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  1. Crestfallen

    A big thanks to all the blues who joined in tonight in the biolab alert! We may not have won but we really did stick it to the TR and the VS. Fun to see what one platoon can do even when outnumbered! :D
  2. Bindlestiff

    Although I missed where the Jester party was this evening, we always hate with a passion thoroughly enjoy facing you guys ;)
  3. Crestfallen

    Always a blast to fight against the VS! :D

    Had a great armour run tonight across Indar and repulsed a couple of attacks around the Crown too! Great vanguard action! ^^
  4. ArgaMyggan

  5. Crestfallen

    We also run training sessions, and had a great one tonight for that matter! :)
  6. Crestfallen

    A big thanks to everyone who came to roll with the Jesters this evening for the biolab alert on Cobalt! Congrats on the NC win! :D
  7. ArgaMyggan

  8. Crestfallen

    Great harasser squadding tonight, though running with a very tight platoon on Esamir led to some great fights against the VS, well played! :)
  9. Ethnicbadger

    Good work to everyone that joined us tonight - was a lot of fun and we had a blast.

    If you fancy working with us, with no obligation to join the outfit, then pop on our TS3 server @ and why not pop on the forums to say hi while you're at it!
  10. Crestfallen

    For anyone who has been running with the Jesters recently, its always good to see some new faces to Planetside 2! Nice to have you along for the fight!
  11. Ribero

    I didn't know you guys still played seriously.
  12. thekiller2002us

    30+ regularly in the Planetside channel on teamspeak each evening. 60+ at planned operations. Jesters still going very strong.
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  13. SirTekno

  14. thekiller2002us

    updated with new recruitment video

  15. The Jiggler

  16. Crestfallen

    Great game against Chimera tonight, was a tough battle at Tawrich, so well fought! :D
  17. thekiller2002us

  18. thekiller2002us

    Although, its not entirely relative to Planetside- the Jesters are preparing to enter a different game soon, when it releases- Star Citizen.

    If there is are any old-time friends from Cobalt that played with or against the Jesters- maybe some of those that appreciates some of our pilots reaver skills :cool: ,whether you are Vanu, Tr or NC and are interested in Star Citizen- consider joining our expanding fleet (65+ people and over $16,000 invested by Jesters alone. We are currently the 17th largest fleet in Star Citizen)

    We would be more than happy to have you aboard- as always, teamspeak is mandatory to join us, but you do not need a mike and we don't care if you never play NC

    see our current fleet size:
  19. thekiller2002us

  20. Crestfallen

    The last few days on Auraxis have been a blast, especially in some of the alerts which have been hard fought and down to the line, the NC and Jesters thank you for the target practice! ;)