The fastest firing weapon in the game...

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  1. thingymajigy many people know that the mosquito's rotary fires at 1000rpm, because from what I've seen, not many...
  2. Prudentia

    Tankbuster fires at a mere 1200rpm, it's also the fastest firing shotgun.
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  3. thingymajigy

    Statistically, no...
  4. Prudentia

    600RPM with 2 Projectiles per shot, equals to 1200rpm.
    other shotguns hover around 200rpm giving the Tankbuster 3times the ROF of semiautoshotguns
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  5. thingymajigy

    Ok ok, but my point was everyone seems to think the lynx has the fastest fire rate in the game......O...C...D...
  6. KendoPS1

    Probably because they're talking about infantry weapons

    Moving on
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