The GD-7F needs a buff in damage

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Hashi, Jan 23, 2013.

  1. Hashi

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  2. Pig

    I always thought the GD-7F was a beast in CQB...

    If i watch this video will I be sad?
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  3. TheUprising

    Compare the GD-7F to the Serpent. The serpent outclasses it in EVERYTHING, which wouldn't be so bad if it didn't have oddly high bloom. You see the bloom modifier that's on the GD-7F on most NC guns, but that's because most NC guns shoot REALLY SLOW, its the only high RoF gun with that much bloom that I'm aware of.

    Maybe it has that modifier b/c its essentially a lesser Serpent with faster bullet velocity. Which I think is a terrible trade off...
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  4. Itermerel

    why is the gd-7f always compared to the vx6-7? it should be compared to the serpent...and the serpent is superior
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  5. Joram

    The guy compared his favorite carabine of each empire.
  6. CommodoreFrank

    Hey now, don't be ignoring the GD-7F's 500 velocity against the Serpent's 420. You know that means SO much in close quarters.
  7. Bambolero

    GD-7F is great, dont need a buff, Serpent is better though.
    But that's ok, in case you didn't get the memo, NC compensate with mad skillz for the shortcommings of our weapons.
  8. An Hero

    It's NC, no.
  9. TommyDanger

    Yeah, I find it's better to just enjoy the NC guns that I like and not pay too much attention to the other factions.
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  10. Hashi

    In all honesty, whenever I read these charts and I take out some other players from different factions, I laugh at ohw bad they must be to lose to me ^^
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  11. TheUprising

    Well both these guns can be used at all ranges, but its highly debatable what 80 more velocity would mean for long ranged combat in exchange for higher bloom which hurts at both medium and close range.
  12. Hashi

    Well, when you give a gun that kind of RoF coupled with only 30 rounds, it would be dumb to use it for long ranged battles lol
  13. TheUprising

    It is still good in CQC. Its just the worst of similar types of Carbines in other factions. Which is sad since its like one of the NC's best weapons.
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  14. TheUprising

    ?? It does the same damage and has similar recoil to the Solstice, its just bullets will be coming out faster so your bursts will be smaller, but the amount of lead you are going to pump into the enemy will be the same assuming you don't spray at long ranges wasting all your ammo.
  15. Bambolero

    I have the GD-7F but I've also trialed the Serpent and the Jaguar few times.
    Jag is my favorite of those 3 but the Serpent performed the best for me.
    Both Jaguar and Serpent own GD-7F in medium range and it's not even close.

    Btw, just watched the video and man, levelcap..dude can aim.
    Any weapon is a death machine in the hands of a skilled gunner, regardless of stats.
  16. Pig

    You've gone and deliberatly made me sad... why couldn't you just lie?
  17. Odin

    big surprise for nc players here, one of our best weapons still not as good as anything the other factions have.
    Facepalm devs...
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  18. NoctD

    I have the LC2 Lynx and GD-7F... but I'd take the GD-7F anyday myself. Of course there's that Serpent, and we all know about Vanu already.
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  19. Bambolero

    Have you tried the Jag?
    My favorite carbine atm
  20. Hashi

    I was stating that the velocity it has more than the serpent isn't something that should really matter seeing as it's made for CQC