The GD-7F needs a buff in damage

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  1. Littleman

    Lower RoF should equate to easier handling of a gun, especially on those < = > recoil types. There's little in the way of compensating recoil sway on those, simply because one can't tell when the darn thing is going to switch sway direction. ^ > and ^ < guns are far superior for accuracy control. Debate this all you want, < = > does not mean 1 for 1. The gun will pull in a direction any number of rounds and switch in the other direction at random any number of rounds, back and forth. It might be good for short to mid range engagements where the newb might not notice they cancel out, but anyone with a desire for accuracy and control would realize that most TR LMG's and rifles are crap for long range fighting.

    Aside from carbines, the TR are screwed in their weapons choices. Ironically, their CQC variants are the one direction patterns, making them the easier to control long range weapons. They're RoF is what makes them semi-challenging to handle, and in the TRV's case, the kick is actually weaker to compensate for the ridiculous RPM. It's the opposite for the NC's GD-7F, it's using the 167 recoil values on a 143 weapon.

    Surprised the TR newbs tolerate their starter weapons as well as they do, while the NC can't stop griping about theirs. Naturally, any VS that even hints at their weapons being UP or unmanageable should be flogged with super-heated rebar.
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  2. Marked4Death

    Level cap says he likes the GD-7F least because it's reload time is too long (3 seconds compared to 2.7 for the VX6-7). If you share his opinion, how could you possibly think the serpent is better when it has a 3.8sec (almost a second longer) reload?
  3. -lOldboyl-

    Not really a fan of the GD-7F. The painfully slow reload almost outweighs the high RPM.

    I still prefer using the Guass Compact S, plus using the underbarrel shotgun gives it greater flexibility as a LA weapon.
  4. TheUprising

    Look at the weapon stats before you speak please.

    Serpent has a .05 shorter reload speed than GD7F.
  5. Bill Hicks

    yes please buff the GD-7F so I can own VS even faster.
  6. TheArchetype

    I watched the video and LCG doesn't want a damage buff, he just wants faster reload and more clip capacity. It doesn't need a damage buff.
  7. Sebyos

    845 RPM and you complain you need more damage ? You NCs are csuch whining and delusional pieces of garbage.
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  8. Hashi

    sorry, you guys have the serpent too with the exact same damage but better stats. Tell me more about whining.
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  9. PanzerShrimp

    GD7 is only considered good because it's NC.

    If the GD-7 was a VS, or TR weapon it would be crap and no one would use it because both sides have far Superior options.
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  10. Niloc

    I think the most important thing here the hell did you have 30k certs if you combine all factions...
  11. Marked4Death

    Did you even watch the video? LC say you will be running outta ammo fast (compared to the tr 40 mag) and then the reload is too slow. He's obviously pointing out the long reload. 0.05 seconds is pretty much nothing. 0.8 seconds is big in battle. The serpent is 27% slower to relaod. Either learn to read or troll elsewhere.
  12. NoctD

    You mean its not like a Vanu weapon ie. it has bullet drop? Well yeah, Vanu is easy mode in comparison.
  13. Hashi

    Well mostly due to the recoil but yeah :p I swear to this day I'm still wondering why they haven't done anything to make the vanu more balanced
  14. splooshIRL

    give the GD7F 5 more rounds and a slightly higher reload and we call it even? or a lot faster reload... my opinion
  15. Sebyos

    You got way shorter long reloads a very important aspect for a very high RPM weapon, you got barely longer short reloads, YOU DO HAVE MORE DAMAGE over distance, same CoF and less first shot recoil...

    GD-7F is better than the Serpent stop being dumb.
  16. Col_Jessep

    I can't blame the man. At least he is honest about balance - unlike most of the other Vanu players on this forum who must have picked their faction just so they can wear purple spandex. :p
  17. Grotpar

    How do you balance balance?
  18. Antivide

    Yeah that damage over range really useful for a CQC weapon.
  19. Sebyos

    The rest sure as hell is usefull especially faster reload on a 845 RPM machine stop being dumb. The VS damage drop off is severe pretty quick by the way. It can be seen pretty early in medium range.
  20. Mattressi

    The Serpent actually has better damage than the GD-7F until about 86 m away (at which point, you've picked the wrong gun for the fight).
    This graph I made shows the damage of the GD-7F compared to the Serpent at range. Y axis is damage, X is distance. This is based on the chart here:

    The GD-7F's CoF is the same for the first shot, but its CoF increase (bloom) is seen on that chart to be 0.06 (ADS) and 0.12 (hip), while the Serpent has 0.05 (ADS) and 0.10 (hip), making it clearly better after the first shot. The GD-7F's first shot recoil is MORE than the Serpents - the Serpent has 0.22 base recoil, multiplied by first shot mult of 2.5 = 0.55 first shot recoil. The GD-7F's base recoil is 0.30, multiplied by FSM of 2 = 0.6 first shot recoil.

    I think in this case it's quite acceptable to say "no, you stop being dumb".
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