The Flare.

Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by Upgraded434, Jan 14, 2014.

  1. Upgraded434

    Is the Flare VE6 the best Vanu Sovereignty Heavy Assault weapon? It has very controllable recoil and is very steady, but how does it fare in combat situations?

    EDIT: Is the NS series of weapons the best in the game?
  2. Ceskaz

    Don't know for the Flare.

    NS weapons tends to be accurate with controlable recoil, at the cost of less damage per second. Personnaly, I don't like them, flat feelings...
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  3. Upgraded434

    I love the bouncy house NC weapons they are awesome but I'm trying to raise my VS level.
  4. VaIhall

    Flare is good but the sight jumps too much in all directions for my taste.. Try the SVA-88 best VS heavy assualt weapon in my opinion.
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  5. shd

    Personally, i prefer both the Orion (close) and SVA-88 (all around). Flare is pretty decent at med med-long range and it doesn't really benefit a lot from either the laser sight or the grip so you can run around with a 150 mag bullet hose (i use the grip tho to add to it's strength).

    However, i feel this has mostly to do with me playing mostly NC so every time i jump on VS for a session i'm getting used to the thing again.
  6. Upgraded434

    The SVA-88 basically warns the devil you're coming though, it is literally that loud.
  7. shd

    As NC i'm used to it. When we come, we come with a bang :D
  8. Upgraded434

    I play the NC too, they're my main. The SVA-88 is even louder than some of the NC guns.
  9. ATRA_Wampa-One

    The Flare is amazing... but only if you set it up right.

    SPA, Compensator (or suppressor if you like flanking), ExMags, and 1x or 2x reflex makes it a beastly weapon that I prefer over the SVA-88 and Orion every time. Almost 16 seconds of sustained fire before reloading is amazing.
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  10. MrEclectic

    Almost exact same setup, although I prefer the Flash Suppressor myself. Allows me some subterfuge by hiding my muzzle flash, and not using NV scope at night (prefer x1, so that I can see those cloaked Infiltrators lurking in the dark).

    It is to be noted, that, because of Soft Point Ammo, the Flare has almost the same TTK as the SVA-88 between 10m-15m. So, it's actually not a bad close range option, provided people remember to avoid extreme CQC or have a plan (element of surprise, confidence in their accuracy and headshot rate, knife finish, etc).

    Still, I feel that the SVA-88 is the slightly better allrounder, and the Orion the better CQC option. But beyond TTK, RoF and various other acronyms, it all comes down to personal style and preferences.

    All in all, I feel that is is a good weapon, especially when you want to send some serious plasma downrange (suppression, point defence, clearing a room with the use of Concussion Grenades, etc).
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  11. Upgraded434

    I'm saving for the SVA-88 now.
  12. DocteurVK

    Even after having Auraxed it, I never appreciated this weapon, too much uncontrollable whatever I put on it.

    I 'm really considering buying the Polaris, due to its attachements and its ability for sustained fire.

    also, it has very controllable recoil.

    I feel it would be an interesting improvement over my pulsar VS1. I don't think getting the SVA88 either, Orion is better at shorter ranges, IMO.

    For extreme ranges or for Marksman job, I use my Eidolon with laser sight, Suppressor, X3.4 VMS or 4X simple sights.

    I can be very deadly to those greedy snipers, trying to HS my squadmates, and in CQC, you can use decently spam the powerfull shots if needed.

    Also, it's one of the quietest weapons in the game when suppressed
  13. PastalavistaBB

    The right thing to do. That thing is definitely the "best" LMG in the game if there's such a thing.
  14. Bl4ckVoid

    Forget the Flare, Orion, SVA and Pulsar are better. With the Flare I was losing most of my 1 vs 1 encounters. With the LSW Pulsar I am winning most of them.
  15. Tentakewls

    Troll much?

    Anyway, Flare is great as far as VS LMGs go, altho if you play NC...well...the Flare is the Gauss SAW S with crazy 2x first shot multiplier and more horizontal recoil.
  16. starlinvf

    Personally I like the Usra..... but I've been partial to NC styled weapons.
  17. Psykmoe

    I'm not a huge fan of the Flare because it's basically a copy of the TMG-50 and NC6S SAW S with more recoil both sideways and up and a very high first shot recoil modifier for a 167dmg LMG. So it's a similar gun but with more limited comfortable range.
  18. acksbox

    I like the Flare, very versatile and can kill well at all but extreme close range, if you know how to manage the recoil. The burst fire mode is surprisingly useful once you get the hang of it. Still, I normally have little reason to chose the Flare over the Orion or the Ursa. Orion is better at short range, and Ursa is superior at long range.

    I'm not at all fond of the SVA-88. Hip fire is just bad relative to the Orion, and it's ADS is no better. The larger mag is an advantage, but not enough for me to prefer it over other options.

    Most of my 1v1 encounters involve me shooting people in the back. Safer that way.
  19. Bl4ckVoid

    The Beamer works fine from the back too.
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  20. Bl4ckVoid

    Are you sure it is the Flare you are talking about? One of the biggest recoil of any VS LMG.
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