The GD-7F needs a buff in damage

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Hashi, Jan 23, 2013.

  1. Hashi

    You can proceed to keep quiet after those posts.
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  2. Hashi

  3. Sebyos


    Yeah humm allright with the range thing not that everyone can afford guns for many range, but whatever.

    Now now, you are being silly picking random stats like that. CoF of both weapons are the exact same thing don't go pick on the bloom stats if you'r out of arguments.

    Then you can't read the first shot recoil column right it seems. Let me help you it's 2 for the GD-7F and 2.5 for the Serpent.

    Once again you decide to ignore the most important argument which is reload time, get serious.

    Basically I am talking CoF, reload speed and first shot recoil, the most important aspects of a very high RPM gun and you bring bloom, false first shot recoil and ignore reload. Seriously I'm out of here you NCs are hopeless and you still are the dumb one.
  4. Antivide

    You must be the people who comment on Fox that climate change is fake.
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  5. Iksniljiksul

  6. Hashi

    Yet you're still forgetting recoil, projectile drop which helps for the long ranged you apparently can't fight in... All you need to do with the serpent is hold M1. That's the thing about Vanu weapons, yeah they have a higher first shot recoil, but it doesn't matter when all you have less recoil because all you have to do is compensate for that. You're trying to argue 45 rpm from the VX6 yet the NC only have the GD-7F while you guys also get the serpent.
  7. Bill Hicks

    OMG this
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  8. Mattressi


    Of course, how silly of me to not realise that the CoF of the FIRST SHOT is the most important thing and that the CoF of EVERY SHOT AFTER THE FIRST is completely insignificant? What is wrong with me?

    Oh, thank you for that. Now, let me help you read a little too. See that little "x" next to 2 and 2.5? That means "times" or "multiplies". That means, you MULTIPLY the base recoil by that value in order to find the first shot recoil. Which is exactly what I did in my post.

    I tend to consider it better to focus on killing my target and not needing to reload. The long reload on both guns is a long enough time that the extra 27% time doesn't make a huge difference - if you need to reload because the guy isn't dead, they're going to kill you in 3 seconds and won't need the extra 0.8 seconds.

    Still, it is ONE valid issue.

    Why is it always the morons who roleplay faction allegiance? I always see the true idiots of the forum saying "stupid TR", "Dumb NC", etc. You were talking about CoF and I was showing that EVERY BULLET AFTER THE FIRST has a higher CoF for the GD-7F (and keeps getting higher every shot). You made a completely incorrect statement about first shot recoil, so I corrected you (Serpent has both lower first shot recoil and much lower recoil every shot after the first). You made a valid point about the reload speed so I left it (I'm not a moron - I don't refute things when they are clearly correct, though I figured I'd point out that reload speed is not the be-all-end-all you think it is).
    I'm also not surprised that my ironic use of the childish "no, you are" counter actually elicited a similar response.
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  9. Soloviev

    Probably a waste of your time and nerves mate.

    I'd be shocked if 5 more posts didnt pop up within hours ignoring previous comments and making the same flawed arguments that have been dispelled thousands of times already.

    This place is brutal, idk how anyone manages the patience.
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  10. Dixa

    they are solid comparisons. the serpent is terrible due to it's long reload time, the same thing that makes him not like the gdf.

    the longest reloads in the game should be on the weapons with the largest magazines. if you are using the serpent over the vx6 you are doing it wrong anyway.

    the reload time on the gdf is just far too long and because of this i use the ac-x11 only when i play nc.
  11. Dixa

    you should have watched the video before forming an opinion, hipster.
  12. Dixa

    if my vanu engineer could get an ac-x11 WITH bullet drop, i'd snag it in a heartbeat over the other vanu carbines.

    most of my combat is medium/long. if i know i'm playing cqc i'm rolling heavy assault, not enginner or la. at which point the carbine argument is moot.

    however you never know in advance if you are going to have easy access to a resupply terminal to swap out kits, and i prefer overll balanced gun combos - solstice sf + 6x + laser rounds for vs, ac-x11+6x+laser for nc. i have a 50/50 chance to pull out a win in cqc rounding a corner with those setups, but a great than 50% chance of winning beyond medium range especially with the x11.

  14. Sebyos

    Haha I love the bad NCs and I love when you say it's easy to compensate first shot recoil, but what about the rest ? You seriously thing it's harder to compensate a first shot recoil then the steady recoil that comes after ? I'm also guessing you guys don't know how to fast burst especially when saying we can only hold the mouse 1 button, a completely false statement. Also never pretend the first shot recoil is not important. Our faction strength is supposed to be range fights with more accuracy and no bullet drop, yet we can't even burst with scopes in long range fights due to the first shot recoil.

    To the other long post. I'll admit I was wrong with damage degradation and first shot recoil, but the CoF is the same, an important aspect. Then seriously, play with a 845 RPM weapon a bit more you seem to be clueless on that one. I got my Auraxium medal on my Hydra, a 800 RPM AR and let me tell you reload speed for a good player who goes on kill streaks often is a serious handicap and every split second counts.

    Finally, now that we sorted things out it's clear to me that we can't upgrade the GD-7F to a higher damage tier. This thread is yet another whiny baseless NC thread. Lol I mean who think it would be a good idea to give 167 damage to a 845 RPM weapon seriously ?
  15. TheUprising

    Making a slow reload even slower isn't going to hurt much since you are going to have to be out of action for both.
  16. Rolfski

    There's one serious omission in LevelCap's video: He forgot to mention that for the Lynx to perform as the better carbine, people need to relearn themselves not to automatically reload after every engagement.
    The average gamer instinctively always immediately reloads after every engagement so for them the VX6-7 is a better gun.
  17. Karragos

    Haha GD-7F is my favorite gun. What am I missing with other factions? lol
  18. Hashi

    You're talking about ranged fights with a CQ weapon. I'd understand you better but you seem to be trolling. Why on earth do you need to burst fire in CQ? and besides, if you're not going to give the GD-7F a damage boost take off the damn recoil making it look like a higher damaging gun. This NC gun has all the horrible traits of a standard NC weapon without the damage. That's my point. It needs a buff to be in line with the other weapons because it's literally the ONLY one the light assault and engineer get. Unlike the TR and VS ofcourse... because you guys totally deserve more.
  19. Hashi

    I'd love to get a hand on that solstice of yours ;) I personally only use the ACX or GD7F I love the ACX-11 though it's one of those tride and true NC guns to the core!
  20. Vorpal

    Why would the GD-7F need a damage buff? It already outdamages the TR carbines and has a higher ROF than they do (and high ROF is supposed to be the TR specialty) and is quite competitive against the VS carbines.

    It's the only carbine that can kill me so quickly I keep thinking I got killed by a shotgun.

    I am happy with my GD-7F. I wish it had a shorter reload but above all I wish it carried an extra clip or two of ammunition.