The GD-7F needs a buff in damage

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Hashi, Jan 23, 2013.

  1. NoctD

    Not mine - I truly regret getting it. I went back to the LC2 and am so much happier, but its not quite a GD-7F still.
  2. Hashi

    I really don't see what you could possibly like about the GD-7F
  3. Col_Jessep

    There you have it from the leader of the Vanu: The NC gun needs a buff! :)
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  4. TheUprising

    Jag is arguably better than both, its like if the VX6 and Serpent had a baby, which benefited from hybrid vigor and thus had 40 round magazines.
  5. TeknoBug

    They all seem the same for me, I have good results witht he GD-7F but only in short range, it sucks at med-long range.

    And dos omething with that 14K certs.
  6. Hashi

    It's from the planetside staff it constantly goes back to 14k certs lol
  7. NoctD

    Projectile velocity beats the LC2/LC3 by a longshot, higher ROF is total win 1 on 1.
  8. NoctD

    The Jaguar is totally gimped to me. ROF that matches a TRAC-5. Its got nothing on the Lynx or VX6 or Serpent or GD-7F. Its by far the worse choice. I'll tell you this - save your SC/certs, and avoid the Jaguar.
  9. AnnPerkins

    is this not the carbine that has a higher RoF than any TR carbine? If so, go **** yourself OP.
  10. Hashi

    I don't know, normally when I'm using that gun the highest distance I'll go for a fight is 50m the velocity doesn't really matter to me and I'd be happy with it gone seeing as it's supposed to be a VS trait. The 45 Rpm extra also isn't much to boast about when the TR equivalents still get 10 rounds extra
  11. nukularZ

    GD-7F cannot be used at range. It's laughably bad even using ADS, hitting almost nothing. It's good for CQC and that's it.
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  12. Antivide

    LevelCap even made vids during beta concerning how Vanu were unbalanced.

  13. Hashi

    He picked them after they got buffed lol
  14. Talizzar

    Is there anyway to check gun stats. A number of us "felt" that the Jag might have been ninja nerfed recently. It could be we were all just bad that day. If the dev's would not put out ninja patches the players would be more confident in the game.
  15. Krona

    HAHA, one of the 2 best carbines for CQB in the game needs to be buffed?
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  16. TheUprising

    Fire in small rapid bursts. It is comparable to the Solstice at longer ranges, not the merc though, it has more damage per bullet and much lower standing CoF.
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  17. An Hero

    Why that slick son of a...
  18. NoctD

    Those 10 rounds aren't any good if you're already dead before you get to use them. I guess this part will depend on your individual skill level... if you're one of those really good players then the 10 rounds can be rather useful, but for the average player, lower TTK means less deaths and more kills.
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  19. Hashi

    Not to try to sound like an *** or anything but I do see your point, again though I do think that the guns like the GD-7F aren't really tailored for noobs at the same time though
  20. MurderBunneh

    Pretty much anytime a VS loses a straight up face to face 1v1 full health battle to a NC they are bad.