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  1. Ulysees

    Great fighting alongside you guys in Platoon 2 for the Mergesmash. Always a hard fight guaranteed when FU take the field.

    Smash Platoon 2, Best Platoon Platoon 2
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  2. Mordus

    See you in the field, Ulysees!
  3. Mordus

    You should join FU. It would do you good.
  4. Mordus

    Recruitment policies have been updated!
  5. PastalavistaBB

    Come join us every evening in our Bangbus Platoon! We have free candy!
  6. Mordus

    Tired of joining silent "follow the waypoint" platoons? :(
    Tired of playing in alerts where 96+ players spam one single capture point? :mad:
    Tired of redeploying back and forth constantly to outmanouver the zerg?:confused:
    Is your outfit unable to field a squad without setting a date first? :oops:

    Join FU! :cool:

    We are currently one of the most active TR outfits with experienced leadership that will not throw you into meatgrinders!
    Voice lead guaranteed!
    We will have a platoon up every night, guaranteed! * **
    Our priority lies on good discipline and coordination which is the foundation for good battle performance. We always regroup in formation by default which ensures all players are responsive and willing. Squads are always balanced out before we enter battle so no longer do you have to charge into enemy tanks with 7 medics and 3 infiltrators.
    Leading our platoons is a breeze because you will have coordination and discipline by default.

    Do you like those epic fights in the terrain where the enemies are in the hills, tanks moving on the flanks and airstrikes are inbound? We got that. This is no false promise, this is what we can give you. We focus on getting the best out of planetside 2 by providing open ground combat as much as possible.

    We do not put priority on camping inside bases for too long. Everyone knows that when you bring hundreds of players from different factions into a small area the performance drops below freezing and the fights become just one chaotic blob.
    Capture a base or lose a base. It only moves the battle into a new location, new terrain and new epicness. A win-win when you play with FU.

    To the experienced players: We offer good coordination by default with lots or specialisation abilities.
    To the inexperienced players: You are the most valuable players. We will teach you everything you need to know and you do not need to worry about your skill as long as you are willing and able to coordinate with us.

    Play in our platoons and join if you like it.

    Our leaders understand that keeping the game enjoyable and the figths balanced not only our own troops but also for the NC is what makes the game great!

    *most of the time anyways.
    **sometimes 2 platoons + specop squads
  7. Mordus

  8. MerkinBadBeard

    Hi I'm a returning player from a year or so ago. Had to start over again, so I've been playing again for a couple of days. Keen to join an outfit to enjoy everything the game has to offer and hopefully become - less bad. I prefer to play light assault but am versatile.

    My in-game name is - Gitface

    You guys seem like just what I am looking for, a large active outfit... I hope :)
  9. Mordus

    Very much so! See you ingame!
  10. MerkinBadBeard

    Just put in an app on the FU site. Will be in game this evening.
  11. Mordus

  12. Mordus

    Time to dust off this old thread.

    The Freelancers Union still remains as one of the oldest and most active TR outfits on Miller in Planetside 2. Guaranteed stability and quality for the new and the old player!

    Join us today and you will have the biggest selection of playstyles Miller can offer paired with some of the finest leadership!

    See first post in this thread for additional information.
  13. Mordus

  14. Mordus

  15. Hypnotic47

    Hello everyone!
    I have played planetside 2 for some time but with long brakes in between because i guess i have never found my place in random platoons where no one talks.I feel like this game has a lot of potential for organized team play and i would like to take part of that.
    So i would like to apply for this outfit hoping that i came in the right place.
  16. Sarge From Wackbag

    Your outfit should recruit that "Sarge Forward" gentleman. He's the bee's knees.
  17. Mordus

    Actively playing, actively recruiting!
  18. Mordus

    Still going strong!
  19. ChiarosR

    Can definitely vouch for the Freelancers as one of the best outfits to play with on Miller. The community is still going strong both in PS2 and outside. Check out the Discord if you want to get in touch:
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  20. Mordus

    Still recruiting after 9 years!
    Info updated!
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