The heck is Wrong with Deep Cloak?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by TorigomaSET, Apr 12, 2015.

  1. TorigomaSET

    Seriously? What is with Deep Cloak? especially with Stalker? It seems I am FAR, FAR more Visible than I use to be. Heck, I was sitting on the side of the road and someone ran by on the OTHER SIDE, and still turned to shoot me. this happened THREE Times. and No, its not the Head glitch again, or at least it can not be as much as it is happening. I even asked one of the guys, and they said It just looked like I was a distorted blur, even from the distance and even in Deep Cloak.
  2. Schizomatic

    People have more ESP cheats going than before now that JustHereForCARV practically direct linked where to get them on Redditside. I get nailed in immobile deep cloak more than I'd like, too. Unfortunately, there's no report option for ESP, it's practically improvable, it can't be detected by anti-cheat, and it's here to stay, no matter how fervent people are in their denial that people cheat in Planetside.
  3. FateJH

    If you aren't against a background that breaks up your form, you will still be visible that that range. Not perfectly visible but being able to discern your character from the background will not be impossible. Actually, my argument is that making cloaking a distortion effect within visual range is itself problematic as the distortion, no matter how minor, just makes it more obvious that someone is actually standing there. Under those conditions, however, you should not use cloaking as a turtling method. Use it for subtle insertion and then to help cover your self-extraction, and, of course, to deter counter-sniping. Just don't stand in the middle of nowhere and expect no one to see you. The primary thing that should always be the front of your mind is that someone probably knows where you are, and you should act precautiously as so.

    Also a possibility but we can't deal with that. We can deal with assisting people with more tactical use of the cloaking technology they have.
  4. Lucidius134

    I saw some one mention a cloak bug where you have to move to get into deep cloak. Cloaking w/o moving keeps you at fully visible cloak. Havn't been stalkering much lately b/c of auraxium hunting so I can't confirm atm. Also double checking all of the wiki contradictions :S
  5. TorigomaSET

    Don't think its this, It feels Different, almost like the Cloak itself is more visible. Hummmmmmmmmm.
  6. wrenched

    I saw a floating cloaked head the other day. I also saw a full cloaked crouched stalker through my own FOV cloaked pistol model. Throw ESP in there and I have almost completely stopped playing stalker.
  7. Ianneman

    Hmmm you might be onto something. I am a player who gets out of my tank very frequently to repair, often for like 2-3 seconds behind a rock in the heat of battle. I'm extremely used to infiltrators sneaking around to pick me off, which is why I always run around on top of my tank while repairing it so they can't gank me.

    Usually they fire off a shot and miss, or I can just see them shimmering around my tank. By now I don't bother with them anymore since they're not really a threat, I'm so used to evading them and they dart away as soon as I see them, or they fire a shot.

    But since a few days they have been more than visible enough to me to just be able to get in my tank and kill them before they went far away enough to be completely invisible. In fact, I've gotten out a few times to pretend to repair simply because it's bound to attract an infiltrator that I'll be able to kill.
  8. Isokon

    He's talking about deep cloak, you are talking about cloak while moving. Those are two different things.
  9. Korban

    As of Yesterday the Stalker's Deep Cloak IS still experiencing the distorted head glitch.
  10. Gutseen

    i have no problem with the so called "deep cloak" yeah its highly less visible, but if u ever played HvP, u start to see the slightly distorted figure.
    so its okay
  11. FBVanu

    If you get killed by MBTS.. it's most likely Proxy Radar.
    I get a lot of kills on infils that think I can't see them, which I really can't, but Proxy puts a red dot on my minimap.
    From there it is just a matter of focusing on the distortion.. cloak.. then a OHK...
  12. Korban

    The current problem is the Stalker Cloak's Deep Cloaks visibility on the head section that is in question here, all the other parts of the body are working as intended at the moment.
  13. TorigomaSET

    I think its more than just that too. I could get it if it was just the Head glitch, but it seems to be either happening alot more often, or something else is going on as well. I really don't know. *sigh*.
  14. cyb_

    I was stalking a bit today and noticed someone pulling his sidearm ... no light cone was visible on the floor and my cloak was not being highlighted - he killed me.

    So beside some other problems with visibility, dark light might be bugged too.
  15. Vajerys

    That might actually explain some things.

    While I don't play stalker cloak myself, I sometimes do 'clean-up duty' on the particularly obvious ones (spotting empire-specific stuff when no one else from your faction is around, camping a capture point, etc.).

    Over the last few days I had multiple occasions where I went hunting for some of those with a darklight-sidearm and found them directly facing me (or at least, the character model did...). I always expected a decloak and sidearm-duel then, but not once did one of them react as if they knew they were spotted. Instead I just lined up a shot and got a free kill.

    If the darklight does not show correctly, then of course they wouldn't risk giving up their position, thereby explain those encounters...
  16. Lazaruz

    The dark light is indeed bugged most of the time, and doesn't show up at all. For a time there I was wondering why people were running around with a pistol with no flash lights on them...

    With that said, there have been an increasing amount of times where I'm on a rooftop or in the middle of nowhere like the mountains on Amerish and I get instantly spotted and killed by a guy passing by, even if I haven't moved, de-cloaked or fired my weapon in several minutes. This makes me think there's something else going on.
  17. TorigomaSET

    So you think some of this might be the Darklight simply not Rendering on my side (sometimes)?
  18. Plastikfrosch

    Thats possible because i saw that phenomen from both sides.
    As stalker i did not see the darklight itself and i didnt lighten up but after i got killed i could see that there was a darklight on the weapon and as a "cleaner" after we took a base i found some stalker with my darklight, aimed and killed them but even while i lighten them up they did not try to decloak or to run away.
    So yeah, i think you will not see yourself lighten up when you get hit by the darklight and thats a problem because its was always the biggest "you have to run now"-indicator as a stalker cloaker.