The LA is a class with no utility but we keep getting nerfed because people complain that we kill.

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Ghoest, May 4, 2013.

  1. Ghoest

    This is silly.

    The Devs added an overpowered new shotgun - so the nerfed LA because the shotgun was to good.

    People complain the vehicles die too much to infantry so the effectively nerf C4 - we physically have to go up to vehicles with guns on them and then stay alive long enough to hit the detonator after planting 2 changes. vehicle driver then complain because they are too lazy to look around from the in the gun turrets.

    This isnt cool.
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  2. Kronic

    Not only that but sundy turrets can look like 180 degrees into the air now (nothing wrong with that though). It's fortunate SOE can't nerf skill for these whiny noobs.
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  3. Batisat

    In retrospect the Heavy assault is much better then our LA, but there's a drive that makes me play LA. Only thing I hate is how long it takes to throw a darn C4
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  4. simmi1717

    They need to do either of two things to make LA effective and more fun again. Either make it faster to deploy and detonate C4. Or let us carry 3 C4s. The second option will require way more skill for an LA to be able to deploy 3 C4s in time before getting shot. So they should probably use the 2nd option. They keep ******* us over every patch.
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  5. ulceroso

    I got the second C4 today, thinking, I still can use to decimate some soldiers. I dropped one between 3 enemies and only killed 1 with it. So dig it, I'm going to get medic kits now.
    Anyway I don't care, I still haven't played much as LA because I was waiting till I got Lv 6 jetpack and the C4, but I've found that going somewhere with jetpacks or dancing over a MAX is much more fun that anything else.
  6. ih8Darian

    I really hope they allow LA to dual wield soon like in the roadmap, but ofc people will complain about dual wielding (and they'll probably complain before it gets out too)
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  7. PaperPlanes

    The drive to play LA is for the challenge. It's a class that does not hold your hand at all and carbines are a weapon class with no real identity, they are more challenging to use than any other weapon in the game. If you play LA with a carbine you are playing the highest skill ceiling infantry in the game.
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  8. Ghoest

    So using a Piston with slugs would be extra secret double highest skill?
  9. HellasVagabond

    The ONLY problem i have with LA's is that they jet around throwing C4......And if you are in a tank shooting at something you can't also detect an LA that's passing over you.
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  10. ArcKnight

    I don't have anything against you flying C4 spammers just your Pump-Action shotguns

    PS: your jump jets are annoyingly loud :mad:
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  11. Kulantan

    Well the obvious solution is radar. If you see a blip coming towards you drive away. LAs can't catch you if you move. The other options are supporting infantry watching your back and/or a manned kobalt on top.

    If you don't want to follow that advice; well I'm sorry I escaped a spawn room camped by 10 tanks, dodged the infantry, crossed open ground using raw cunning and balls of steel and then hugged your vehicle to make it explode.
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  12. Leo Cyrule

    They've nerfed the LA so badly that there is practically no point in playing them. Some guns practically decimates the LA in just two hits. Often being a bought gun, or just another class. The C4 is expensive to unlock... and to nerf it's power for what it was supposed to be used against, thus forcing us to buy another satchel slot is uncalled for.

    The LA was supposed to be devastating when they flanked. Yet... when you lack the firepower to do what their job "ASSAULT" entitles them... it's just no fun to play.

    There is nothing OP with having the ability to fly across three kilometers after kamikazing a base with a half destroyed scythe... that got shot out of the air... and begin to rip them a new **** to breath out of once you've landed and planted a spawn beacon.

    Or sneaking around a zerg and just breathing on a Sunderer to tilt it over and make it blow up...

    or breaching into a base by sneezing your way over a wall made to keep people out, and scream "OH YEAH!" like the koolaid man.

    It's their job! It's what they were supposed to do! The Heavy assault gets Gatling guns, and are the front lines, while the light assault do the dirty black ops work! They have to be the first guys in, and do major damage! They are the SWAT of Planetside.
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  13. HellasVagabond

    They don't appear on the Radar, perhaps they do if you have proximity on your vehicle but a Tank with Proximity ?
  14. Ghoest

    Lazy tanker alert.

    If your tank doesnt have support you should be using special tactics to mke sure no infantry get close enough to literally touch you.
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  15. HellasVagabond

    So in order for a two person vehicle that costs A LOT (always compared with C4) and with thousands of certs thrown into it i need to have BACKUP to counter a single LA ? Seriously ?
  16. Ztiller

    Light Assaults and Infiltrators are the most skill-based classes in the game. If you think the class is UP, chances are that you are just a bad player.

    They have incredibly high Potential damage output, when played right. However, if you play them poorly you will be more useless than a medic who doesn't heal.

    Instead of whining when things get hard, learn the class and adapt to it instead. Don't whine about how things aren't, adapt to how things are.
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  17. X3Killjaeden

    Yes! Just because you drive a vehicle that has 2 seats doesnt mean you should be able to lonewolf with impunity. The LA also may have put several thousands of certs into his LA.
    If you dont want to equip Proximity to protect yourself its your own damn fault! Either equip it or pay attention, otherwise don't complain that your spree is ended by C4.
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  18. Hagestol

    Unlock C4: 700 certs. Enough C4 to blow up your tank: 200 resources.
    Get top armor. And MBT costs 250 resources. And your firepower extends for more than two shots.

    Is 50 resources a lot?

    I don't see the problem. Really, I don't. And the MBT is not a two person vehicle, it is a one person vehicle with an optional weaker gunner.
  19. HellasVagabond

    You guys are funny, really....The 1 argument Harasser/Lib drivers have is that there are 3 person vehicles so they should be able to rain havok on everythin in the battlefield....However when we are talking about Tanks which are LA's easy prey that's not the case....
    Regardless they will eventually nerf C4, once they do noone will have an issue with LA.
  20. Hagestol

    Noone will play the LA*. Yeah, that'll be the day. The day when noone can counter a MBT, the MBT will be nerfed hard. Not really sure why you would wish for that to happen.

    Not like it is hard to drive away from the flying LA "sneaking" up on you with a loud jetpack. Then shoot him in the face, oneshotting him (apparently it is fine to oneshot LA, but LA shouldn't oneshot you?)