The Freelancers Union

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    The Freelancers Union

    You are welcome to join our discord:

    We believe that gaming should not only be fun but long term meaningful. A place where you can develop with the support and resources of an experienced community.
    The Freelancers Union was founded in 2006. We have been active in Planetside 2 since the launch in 2012. We also have an active Arma 3 section with weekly missions.

    Why you should join us:
    • Our platoons are led with delegated leadership, logistics and structured comms. A place for everything and everything in its place!
    • We are a combined arms outfit. Suitable for new players and veterans looking for more specific flavors.
    • Integrated training. Our gameplay is designed to be an intuitive learning experience that players pick up as they play with us.
    • An experienced community provides stability and rich content both in-game and on discord.
    • Our goal is to develop your leadership because this is a valuable and transferable skill that will benefit you, our community, and activities beyond the game.
    How to join us:
    1. Apply to the outfit in the in-game outfit browser. Read the outfit description first!
    2. Join our discord to connect with the community! You can use the discord invite link or go via our webpage.
    View our outfit stats at:


    Mordus (Founder), Discord: Mordus#5149

    TCMcQueen58 (Community admin) Discord: TCMcQueen58#9307

    Sal 242 (Planetside 2 Division Officer) Discord: salvador242#9196

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    awesome outfit :)