The FIRST PS2CommClash World Champions!

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  1. Luperza Community Manager

    By: Margaret “Luperza” Krohn

    The PlanetSide 2 community has been cooking up various competitive brackets. Whether you’re into 12v12 with the Professional Arena League, 240v240+ with the PS2_PickUp crew, or 24v24 for Season 1 of PS2CommClash, there’s something that is certain to satisfy your PlanetSide 2 competitive palate.

    It’s inspiring to see the community coming together to create these events, telling the story of each team and their battles against one another - the friendly rivalries, server pride, enticing tactics, and so much more.

    The PlanetSide 2 Development Team in collaboration with the PS2CommClash Team would like to congratulate the winners of the PS2CommClash Season 1 Regional Finals:
    • MercenaryS on their EU PS2CommClash Season 1 Regional Championship title, defeating INI Elite in a hotly contested match with a 4-2 victory.

    …But who is the WORLD Champion you ask!? How could we not have a DasAnfall versus MercenaryS battle? You can watch the below clip to see the full battle for yourself!
    At the start of Round 2 with a 2-2 score, one has to wonder which of these teams will prevail. Both of them, calculating every move and trying their best to outwit their enemy! After doing a live poll, the fan favorite was the MercenaryS, but DasAnfall makes a massive comeback, starting strong in Round 2 by distracting MercenaryS in the air while dropping two soldiers quickly on Chimney Rock Depot to contest the A point, and pull out sunderers. This spawn point advantage allows them to easily keep the point defended, but one has to give DasAnfall’s air crew a round of applause for guarding the sunderers that were well placed.

    Immediately upon capturing Chimney Rock Depot, DasAnfall applies pressure to Heyoka Chemical Lab. This forward thinking and disciplined consummate provided them a large buffer, allowing DasAnfall to set up an offensive defense. MercenaryS had JUST dropped a whole crew onto Chimney Rock Depot, which they could no longer capture, leaving them with the decision – do they recall to defend, or send a few soldiers to re-secure the base?

    The match ends in an EPIC back and forth between MercenaryS’ steel wall and DasAnfall’s aggressive insertion, but the early onslaught by DasAnfall in Round 2 proves to be the perfect advantage to secure the win with a 4-2 victory!

    Congratulations DasAnfall, the FIRST PS2CommClash World Champions! Adorn your soldiers with your in-game Community Clash Season 1 World Champion Decal as a remembrance of your hard work and determination.

    With that, the PS2CommClash Team would like to state, GREAT job to all the outfits that took part in Season 1. Season 2 is in the works, so follow PS2CommClash’s Twitter and website to keep up to date.

    We have a feeling that this is only the beginning! Follow the teams and events! If there’s something you want to see done that hasn’t been, maybe it’s time to start up your own competitive bracket! Don’t forget to let us know about it on the forums, Twitter, Facebook or Google Plus!

    Good hunting, Auraxians!

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  2. NCDaniel

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  3. Liquidrider

    Congratulations [DA] was a great fight to watch. I was pumped I got to play in CC. It is certainly a clash that will get your heart pumping.

    And thank your PSU and the commentators for keeping it alive, fun and exciting all around!
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  4. Torok

    Congratz to both Teams!
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  5. Tathar

    Congrats to all the teams who took part .

    season 1 was great.

    For season 2 could the devs make a small continent with 3 lanes. each lane having 2x small outposts 2x large outposts and a Base.each lane having a different base type .

    the smaller clashes teams can choose one lane to fight on. but the larger clashes / server smashes teams are able to play across all 3 lanes.

    just an idea and I hope people like it.
  6. Loui5D

    The decals are pretty sweet.
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    i may seem a bit killjoy, but as an european i have to defend the mercenarys: i believe this event occured on the PTS, because that's where they usually are, which means the europeans had to face more ping than the NA outfit because the PTS is based in US east...
    yes that may not have changed the final result but for me, it's impossible to play on an us based server with less than 200 ping, which means when i see someone, i'm almost dead....
    i know the ping is lower on the PTS but even with only 50ms more, ping can be a big difference while flying for example
    just saying that there should be a server that may be created for these kinds of events
  8. Gahuln

    CommClash is held on Jaeger, an old US East (i think) server. You need to take the hit detection and everything into consideration, too. Since most things are handled by the clients and not by the server, unlike most arena shooters, latency is not that much of a problem for that kind of game since whatever A does goes to the server who then broadcasts it to every client that needs to know, including B.
    If it is the other way around it still is the same reation time with [A to server] + [B to server] ;)
  9. joeski

    Congrats to both teams, especially MCY!
    They had the lag disadvantage (during the screen in screen scenes you could clearly see events occuring about a second earlier on Luperzas screen when compared to the European casters screen) and DA fielded some players that were in other outfits on Matherson, so to be fair, MCY managed to win 2 points against the crop of Matherson, not just DA.
    Apparantly the rules are changing next season so that the fielding of players outside your outfit will be specifically allowed in the rules.
    Now if we could just get a central server for when EU play US again we'll see a really good fight :)
  10. Luperza Community Manager

    That wasn't lag. We (PS2CommClash) are broadcasting our captures to another server that our production team is grabbing. On their side, they tried to input a delay to match up our cams, but they were still a little off. It's something we (PS2CommClash) are working on for Season 2. :)
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  11. NoctD

    I believe congrats should be said to members of QRY too, since without them, the DA victory might not have been possible.
  12. Karzi

    Thanks , we are very proud of our ringer abilities
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  13. Giggily

    I can't think of a single person of DA who isn't in multiple outfits.
  14. Liberty

    As it was said, pretty much everyone in DA plays all factions across different outfits. I know I started as a BR90 TR before joining up. Beyond that, most of us play on different servers as well, spending a good bit of time on Waterson for a while and now Connery when the mood strikes. (Again, across all three factions).

    Some outfits enforce a very strict "play with us, only with us, always with us on this character" play style. On Mattherson, while you do have outfits like that (VCO, BWC, etc) you have plenty of outfits who enjoy looking for more challenging fights by switching factions (NNG, DA, GOKU).

    I remember reading a reddit post about the championship match that basically said DA took the best talent of Mattherson and mashed it into one team, leaving a void in other outfits of high quality players. Where as MercenaryS were just one outfit out of many good outfits, and that without the DA allstar team, the rest of Mattherson's outfits were lackluster at best.

    Fast forward to the server smash today between Miller and Mattherson and the smug look on Mattherson player's faces. :)
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  15. Liberty

    While we are at it, we should congratulate NNG, DT, e911, GoTR, XOO, 2F4U, NTMR, EXOC, VDOG, SBW, QRY, TGWW, and a few others (which I can't remember offhand from recruit applications) who have joined up with DA because they enjoy playing with us and they way we operate.

    Where is the #justice for all those outfits who didn't get named? ;)
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  16. ARIES666

  17. UnDeaD_CyBorG

    On which part of the atlantic will it stand? :cool:
  18. NoctD

    Good to hear - now you guys can be a fully functional PS2 outfit instead of just being primarily infantry ground plodders. The best outfits are those that can adapt and play the whole game, not just infantry.
  19. King-David

    proves that vs can beat nc or tr with max crashes and ******** tactics and op weapons
  20. orbital

    I doubt QRY will give up their Reavers on a daily basis to fight with DA ;)

    but yeah, it's a hard life on Mattherson as TR against these guys. this is why we play on other servers when we need an "easy mode" vacation! Good job DA and GO MATTHERSON!