn ourselves into the warlocks of vanilla.
  11. SupaFlea

    Duel Wield I am kinda not looking forward to, as LA for 95% of my PS2 gaming time I dont need more ways to kill ppl I want to me somewhat more helpful/useful other than just being the spear head for most attacks in my squad. Also if they are going to implement Duel Wield they are either A going to have to make new balanced weapons for such a ability or B negatively impact something already on the LA now for example, remove your usage of C4 or the extra weight of the added weapon makes your jet pack work almost twice as hard and burns your fuel a lot faster.
  12. Farlion

    I still find it laughable that the sound nerf came from the fact that Infiltrator were complaining we were better at infiltrating than they were.
  13. belthazor3457



    If a single person can get in a single tank and single-crew it, with that single person controlling both the tank's main weapon as well as the tank's movement, then he has no right to complain if a single light assault destroyed it.
  14. Corezer

    until the NC get their new ES pistol.

    dual shotguns!
  15. Wolfwood82

    Much as I often disagree with Ghoest, I have to side with him on that point.

    2 C4 costs 200 resrouces and how many certs do you think we dump into our class? 5? We dump in thousands just like tank drivers, hell just getting 2 blocks of C4 is 900 cert points right there, on top of JJs, suit upgrades, and gun upgrades? No shortage of things that require certs. Even our fire arms cost the same number of certs as your cannons, does that seem fair? The only difference is we have the same 1000 hit points that every other infantry has, not the 5k+ that tanks have on top of immunity to small arms fire and high caliber weaponry.

    Considering that C4 is our only useful weapon against vehicles, and in order to use it we have to get within kissing distance of you, yeah your on the deep end of inexcusable whining here.

    In reality, you must suck *** as a tank driver to die to an LA with C4. It is the single worst AV weapon to use against a tank, stacking the odds so high against the LA that it's not even funny.

    Finally armor always needs support. Tank doesn't mean invincible and without proper support tanks end up dead. A single squad of infantry always have far easier methods to destroy a lone tank caught in an inclosed environment then they do in PS2. You're whining is useless and it really does annoy.
  16. insane2170

    Light assault class is a sniper hunter.

    To play LA grab a buddy and start combing the ridge lines like ranger. Hunt down the all the snipers you find and then use your drifter jets to dump C4 on tanks.
  17. HellasVagabond

    You forget one thing....Tank drivers ALSO have weapons and have spend cert points on their characters, we don't just spend points on vehicles. So once again we are talking about MORE xp points.

    The need to nerf C4 to the ground if they want this game to survive and my bet is that they will and soon.
  18. Wolfwood82

    I forgot nothing, in fact I mentioned that LA spend the same number of certs for weapons that are less lethal and less powerful then tank drivers.

    At this point I can say that the majority of LA also spend certs on vehicles or other things. That is how far your already weak argument is ranging from the point at hand.

    Calling into question the cert cost for tanks is an invalid argument, because it assumes that all tank pilots spend certs on their tanks. Quite the contrary, the majority of the tanks power is there from square one, and it is free. Certs spent on side grades/upgrades are largely optional. So in order for your argument to be truly valid, you'd have to consider the cert cost of the base weapons platform and objective.

    In short, LA need 700 certs (not 900, my error) for 2 blocks of C4 and 200 resources in order to destroy a single tank.

    Tank drivers need absolutely nothing above and beyond their resource cost for their tank. Everything else acquired via certs is entirely optional and not required specifically for engaging any target that the tank typically engages. It's basic secondary weapon is effective against air, infantry, and armor. And it's primary weapon is effective against infantry and armor. Additionally, the tank provides an armored platform that is far more resistant to attack then what the LA have.

    Boiling it down to that level, you can see why your argument is not a good one to start with. You need nothing to make your tank effective against infantry, specifically the LA. The LA needs to spend at least 700 certs and 200 resources just to be a threat to you by himself. In order for your argument to actually hold water, tanks themselves would have to have a cert cost before you could even pull them.

    I'm a tanker when I'm not LA. In fact I field LA and typically drive my tank AS LA. I've never once died to LA with C4. I know how to drive my tank, not cry because someone with some bombs can make a suicidal run against me and possibly kill me.

    Your statement continues to be a whine. It is a complaint voiced by a selfish and/or insensitive individual, the same thing babies do.
  19. YoXn

    Okay. This is what needs to happen with LA's right now. It is very simple, and quite easy.
    1. Allow light assault's to have the Adrenaline Pump as a passive which does not require
    any certs. It is built into the class.

    2. Either do one of the following things:
    a. Allow LA's to scavenge bodies for ammo, small amount of resource points, and health
    Via medical kits, and not Cannibalism.
    b. Allow LA's to carry C4 and Medical kits at the same-time. If this is the case. Reduce the
    damage of C4 a tad-bit, but also reduce to cost significantly.

    3. Give Flash grenades a hit marker, same with Concussion grenades (But they also nee-
    -d a nerf ( Whole different topic)) And buff the radius of the Flash grenade, and effectivene-
    -ss if faced towards but also decrease the effectiveness if facing away. Apply hit marker o-
    -nly when truly hit. No in-between. Just Flashed, or not Flashed.

    That is what I think needs to happen to LA's at the very moment. They are out-preformed by
    heavy assault players. I myself am a heavy assault player. The LA class only fills one small
    role, and that is engaging on towers, or destroying max's. It is sorta underwhelming.
  20. iRhuel

    All they really need to do is fix flash grenades blinding through walls and LA will be awesome. And maybe give them better options to close distance. They're already awesome at close range, they just need help getting there.