The "infiltrator" don't exist

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  1. Moonheart

    Infiltrator, while being the name of our class, doesn't truly exist in the game.

    Instead, we have a set of 3 sub-classes:
    - Sniper, who is a long range assassin
    - Hunter, a flanker practicing the hit&run to harass enemy lines
    - Stalker, an expert in ambushing people

    The three have really a different gameplay, different strategies and objectives, so, mostly, it is useless to speak about balance for the "infiltrator" sinces facts that are true for one sub-class, is not true for another...
    - There is not enough hacking option for a stalker, there is far enough for a sniper
    - There is no need for a review of scout rifles for stalkers, there is one for hunter
    - etc

    I feel that most of discussions would feel more understandable if we weren't always talking of "infiltrator" which mix those things together.

    Also, in the current state of the game, there is very few point to the "infltrate" anything.
    Let say you succeed to get in the center a defended base without being noticed... you're not more, if not even less, useful that the base HA who is just fightning at the front line.
  2. Kepa

    No idea where you going with this.

    But here are some personal observations:

    Motion spotters, one of the biggest force multipliers as far as the infantry play goes. Max that bad boy up and your faction can see almost everything that moves in its range. Most of the time you need just 2 deployed to cover bigger part of the base.

    Wraith cloak Flashes, solo with any of its weapons (depending on situation) or get a friend engie with tank mines/c4 and proper suit upgrade. You can go almost anywhere unnoticed and take out any high priority targets.

    Going behind enemy lines is not useful? Did you ever hack AV turret that faces the backs of enemy armor? Or get a friend and hack 2?! Thing i usually do is when i spot pocket engie on a max, go after engie kill him die or survive, it makes hell of a difference for your team mates when then face a max with or with out a pocket engie. Oh and i personally think that stalker is not that great of a suit slot so i stick with hunter. There are few places that you cannot get to from place A to B with full cloak, if you have spent certs in to it its gonna recharge fast so you can move to point C fast. I just hope we'll get more infi specific objectives in game like that base on amerish that changes the ownership of the bridge depending on what faction hacks it.

    Sniper... just used it to finish directive line and i almost quit planetside. Whole time i was thinking that i'm not doing anything to help advance on the field so i disliked every second of it.
  3. Moonheart

    Huh, sorry, it was meant to be a reply to another thread and not a new topic... I've messed up somewhere.

    I was just saying that speaking of the "infiltrator" as single class is useless: it is three classes of cloakers, with different problems and need, because in the thread I wished to answer, the people were speaking of balance of the three kinds of infiltrators as a single thing, which leads nowhere.
  4. Eternaloptimist

    I just think the infiltrator, like other specialists, has a range of different skills for different situations....unlike the HA which has a range of different skills all for the same situation.....shooting people and vehicles whilst surviving (oh no! I went and said it!! - massive outpouring of "HA is OP" posts starting in 3, 2, 1,.......)
  5. Jawarisin

    I don't agree with you, there is not 3 sub classes but 6, and they are those:

    -Knife Heroes
    -Friends of mines
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  6. CuteBeaver

    A truly skilled HA is like a befriending a Unicorn.


    A unicorn that takes pride in hitting ESF's out of the sky with a decimator, your glowing friend will share you understanding for bullet drop. Understanding the art of lobbing things towards fast moving targets even though the overal "scale" might be considerably different. A good HA won't light you up like a Christmas tree every time a guest walks into the room. They go for headshots not because they have to... (we all know that shield is lovely) but because its a matter of principle, of honor, of dignity.

    When a Unicorn glows it intends to glow. Indeed this mythical magical friend is one you can always depend on to shoot the enemy max which is mercilessly chasing you... Or the tank... or the engineer ghost riding the tank... for it is a glowing friend of justice. Together you will ride on your mario cart into the sunset. Excluding fart sounds... you will create many fond memories and burning debris until a new sun rises and another magical day of friendship begins.

    Getting back to the subject. What your asking makes sense but I caution that splitting things down is unhealthy. The line between stalking and SMG play can become a little blurry. I don't reasonably understand why an SMG user shouldn't take full advantage of hacking to the same degree as a stalker so long as they could manage the task at hand. Overlap needs to happen. Do you think I'd live half as long if I didn't learn to juke even as a stalker. Then another example all those tricks I learned sniping pay off with the crossbow for longer ranges. The conditions on the ground change along with opportunities very quickly. Hacking needs an overhaul badly, but core skills we all learn and share are largely interchangeable.
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  7. Moonheart

    There are naturaly aspects that will overlap between the 3 types of infiltrators.
    For instance, the hacking needs for Hunter and Stalkers are very similar...

    My concern was more that, quite often, I read suggestions made by players to "buff" infiltratots that are good for a type of infiltrator, yet negative for another type of infiltrator or will make that one too much OP.
    We are the only class that drasticaly switch its strategies when taking one kind or other of loadouts, this is a thing that we don't take enough in account when we write about "infiltrators", when, in fact, we are talking of either snipers, hunters or stalkers.

    I'm not an "infiltrator", I'm a stalker.
    I cannot define well the needs of a hunter/sniper even if I played a bit of both previously, and the suggestion i'll made for the class will be oriented from the stalker point-of-view.
    I do not think that most infiltrator players are in a different situation regarding their view of the class.
  8. REZistance

    Yeah, this is why I named my thread "Stalker Ideas".. I too think it's important to make that distinction; especially when talking about nerfing and/or buffing. Imo, the Hunter is in a good place (that is, the Infiltrator who uses rapid fire primary weapons at medium to short distances with hit and run tactics and nominal bursts of cloaking). If you give much more to this style of play (aside from hacking as a mini-game, locking doors, EMP's overheating turrets etc.), you'd start hearing the OP cries. Sniper (primarily long range, bolt action, high magnification optics, shoot cloak move short distance repeat), also good where it's at. My opinion of course.
  9. CuteBeaver

    I had a hard time figuring out what to call SMG using infils. "Hunters" seems to be a nice fit. I like it. The mental hangup I had was NMG cloaking really kinda felt like it was supposed to be "Hunters" desired cloak but its just too limited. Its like someone saying here wear these protective boots... but they are a size too small and very uncomfortable... now walk through that construction site...

    As a result I wasn't sure what to call folks using Hunter and SMG or NMG and SMG. Play-style wise they actually have tiny, but also significant differences and clearly a ball was dropped somewhere. I got the impression Hunter Cloak was supposed to be for Snipers or scout rifle users.
  10. Moonheart

    I often feel like the nanoweave cloak was the cloak intented for SMG users... but we all know what is the problem with it.
  11. HamOnRye

    I play mainly CQC with SMG, or open field "flanker" with the SOAS. However there are times I will pull out the TSAR and camp the **** out of a vehicle term to slow down the enemy advance. Its the one area a good sniper can make a serious difference.
  12. Plastikfrosch

    I love to use my hunter crossbow for moments like that. i can 2shot kill any target on the terminal out of 60m away and you can see how they get more and more nervous while trying to get a vehicle and how they start to search all over the place but not nearly close to my position. i think stopping the enemy to get vehicles (or slowing them down) is a good way to help your own troops.