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  2. Fire Works

    I like the sandwich part at the end of the recruitment video :)
  3. FLHuk

    Grunt perspective....

    If you've EVER had a problem with Jesters, If you've heard about problems with Jesters, If you think you've heard about someone that heard about a dog that had an uncle that had a problem with his pelvis who met a Jester and was a bit miffed about the whole experience PLEASE join us for an evening on TS and see for yourself what we're like!

    It's not about making the biggest outfit, It's not about being elitist, It's not about taking a dump on blues, It's about TEAMWORK, fun and beating the enemy!
  4. johnway

    I jump onto the public squads of the jesters every so often and i do have a great time. Yesterday on indar defending quartz ridge was fantastic. Felt like we held off the entire Vanu army from advancing as they came from all over the place and we just dug in and held the line. A pity then that whilst we were fighting the vanu the TR reduced the NC faction down to 17%...
  5. Pharax

    Yeah it was rather annoying yesterday but that's how it is! VS were fighting TR. We pushed into VS's territory and the TR took the oppurtunity to take all of our territory to the south with little resistance.

  6. Akordia

    As a regular enemy of this f.... outfit, i can confirm they are pretty annoying. Some good players.
  7. The Jiggler

    Oh you're too kind :)
  8. rallosdrake

    Hey guys im really interested in joining you. I have a mic and TS3 but im fairly new im afraid. How would I get in contact ?
  9. Pharax

    It appears you already found our forums. ;)

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  11. thekiller2002us


    Hey all, id like to join, i can get TeamSpeak sorted now but dont have mic just yet.
    I have played for about 150 hours so its time to join an outfit.

    Please can somebody send me an invite in game my name is A3DELITIST
    I dont claim to be great but i really enjoy playing and its pretty good fun, im sure its better when working as a team.
  13. thekiller2002us

    Join our teamspeak (anyone can join) until your application is sorted by a recruitment officer
    An application can take up to 24 hours + an officer will need to talk with you on teamspeak. Until then, join our teamspeak and start killing with us

    teamspeak address:
    no password
  14. thekiller2002us

    The Jesters have a party at the warpgate and then have a harraser race

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  16. thekiller2002us

  17. thekiller2002us

    A small squad of Jesters get ready for their textbook assault into the biolab using maxes


    A pic of half of our platoon in our most recent training session, thanks to Cardiff


    And some morecool pics thanks to Vexann

  18. thekiller2002us

  19. thekiller2002us

    A platoon of dedicated Jesters assemble before attempting to rush the Crossroads watchtower. Platoon members laid down smoke to cover our assault across open road but we were decimated by vanu magriders that came in from the west.
    Jester max rushes are becoming increasingly lethal in biolabs and other indoor regions.

    A Jester max camping a hill between Crossroads Watchtower and Broken Arch Road. We managed to get an entire platoon of anti-tank/ anti-air maxes+ infantry up on the plateau. Some members have now dubbed it "Jester" hill and we decimated a huge vanu magrider zerg (ownd+ trid) coming out of crossroads watchtower within a few minutes. Note three squad beacons + platoon marker in the background

    The Jesters have a good old fashioned Galaxy race. The halfway point was to fly under MAO tech plant and back around to the NC warpgate. Due to TR ESF + AA interference no one made it back alive. We will be bringing the disruption of this organised race to the attention of SOE as a result :rolleyes:

    Shoutout to Vexxann who uploaded the pics to our forums
  20. Pharax