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Discussion in 'Miller (EU)' started by Mordus, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. Dignity

    DIG 4th on 192+ ;) We beat you. Muahahaha
  2. AdennTM

    pff that's because our lads prefer shooting the flare gun then farming kills for the leaderboard :p
  3. Luzario

    WAS fun stumbeling upon your event yesterday at Qartz Ridge and Indar Escavation... your engie turrets took out all our tanks :D

    bump for you :D
  4. AdennTM

    We had en event yesterday? o.0 :p

    Thanks for the bump lads :)
  5. Chyper

    Yeah, that was a good fight. As a few outfit members put it "This is the first time I've fought at Quartz and won!". Not sure if you were there for the first wave, but that was hectic as ****. You almost had us pushed out, but then we managed to stem the tide. Was it 252 up on the east ridge btw?
  6. Luzario

    yeah we tried to sneak behind you but even getting behind cant do much if you have but a squad....
  7. LowHertz

    Back to da top!
  8. AdennTM

    29 Kill streak and going strong but then...

  9. MajorZbug

    Clacbec ? Nope, no idea who this dude is.

    Yesterday I was rolling a nice 40 - 0 in a mossie, and then terran AV phalanx, straight in the teeth.
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  10. AdennTM

    Aye. For me what makes this worse was the fact that I was infantry and not flying nor in a tank.
  11. AdennTM

    FU going to be on the war report :)
  12. MajorZbug

    Nice. With footage from your event last saturday ? Now I feel glad we were in the middle of your infantry lines, doing a conga and sending fireworks everywhere :p
  13. cassan0va

    Gg nice fights today
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  14. AdennTM

    Aye, a shame that after the 2nd match my guys started playing as ****.

    1st one was awesome until the NC lib ***** us and 2nd was a GG all around.
  15. LowHertz

    NFP video,this time with extra hadouken
  16. BaptistsK90

    Well played FU enjoyed the Pit fight! You guys crash hard!
  17. Chyper

    That was pretty hectic yeah. Fun game.
  18. SebDollar

    Awesome dogfights on Indar today!!
    Some footage if you're interested
  19. Mordus

    DARN YOU NC!!! Ruining my fine kamikaze liberator platoon heading for VS. Kaaaaapernum!
  20. gudman591

    That moment at 01:43. Killspam. That was one of the stupidest and most unfortunate midair collisions in my career as TR pilot.

    And that's a long one.