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Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by Brickwalker, Dec 22, 2012.

  1. Brickwalker

    I love the Orion,but I would also love a higher mag clip..

    Im liking that the Flare can use SPA for CQC and HVA for longer ranges,but does the gun do well in both situations?
  2. Nivi

    What I noticed about flare when switching from Orion is a lot more recoil, so mid-long attacks will be a lot slower.
    If you get flare, you must get extended magazine attachment, having 150 ammo in your clip is just awesome.

    I havent tried any ammo but I dont expect any long shooting with flare.
  3. shindig

    Flare has been my favorite until recently, it's accurate at long distances but you have to do small bursts. Now I like the LSW the most though...
  4. BOSSnaimo

    The flare is crap. Recoil is to much to get a good shot at any range other than close up. Get the Lasher it is much better at everything.
  5. Brickwalker

    hmmm I'll take a closer look at the LSW
  6. Erendil

    If you love the Orion you might want to take a look at the SVA-88. As far as handling/capability goes it's the LMG that feels the most like the Orion, IMO. It also has a 75-shot battery, has excellent hipfire accuracy on the move, and is the only LMG in the game besides the Orion that lets you keep 3/4 of your footspeed during ADS (all other LMGs cut your footspeed in half) Take a look at this thread for more info on it:

    That said the LSW is also a great weapon. Its vertical recoil is less than the SVA-88 and is quite easy to control, and up until recently it had a more accurate ADS CoF than most other VS LMGs (although the weapon stats google docs posted since 12/12 seem to indicate the SVA-88 has a tighter ADS CoF than the LSW now too).

    If I were in your shoes I'd trial them both and see which one suits you better. I use the SVA-88 myself but you really can't go wrong with either one.
  7. LabRatTy

    I've got about 5300 kills with the flare and most the attachments, and about 1200 with the SVA-88.

    The flare's time-to-kill is pretty bad, but not so bad that it's not worth it - the ammo count is terribly fun when you get into a spot where holding down the trigger for an eternity is exactly what you need.

    It shines in mid-range combat, absolutely perfect. Long-range sucks quite a bit, bullets are slow so you have to lead a lot, but it still works because you have so many shots that you can keep firing 'till they die. Short-range is where you'll be hurting, even with soft-point ammo - you can kill people short range, but once you run into someone with an awesome short-range TTK and the ability to aim, you're going down, simple as that. Shotguns and any gun with great rate-of-fire will drop you easy.

    I equip the flare only when I don't want to have to worry about reloading. Don't let people get too close and you're fine.

    I've recently fallen in love with the SVA-88. It melts people at all ranges incredibly fast, and the bullet speed means you never have to lead, and that makes headshots much easier to get - less bullets flying over their shoulders. Even with the suppressor you won't need to lead much at medium range, which is absolutely awesome if you're flanking or solo. But you do have to reload a lot, and the reloading is a bit slow, so you have to be careful not to waste ammo on long-range targets if someone could be flanking you soon. And being good with the pistol on occasion helps a lot too.
  8. Dovahkiin

    The flare sucks in all but medium range. The SVA-88 or Pulsar are MUCH better.
  9. Brickwalker

    thanks for the tip guys..

    I trialed the LSW and I didnt like it compared to the Orion.I could tell it was slower when firing.

    I will trial the SVA-88 next.
  10. Nivi

    750 rpm vs 698 rpm, oh yes, such a big difference.
  11. DaveyCrockett

    LSW was my first unlock, fiddled with the Orion and the Flare, went back to the LSW. It mostly preference, LSW is just a better work horse weapon. Accurate, above average fire rate, and decent clip size
  12. Glythe

    Don't hate on the flare... it has the most accurate fire when you are crouched and still. The first shot really makes the gun jump but after that a small pull on the mouse keeps the gun level and it is deadly.
  13. Veri

    I use the Flare.
    Highest damage slowest fire rate, lots of recoil and NC like CoF.
    It needs the bells and whistles for it to be a decent weapon.
    Compensator, HVA and forward grip.
    There has been mention of SPA (Soft point ammo) due to even more damage but remember, it is already the slowest firing Vanu LMG.
    I found with soft point I was easily killed at close range as I feel using soft point ammo turns the flare into a weak version of an NC LMG.

    Been using it since the start pretty much but will probably change to something else soon.
  14. Erendil

    Just so you know, all of the other VS LMGs have a lower RoF than the Orion. As Nivi mentioned, it has 750 RPM. The next fastest LMGs are the LSW and SVA-88, both of which have 698RPM.
  15. Brickwalker

    Yeah, ive noticed,i may just stick with the Orion lol
  16. Strykar

    Jesus, have NONE of you ever played an FPS where recoil is actually a problem? The recoil in this game, even on NC weapons, is easily manageable. The flare has higher recoil than the other LMG's, but it hits like a damn train. I love it better than all the others by a long shot. The weapons you like better depend on your preference, of course.

    Just don't spray. That's the problem that the NC playerbase has so much trouble. The Flare is more like NC weapons, which I like better because they destroy if used correctly.
  17. Whargoul

    I always end up going back to the flare it's just that good for me. For med-long range I got the comp, grip, and HVA and for med-short range I use SPA and extended mag for clearing out multiple enemies and cover fire.
  18. CombatScholar

    I use the flare myself with grip, compensator and high-velocity ammo and I love it. You have to manage your shots at a range a bit but since Vanu guns lose damage over distance rather than drop at all, having more damage to start with means you'll be ending with more even from far away and headshots are still attainable. The HVA helps a lot with those distance shots too. The compensator really lets you enjoy some longer than average bursts without worry at mid range and the lower fire rate yet higher clip size means you can keep that up for quite some time! Close range can hurt is the trick, you'll need to catch people off guard or nail them in the head if they have a rapid-fire weapon/shotgun or they'll gun you down without too much hassle. Still, with some dicipline, it's a great gun with the add-on goodies and the uncommon times when you can just sit on the trigger and mow down small groups in one clip are very satisfying!
  19. lncabin

    These kids werent brought up playing Counter-Strike.
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  20. Brickwalker

    lol,Im not a kid and Ive been playing shooters way before Counter Strike existed..

    pardon me for liking one lmg over another.

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