[Suggestion] The first LA-Unique weapon

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by SlugSniper, Feb 6, 2018.

  1. SlugSniper

    A bit of a revision for a previous suggestion...

    Yes, it's an NS weapon. I'm still considering how the faction-specific ones would work...

    Due to the high demand for an accurate airborne weapon, Nanite Systems invented a new form of weapon with their Light Marksman Carbine. Squeezing every last bit of velocity and stopping power from its pistol-caliber rounds, the LMC has laser-like hip-fire accuracy, miniscule recoil, and practically nonexistent spread. Although limited to semi-automatic fire, its maximum fire rate and large magazine can easily make up for this. A skilled Light Assault trooper with good trigger discipline can easily cut down enemies from above.

    Once again, I'm getting the majority of this idea from Battlefield 1's Mauser Trench Carbine.
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  2. Eternaloptimist

    The Tanto has most of those characteristics IIRC. I certainly use it quite a bit, confining myself to short bursts due to the increasing bloom of long bursts. IIRC you can also set a number of carbines to single shot, which I think increases accuracy. Then there are the super-accurate burst carbines. since DBG reduced CoF when firning under jet pack motion I'm not sure us LAs need a longer range or aerial-use primary tbh and, since the RR came along as well, I'm generally very happy with my lot. I don't think anyone would consider giving us a primary with the sort of accuracy we already have plus the punch of a BR or a revolver tbh.
  3. SlugSniper

    Guess this is just me and my bias towards semi-autos. I always prefer DMR-like weapons.

    If LA can't be balanced with access to Battle Rifles, the only alternative I can see is some kind of marksman Carbine or mini Scout Rifle. The AC-X11 is pretty good, but again, it's not quite what I have in mind.

    Maybe something like the M1 Carbine?
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  4. Campagne

    An LA-unique weapon?

    You mean like the Rocklet Rifle? :p
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  5. Aoikazego

    Ummmm no.... the LA is now a heavy assault with wings, thanks to the rocket "rifle." ( a 15Kg rocket "rifle" is wildy insane for a "light" assault class ) If they were to implement what you are thinking, they would be a sniping heavy assault with wings.
  6. SlugSniper

    With low damage per shot? You serious?
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  7. Doc Jim

    I can't really see anyone other than makro users enjoying a semi-auto, pistol-caliber, clickfest. I do like the idea of a semi-auto weapon in general, but not in combination with the other suggested traits. Hell, as bad as "battlerifles" are in this game, we might as well finally let light assault troopers use those, it wouldn't even be OP.
  8. AISkander

    Say no to NS weapons. The NS is the NC undercover. Dem capitalist scums!

    More empire specifics!
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  9. Zak Preston

    I'd rather add a semi-auto empire-specific marksman weapon for mid-range precision support and counter-sniping (let infils suffer) with low bodyshot TTK, mediocre firing rate and really good precision... oh wait, it's battle rifles!
    LAs with battle rifles would be so much fun to play (imagine squatting LAs on tree branches) and a complete hell for infils.
  10. CplRDaWiggy

    My view?

    New grenades.

    TR get a shrapnel grenade.
    VS get a noxious gas grenade.
    NC get a brick.
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  11. Zak Preston

    They already have one, it's called Reaver
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  12. CplRDaWiggy

    An actual brick, not many bricks held together by tape and spit.
  13. Halkesh

    Something like that ?
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  14. CplRDaWiggy

    That accurately conveys what I was thinking.

    You, sir, get a granite enthused thumbs up.
  15. Halkesh

    Joke aside, what will be the role of the brick ?
    We already have the NSX fujin "grenade-knife" that is able to OHK infantry on headshot.

    Since TR and VS get a AoE grenade, the brick won't be really useful except maybe for TK.
  16. CplRDaWiggy

    The role of the brick is to act as a metaphor for the freedom loving proletariat who will always have something to hurl at an oppressive tyranical regime.

    It can also be used to symbolise the misguided belief that the ideology you are fighting to uphold can just as easily be as tyranical, but you convince yourself that this moral compunction can be excused due to tribalism.

    But mostly its a brick.
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  17. Halkesh

    Well, I'd already knew that it was reflecting to angry crowd on strike.
    But it don't answer to my question : what effect it will have for its target ? Damage ? Concussion ? Place a bounty on the target ?
  18. CplRDaWiggy

    Honestly the brick was a joke, gotta remind NC that their stuff looks futuristic to people born in the 1960's.

    A serious option would be an acid grenade, something that has relatively small splash radius but has a continual DoT affect unless healed by a medic or engineer with regards to MAX or vehicles. Direct hit would kill infantry, but the splash could also leave an AoE that damages anything that passes over.
  19. FIN Faravid

    Pistol-carbine would actually be awesome weapon in Planetside 2

    Also i hope TR does not get fully automatic weapon just because of TR. Large magazine and maybe higher rate of fire while still being semi automatic would be enough.

    In fact OP's suggestion sounds very much like TR trying to do long range weapon "you want long range? How about more bullets?"