The Hacksaw needs an obvious nerf

Discussion in 'MAX' started by Sogui, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. Fallout10mm

    Wish the TR max AI weapons were nearly as good, hell I get more infantry kills using the AA buster then I do the stock AI guns.
  2. BadLlama

    You know what you do when a NC MAX charges at you? You turn around and charge the other way thus keeping the exact same distance he had before the charge. Stop being such bad players. I would gladly give up my Scatterguns for Dual Cyclers any day of the week.
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  3. DJSEAN00

    As the Max with duel Hacksaw's as my primary playing class supported by my mate as an Engineer - You're not invincible but you're bloody deadly at close range. I've gone for hours straight without death fighting over key points - I see a lot of QQ'ing here and clearly some people that struggle with assessing a situation before jumping around the corner and being face to face with my Hacksaws.

    NC's are pretty low on the damage output anyway - having one good close range unit clearly has to be acceptable?
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  4. Maxi'sProteinPowder

    You my friend are a dope! First everyone laughs at Maxes saying there useless, know as soon as someone finds a good remedy and has support behind him with Engineer everyone starts saying his OP! WTF can everyone just play the freaking game and stop crying "Oh i cant kill Maxes with my ****** little medic, LA dont do **** against Maxes" He is the only powerful thing we have in NC right now, everything else should be put together and torched , then give us slingshots so we can lob grenades to you and then you'sd still say were over powered! Wake the **** up guys its a game, you kill you get killed simple!
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  5. DJSEAN00

    ^^ This +1
  6. Brusilov [TR]

    The OP troll is trying to make NC players waste SC and Cert Points.
  7. Maxi'sProteinPowder

    Because of this dumb thread i will now go and open up the cheque book "SC" and purchase these bad boys! I love playing my LA but im only going to do this because i have to! ;)
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  8. Melista

    I've killed dual Hacksaw NC MAXes with my VS burster MAX on a couple of occasions. If you're at close range, melee it. All MAXes are equal in a melee fight. At that range, moving constantly around and swinging when you can, it's very difficult for the other MAX to hit you. His friends are as likely to hit him as you. When I have my Blueshifts, I'll stand back and whither them down. If the only option is to be in the Hacksaw MAXes best range, then don't engage. That's right, don't engage. I know that has to be the most difficult concept for the vast majority of FPS players to grasp, but it's something you need to learn if you want to be successful.

    For those that think the VS and TR AI MAX weapons are useless... no. You just need to learn how to best use them, which often does not mean just standing there blasting away. That goes for any class, vehicle, or weapon.
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  9. Maxi'sProteinPowder

    How much SC is it to purchase 2 x Hacksaw's im at work and cant find a thread on them?? Just want to be ready so when i get home i will purchase them.
  10. Sogui

    I love how this thread is mostly NC players with some kind of deficiency syndrome. They are under the illusion that every one of their guns is incredibly bad and that they somehow need a really unbalanced MAX weapon to stay viable or something.

    There's isn't a single "mirror weapon" comparison that is as unbalanced as the NC/VS CQC AI MAX weapons compared to the Hacksaw.

    Let's reiterate the points:

    1- In a 1v1 duel, the NC Max will win with over half his life left in a "mirror" duel at close range


    3- Given that every single objective in the game requires you to get into <10 meter range indoors, acting like that is a drawback is just playing stupid. Nobody (intelligent) pulls an anti-infantry MAX untill they are planning on close-range indoors fighting. MAX is just a free kill if you try to fight infantry at range, you will literally lose to the first HA that targets you.

    4- Using imbalances elsewhere in the game to justify this imbalance is a recipe for ****** BALANCING

    5- No other imbalance is as drastic as this one between "mirror" weapons. Like I said before, the difference between most weapons is maybe 5-10% in effectivness in terms of TTK - literally fractions within fractions of a second. On the other hand the Hacksaw pumps out double the damage of its mirror in close range, WHICH IS EXACTLY WHAT ALL THREE CLOSE-QUARTERS-COMBAT GUNS ARE DESIGNED FOR. The only difference is the NC version is TWICE AS GOOD.

    As time goes on, I have no doubt this will be nerfed. It's so stupid to suggest that a VS who dumps 2000 certs/1500 SC into a close-quarters AI MAX should only be half as good as the NC version, NC needs to get over what neurosis they have about their other weapons and recognize that the hacksaw is unbalanced.
  11. Maxi'sProteinPowder

    Dude, it guys like you that dont understand how counter an unmoveable object and die! Think around the barriers, we were always going to be much stronger with our MAXE unit regardless if you had the same style version in another race its in the PS2wikipedia, not everything can be the same otherwise this would be such a boring, straight forward game.The beauty of this game is that its not all the same weapons and damage.
    Hell i can say **** like this as i have a hard time trying to kill VS magrider's with my HA who has the self guiding AV rocket and still die heaps as they have heat seeking cannons ;p but all i try to do is be smarter next time i engage them, and its worked! So stop crying pull you big boy pants on!
  12. RobotNinja

    I've playtested all three factions and of all the MAX units the NC MAX is overall...the worst...or the one that requires the most skill to play depending on how you look at it. A VS or TR MAX are terror at both close and mid-range. The NC MAX excels at dishing out a high amount of "burst" damage but only in extremely close quarters and once a NC MAX has expended it's magazine and it's reloading on both arms it's a walking free kill. The NC MAX has a painfully uh...painful reloading time. Pretty much any class except an Infiltrator can walk straight up to it and unload every bullet they have into it while it's reloading.
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  13. Maxi'sProteinPowder

    Finally someone who understands the concepts of using his weapon and tactics best to his ability. Case closed...
  14. Vreki

    The Hacksaw is undeniably good at close range, that is kind of the whole point.
    But to claim that the TR MAX is bad? I see that ugly thing on my death-screen plenty of time, and it doesnt have to hug me to kill me.
    Getting killed by a Vanu MAX is much rarer.
  15. Gary

    Have no problems racking up kills with the Cyclers on the TR max and Close or medium range personally i think our max is more versatile while the NC max needs to be close. Simply keep distance between you and the max and its a garunteed kill for you.
  16. KorJax

    I don't know why everyone says NC have bad infantry weapons, when 99% of my engagements with all NC in close quarter situations ends with me being dead in literally less than a second and in 3-4 bullets, no matter what they use

    If that isn't good, especially since 90% of combat situations that are important are in closed areas, then I don't know what is
  17. Con411

    I'd also like to point out that its riskier for an engineer to give close support to a CQB max than it is for an engineer to support a max thats fighting at medium range.
  18. Con411

    This is why.

    What are you going to do when they level the playing field ?
    A fight indoors is not always CQB because its indoors. The range is important. Take point B in biolabs. If you are at B in a scattermax and the enemy attacks over the two walkways from the building thats near one of the teleporters you dont have the range to fire from your room to their room. While a Vanu or a TR max could defend B and cover both walkways without leaving B. Everything is situational.
  19. SirBurning

    Terran have their strong Cyclers
    Vanu have Powerfull anti vehicle
    NC has Amazing Stopping power inside with their shotguns
    Shotgun for MAX
    Jackhammer Shotgun
    Canistershell for tank

    NC is the shotgun faction, so yea ofcourse you lose fighting us in our specialty area.
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  20. Zephirenth

    Guys, enough with the ScatterMAX hate. You're not supposed to beat them in CQC: you're supposed to stay out of range or make heavy use of explosives. I can't speak for VS MAX AI weapons, but after trying out double cyclers on the TR MAX, I can say they can very handily beat down an NC MAX if you can keep a range advantage on them. Which you're supposed to do in the first place.

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