The flash suppressor makes no sense

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  1. The Shady Engineer

    So the flash suppressor is supposed to make the shooter more stealthy by hiding their muzzle flash at night but then also makes them auto spot by 15 meters further.

    What. That makes absolutely zero sense. An attachment that's supposed to make the shooter more stealthy somehow manages to light him up like a Christmas tree on every enemies radar within range. That's like having the grip stabilize the weapon by reducing the horizontal shake but then also give it 25 degrees of angular recoil pull and increase its cone of fire. Counter intuitive to say the least.

    Just give it an insignificant downside like increased equip time or a tiny bit longer hipfire recovery due to the extra weight at the tip of the barrel. Until then people are gonna run their weapons with either compensators and the occasional suppressor or no barrel attachments at all.
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  2. Campagne

    Honestly Id rather see it just have the penalty completely removed.

    The benefit flash suppressors provide is just too insignificant to ever warrant any form of penalty, in my opinion.

    (Besides, who cares about muzzle flash when every shot fired is an ES light-show?)
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  3. Crayv

    If there was ever a tracerless ammo type then the Flash Suppressor would be actually nice with it.

    Though on some weapons the FS is nice because it gets rid of the annoying muzzle flash.
  4. DeadlyOmen

    In a game without immutable physics, nothing makes sense.
  5. FateJH

    On a forum without smart users, nothing that is said makes sense.
  6. FieldMarshall

    I think you are missing the main strength of the Flash Supressor.

    There are a few good examples of why Flash Supressor makes you more stealthy in this video:
    (Especially at 1:34 and 1:57)
  7. Demigan

    I don't get it.

    In the past I did some experiments, and the Flash suppressor not only removed the Flash but also your tracer. This was in line with what I saw when people engaged me when wielding one. This is why I still use it on some weapons when I want to engage at mid-range but want to try and be stealthy.

    So did this change back? Does the Flash suppressor not remove the tracers anymore?
  8. johnway

    With the time i have had with the FS. I have to say that its very damn useful. granted, you light up on the mini map so going stealth isn't going to be effective as a silencer.

    The Flash suppressors greatest strength is during full battles where there are multiple targets shooting at each other. many people in those situations don't consult the mini map whilst someone is visible on screen shooting at you. many focus on the the muzzle flashes for quick spots and will take longer to spot the one shooter. When i used it, it gave me the vital seconds to shoot at targets as they took longer to detect me and by that point its over. It was a happy medium for me when i was stuck trying to grind the carv (which i hated) and found it useful giving me vital seconds to dump a lot of ammo in the enemies direction.

    BUT i haven't played this game for some time now. things may have changed. For the worse.
  9. The Shady Engineer

    Folks you're missing my point. I'm not saying flash suppressors are useless or a bad attachment, I'm saying the penalty for equipping one is counter intuitive and should be swapped with something less penalizing. Or heck, like Champagne said, remove the penalty all together.

    Also I'm like 95% sure the flash suppressor doesn't cancel ES bullet tracers. Going by I haven't seen it happen when I used one and haven't heard anyone recommend equipping one because it does that.
  10. Archard

    The tracers are going to lead them to you if they bother to look while the flashes will cause their eyes to fix on you right away.

    It just results in a slower reaction on the enemies part. The extra 15 meters of detection is smaller than you would think. About a sundy and a half in length.
  11. Rydenan

    The only thing that doesn't make sense is this sentence. You're saying that the game's physics change at random? That is certainly not the case.
  12. BartasRS

    I always wondered why sniper rifles, the weapons that could benefit flash suppressor the most, cannot be equipped with those. The whole idea of flash suppresor is kinda turned upside down in this game. I mean if you want to be stealthy you rather equip suppressor, right? If you want to "hide" your muzzle flash you can just stand behind a corner or in the bushes. In normal fight you don't give a crap if someone sees your muzzle flash, you should be more concerned if someone sees you on the minimap.

    What flash suppressor is useful for anyway? Maybe I am missing something.
  13. MrMinistry30

    Does anyone have a reliable and up-to-date source if it removes tracers or not? I have it for several weapons (actually all weapons i can't buy a compensator for) and i am still not sure if it really only removes the Flash or the Tracers as well.

    If the Tracers really stay then it is a waste of 100 Certs because let's be honest; the situations where the flash is the only thing that reveals your position are... let's be generous and say "rare".
  14. FateJH

    Omen frequently repeats that sentence in threads like these, somehow firm in the belief that he is making some kind of good argument.
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  15. stalkish

    You were saying?

  16. FateJH

    The second video isn't hard to explain. When you first put tank mines down, they can slide around a bit depending on the slope of the terrain where they are placed. After they settle or arm, they'll enter a state where they become much less mobile (at least I don't think anything can just casually move them anymore). Normally, tank mines slip off of vehicles if they land onto of them; but, as they still attempt to move with slope, and as Air vehicles are unique in that they can wobble in a controlled fashion, it doesn't feel like it'd be impossible to juggle a tank mine on top for a bit. You do that until the mine goes into its "I'm not moving now" state, whereupon it hangs in mid air. Dropping them from a Valkyrie onto a Galaxy feels about right.

    Construction fortifications may also offer better stability for the mine.

    As for why the mines destroyed the target when the target was not properly above them (which is a minor requirement), since the mines let some things clip through them when stationary, clipping into them from below would probably be enough to count as having a part above them.

    (All theory.)

    I got nothing on the first video, save "it's tradition."
  17. Rydenan

    As "random" as these may seem to an observer, all of these things are the result of set mathematical calculations by the physics engine and are theoretically 100% repeatable.
  18. Ziggurat8

    DeadlyOmen wins. Thread derailed by 1 sentence.

    To the OP. Flash suppressor increases sound pressure according to the in game description. Mini map blips are linked to sound. Hence why it increases detection range. It's kind of odd but the trade off is worth it. On PS4 darkness is deep, muzzle flash lights you up like a road flare making you very easy to target. Tracers and the minimap only give you an idea of where the enemy is shooting from not a pinpoint spot.

    In a game where fractions of a second could get you the kill or leave you dead the flash suppressor makes a difference, especially at night.
  19. FateJH

    Oh, let's not give it too much credit. He says that about once a week or so in some thread or other where people are working out one or another balance mechanics so that he doesn't have to think up a good reason to dismiss discussion with which he doesn't agree. It's no different from just replying "no" to offer disagreement without the chance of actual substance. This is just the first time anyone ever paid attention.

    In regards to the videos and such, the reality is that the game is following a specific set of rules. Because of edge cases, and the chance of communication breakdown where it would be needed to keep state consistent, the outcome is just not what is expected. In the end, it's entirely possible to build an explanation of what is going on by breaking down how this game works (at least as far as it is understood to work) and how it makes assumptions about player-driven activities. It may lead to an error message but even the error message is part of the explanation.