The Hacksaw needs an obvious nerf

Discussion in 'MAX' started by Sogui, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. Sogui

    I've run into a couple of these guys now, the MAX's running 2x Hacksaw.

    For some inexplicable reason, this "CQC" weapon for NC is roughly twice as strong as the TR and VS equivalents. I dueled another 2x hacksaw user multiple times (he was camping one of the biodome teleporters, we had a shield between us and both had engineers healing us back to full), and it was so obvious that I was outgunned it wasn't even funny despite us both using "mirror" weapons (Nebula for the VS). I finally went all-in on him with another assault helping and I died in under 1 second with my Max and didn't even get him under half HP before I died.

    Since it's $14 or 2k creds for these weapons you won't see many yet, but I'm raising the issue before it becomes flavor of the month and you see these NC Max's running up massive KD ratios with these stupidly broken weapons.
  2. Krrr8or

    You do realize you will lose in CQC against a NC max no matter what infantry weapon he has equipped right?

    Next time have a heavy assault use a rocket you can shoot them through the shield. Or stay out of CQC if he charges you turn and charge away keep distance or you will lose every time.
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  3. Sifer2

    Not too many of them yet? Dunno how it is on your server but on mine ScatMAX on NC is as common as Magriders on Vanu lol. I think ScatMAX is even more OP now than it was back in Beta when people were demanding nerfs. At least back then it only instagibbed you from like 5 feet away. Now it's like 30 feet. Meanwhile the TR/VS MAX's are still pretty awful, and mostly still just AA turrets.
  4. deathTouch

    LOL. You do realize that it has an effective range of about 10 feet without slugs right? With a clip size smaller than pistols and the longest infantry weapon reload time in the game.

    God forbid the NC actually have a remotely useful infantry weapon for any class.
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  5. Kiddneey

    It sure ain't just the Hacksaw. I get killstreaks of 40+ with dual Scattercannons (backed by my engineer buddy, obviously), the NC MAX weapons are GLORIOUS at short range. They are kings of the Bio Dome and to some extent the Tech Plant.

    You simply can't bumrush an NC MAX. And you'd better hope they don't bumrush you.
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  6. Sogui

    Yea because it's not like every single objective of significance in this game forces you through a small room/door within that lethal range... right?

    Weapons can have advantages/disadvantages compared to other empires but NC's should not be able to **** on other MAX's without even losing half their life in a straight duel. Plus you act like TR/VS max's actually range on our CQC's either. No, they spray wildly at anything beyond the "lethal range" you described, so unless I want to tickle someone with a couple stray shots, I stay within about 10 feet of my targets as well. It's just silly that Hacksaws, despite having identical roles of the other MAX CQC weapons - the hacksaw simply does it MUCH BETTER.
  7. Draegnar

    NC should be able to **** on other maxes, something has to compensate for CARV right?
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  8. JoCool

    As a TR MAX user with Mercys, I can only approve that the NC MAX is unbeatable at short range. It is where they shine, it is their specialty. So what is the problem?
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  9. Zaik

    ...Are you on Waterson? I have been terrorizing TR/VS using slug ammo in my scattercannons there. Increases the effective range a lot, but it seems like most people won't risk the 300 certs on it.
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  10. Darzok

    I think its balanced and i play TR and VS mostly the NC max has only 1 good use and thats close range shotgun madness.

    The NC Max can instant gib you out to around 10ft by 15ft its doing at best half damage by 20ft its only going to slightly hurt any thing past 20ft unless it runs with a Falcon AV gun its not going to hurt you in any way.

    The TR/VS can hurt you out to around 50ft quite easy sure there utter crap accy means there not a big danger past 20ft but you can not stand in front of them at range and laugh since they can still hurt and kill you.

    The NC given the tiny range should be the most powerfull after all it if the range is not short enough it has to reload none stop due to shotguns holding little ammo.

    I think to be fair all Max need quite a big boost NC could use a little more range and the others a little more accy and all 3 could use small arms resistance buff so LMG/shotgun players are not able to solo a Max quite as easy as they can.
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  11. xboxerdude

    QFT This pretty much sums up how I feel about the situation. Yes Hacksaws are good close range but, They should be and even more so , I think they should be buffed because they are a little weak, maybe less damage vs small arms
  12. Con411

    Dear SOE for some reason NC have an infantry weapon thats not the worst of all empires, please fix this.
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  13. Sogui

    What you people are missing is that there's a huge difference between "oh no your carbine has a .05 lower TTK than ours!" versus "Your MAX CQC weapons is literally twice as good as the other empires".
  14. JackOfClubs

    Actually it's more like, "your gun kills faster than mine and it's easier to use please buff my gun," versus, "you gun that has one third the range of mine is better within it's limited range, please nerf".

    You're the reason shotguns suck in every modern FPS.
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  15. Sevre

    I play TR and see no reason as to why NC mazes shouldn't have uber CQC damage. As mentioned in any range further than CQC they are a non-factor. If your complaint is with TTK, then build a time machine and go back to the start of development, because everything is currently balanced around blazing fast TTK.

    TL;DR Get over it and pick your battles wisely.
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  16. BadLlama

    ^^ How is range not a factor you ****lord?

    You serious? Any of the Scatt MAX guns will down an equivalent MAX when within 5 meters, that's because once the distance increases to past 10 meters the other MAXes have a huge advantage.
  17. Sogui

    You NC trolls keep repeating the same B.S., ALL CQC MAX WEAPONS ARE CRAP BEYOND ~10 METERS. They spray wildly and will lose 1v1 to even a HA at that range. The only difference is that under 10m, the NC MAX does double damage of its counterparts on VS and TR.
  18. MaxSwift

    OMFG QQQQQQQQQQQQQQ more please just keep in range on my leet grinders, as I eat you for breakfast noobsauce. But thank you though this post actually made me LOL IRL
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  19. xViper

    How dare they let the NC have a viable weapon! they need to nerf this **** so it like the rest of the NC infantry weapons!
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  20. Sifer2

    It's not that the weapon is the best at CQC that's the issue. It's that its the only useful AI MAX period. Yes TR/VS weapons have more range but they kill so slowly that all you have to do is move, and they are no danger. And that's against Infantry they are even more worthless against a MAX. Oh and lets not forget the MAX only has one ability right now, and guess what that is? That's right a charge that lets you rapidly gain ground. You can't tell me this doesn't heavily favor the ScatMAX. NC are the only Empire that can do the MAX crash technique right now, and its unfair.

    If we really wanted balance then I guess a TR MAX should be able to lock down an mow down your ScatMAX before you can get into close range. But right now what would happen is he starts firing at 50 feet away doing laughable damage. You charge right in his face an kill him easily.
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