The FART attachment lowers the MCG's bullet damage to 125 maximum.

Discussion in 'Planetside 2 Test Server: Discussion' started by hawken is better, Apr 7, 2014.

  1. hawken is better

    Aractain had pointed this out up in the live gameplay discussion forum. You can test it yourself by seeing how many bullets it takes to kill the dummies; it goes up by 1 with the FART attached. It also takes around 10 extra rounds to kill a MAX suit.

    I knew there had to be a catch - so not only is the attachment almost completely useless, but you have to give up extended mags to use it. On top of that, we also get a drop in damage per mag and nearly the exact same DPS as the bone-stock weapon.

    800*143 = 114,400 / 60 = 1907 (rounded)
    920*125 = 115,000 / 60 = 1917 (rounded)**

    You gain nothing from equipping the FART besides a faster spinup time. Overall, you actually lose more than you gain by using it. Thanks, SOE. What a surprise.

    **920 RPM seems to be the tested rate of fire of the MCG with the FART attachment equipped. If anyone has a better/more accurate number, throw it out there. Or SOE could just give us the damn numbers themselves.
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  2. Pikachu

    Sounds too dumb to be true. :confused:

    Whats the full name of the attachment?
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  3. Maljas23

    Fubar if true...
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  4. hawken is better

    I made a mistake anyway. The bone-stock MCG does 145 damage-per-bullet, meaning that you lose DPS by using the Fast Action Refire Toggle (I think that's what it's called).

    MCG without FART: 800*145 = 116,000 / 60 = 1,933
    MCG with FART: 920*125 = 115,000 / 60 = 1,917

    This only gets worse and worse...
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  5. Stargazer86

    Not surprised in the slightest.
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  6. Kimgibbler

    haha oh wow
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  7. Desann

    The ROF should just be flat out increased. Or make spinup faster. Also, need to be UNDER-MOUNTED!!!
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  8. DevDevBooday

    So without buying this attachment (which most of us wont) the only change to the MCG is...... a large ADS accuracy nerf and a slight hipfire buff.

    Thanks SOE for just slapping a bandaid on this trainwreck of a gun rather than fixing it. ;(
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  9. DeadliestMoon

    What do you mean by under mounted?
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  10. Desann

    Under-gripped or whatever. You know what I mean. Needs to look like a REAL mini-gun, and like the PS1 mini-gun. Not this crap rifle version. All it takes is a few changes to the character model and how it is held. It would be the only weapon that deals with it.
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  11. gigastar

    Fast Action Refire Trigger, i think.

    I can only imagine someone at SOE spent all night thinking up that one.
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  12. Llaf

    Under-slung is the term you are looking for.

    Also, oh wow...
  13. DeadliestMoon

    Cant work, it wouldnt ba able to fire over waist high cover.
  14. BobSanders123

    Fast Action Refire Toggle = FART *mindblown*
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  15. Bankrotas

    Or make it have fire selection between low and high rof, while giving MCG ability to be universal LMG.
  16. Goretzu

    I think an alt-mode might be the way, I dunno about a univeral LMG though, but more an utter short range bullet hose and a slightly more controllable mid-range option. Similar to the JH only with more range and less DPS/more TTK.
  17. Facta

    I'm even more mad about the MCG. Instead of just giving it the damage/rof rework that the FART gives it (I mean, it already lowers DPS and makes the magazine go down faster) they're making us pay 100 certs for it, take up the rail slot, and it's just a straight downgrade!

    Outlined in my post here is the perfect solution for the MCG:

    High DPS, sustained fire, close range. That's what it needs to be. Not some abomination of bad mechanics and design.

    I'm unbelievably disappointed by this. Just when I thought things couldn't get any worse for that poor old gun.
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  18. Mystogan

    I dont know what did you expect TR-guys? Like you will be given 920 rpm 143 weapon? Are you really that naive? No matter how much range this thing would has (even 10 meters..) it would still shred through people and be absolutly noob weapon (like MSW-R and CARV in CQC you just keep crosshair more less on target and ROF is making up for you rest) that would be OP. With NC weapons that are 500-600 rpm you acctually HAVE TO aim precisely even in CQC (you have to aim well even with Jackhammer thx to tight spread) becasue EACH bullet counts.

    And you thought you will get 143/900+ rpm weapon maybe even with 200 magazine?? Dont make me laugh. There is a reason why LMGs cap is 143/750 (and this cap wont be crossed....) and MCG got spin up time and no attachmets to make up for bigger ROF. And that is in game TTK balance THAT WONT BE broken just for TR so they can get PS1 mini gun. Same NC MAXes will never get back their 3-barrel 3-shot mode shotguns from PS1. Because that would break thin but still hard-reached balance.

    You wanted more DAKAKA- you will get one. BUT YOU WONT get more DPS then you had, because there is reason why your MCG was changed in the first place. And for this more DAKADAKA and more "spray-and pray, let weapon aim" you will have to give up Extended Mag and dmg. And that is completly fair. I cant belive you thought that MCG will just get more RPM without downsides and without loosing dmg. Why is that TR MAX weapons are 125 dmg? Same reason....

    I have found it amussing how much TR just want to be back to age when they were OP. You will never get better MCG becasue game is balanced around cross-faction TTK and even though they are slightly diffrence in it (like 0.2-0.4 second) they are pretty much the same and will be.

    After looking on Lynx changes you didnt see it coming? Really? You pay for RPM with dmg, just like your MAX is paying.

    MCG will be basicly same side-grade, situational weapon (like Jackie and Lasher) like it was before and you will have option to have more DAKADAKA. And you wont get straight upgrade from T9-CARV to it....

    TR wishes- 900 rpm+/143 dmg, 200 mag size, no spin-up, attachmets.....yea....maybe under barrel greande launcher, Night Vision scope, Adv Laser Sight to it and no-bullet drop as bonus?

    Just get real TR.
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  19. Pie Chasm

    Well there is a simple solution to this: just continue to not use it (or if for some reason you were using it, please stop).

    That is the only statistic they look at, because whoever is making these changes is not putting in the sufficient quantitative rigor found on these forums (and that isn't sarcasm).

    ADS for spin up. MCG is suddenly a not-so-crappy weapon. That's all they have to do.

    Maybe they're afraid of IP legal fraud from Valve? Who knows... but it's past the point of dumb at this point.
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  20. Facta

    Jackhammer is situational? Then how come it's the go-to weapon for every NC HA that isn't in an open field? There's a reason it gets the most use, and that's because it can kill people up to 12m in one burst and up to 20m in two bursts.

    Anyways, People don't want a weapon that's 900+ rpm and 143. That's why we let our opinions be heard when they released the new MCG on test. Personally, I want a MCG that doesn't ADS, RMB spools the barrel, spools "down" when you let off the trigger, has a fixed COF, fires at 950-1000 rpm at 112 damage, and has a magazine size of 150/450. The weapon would be all about sustained fire in close quarters.

    I find it ridiculous that the NC can have a weapon that is the BEST shotgun in the game in every way, but the TR and VS can only have an ES HA weapon that can't even match LMGs.

    ES HA weapons should all be like the Jackhammer. Iconic, powerful, and feared. Why should VS and TR get gimmick weapons when the NC get such a strong one?
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