The Game Is Now Significantly Overpopulated (All Factions); Server, Bases, Gameplay can't hold up.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by moooosa, May 24, 2013.

  1. moooosa

    Let's be honest here. Cramming 1000 human players between two bases was never going to work. The gameplay falls apart. It's an endless grind with an endless stream of rockets, tanks and aircraft. There's not enough ammo in any carbine clip to shoot at all the targets running about in every direction. You do whatever damage you can to whatever you can see, die, rinse, repeat. The server connection can't handle it. Lag becomes rampant, rendering distance suffers. Explosive spam wipes out framerates, leaving high-end machines struggling to render 10 frames per second.

    "Big" battles, if you can manage to get equal enough pop balance at the location, run very smoothly in Planetside 2. The game purrrs like a sleek sports car when all the right pieces fall together. HUGE battles fall apart. There are practical limits in play here and they're currently being exceeded. Pre-Lattice (flawed as hex was) these things could just diffuse naturally. Now, even at 4am, battles are too big to make sense of. You just find anything to shoot at and hope you have enough friendlies doing the same to end up being the ones to push ahead rather than get spawn camped. And it never ends. It becomes very monotonous.
  2. Pella

    If there was a 1:1 Ratio you would have a stalemate in the defenders advantage.

    But it seems this thread is about your performance and lag issues. As the feed back about fights are positive from the majority of people.

    You can only take well defended bases now. When you overwhelm the enemy with numbers. But that means sacrificing a portion of the map.