The Elephant In the Room

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  1. PharmD

    You guys are entitled scumbags. It's a FREE to PLAY game. You don't have to buy anything if you don't want to. If you do decide to spend money, there's a 30 minute free trial for every weapon to make sure you like it before you buy. You can also check to see whatever scopes are available to be unlocked for the gun before you buy. And if you don't like the prices? Well wait until double or triple station cash days. This past Friday there was a double station cash day. A few weeks prior there was a triple station cash day. I see no problem with Sony's pay model save for the lack of a server transfer option and a preview window for cosmetics.

    Edit: to those saying unlocks should be account wide, meaning you can use the weapons you unlocked with station cash on multiple characters; how can you not see the obvious flaws with this? Every faction has different weapons, different camos, different vehicles, so those same unlocks you bought with your TR character? It doesn't even make sense for them to be available for your other characters cross-faction. And for your OTHER TR characters on another server? Well what if you gave your account password to a friend, or your sibling? What's stopping them from solely using that character with unlocks that were spent on another? If unlocks were account wide, there would be so many inherent issues with it, Sony would surely lose money.
  2. Jourmand1r

    The funny part of this is that the front page of this very forum is full of people saying the same things about how expensive and stupid the SC shop is, and you call them all entitled.

    I bet you will be the same person posting "Don't worry guys, all mmos lose half their playerbase after the first month" if Sony doesn't listen to their players...

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  3. myrmexaw

    You can preview any purchase you make for 30 minute per 8 hours or 1h30 per day if you are dedicated enough , granted you wont be able to try out the cert unlock on these weapon but it's still pretty similar to how other f2p game show you what they have in store so they can hook you up.

    Cosmetics are kinda lacking preview option's right now as it's very hard to gauge what a camo will look like from a little box... i'm sure this will be coming in the following weeks.

    You did not pay 59.99 for planetside 2 so obviously the money to pay all these night op and the dozen's of people who worked on PS2 has to come from somewhere .... you may not like the monetary model but it's a model allowing a bigger cannon fodder population wich is exactly what ps2 requires... grunts all over the battlefield dying for their PAY2WIN OVERLORD !!! ;)
  4. Jourmand1r


    Instead of paying 59.99 and getting an entire games worth of content, you get to spend 400 dollars or 10000 hours grinding in the crown to unlock it.
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  5. foam

    smedley and higby were heavily involved in the bringing about changes to star wars galaxies which caused most of the subscriberbase to leave. they were not fired.

    if I were a soe employee, I would not be worried.
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  6. Hooligan


    You are not alone in the feeling my friend.....
  7. myrmexaw

    if you can't aim you can still revive people and get 75+ cert per hour....
  8. Jourmand1r

    Yep, if you spend every minute of every hour at a giant zerg battle.

    Also nice reference to me being bad at the game. Thats a negative Skip. I'm probably better than you.
  9. deathTouch

    Hate to break it to you, but your opinion is irrelevant as long as there are a sufficient number of people willing to pay the prices they list for the weapons to optimize revenue.

    And I'm going to say yes, there probably is given how many purchased weapons I have seen in the game thus far.

    That's business. If you don't like it, either continue to play without purchasing the weapons or play another game. Luckily no one is pointing a gun at your head forcing you to play PS2.

    F2P is the model of the future for a number of reasons, including:

    1) Most people, on average, pay more for a game in the long-term using the F2P method than a subscription method;

    2) Companies can receive timely feedback of what content people are purchasing based on # of sales of that item, and can downsize their community management team that would otherwise be used as probes to obtain that information outside of a F2P model.

    Revenue +
    Expenses -
  10. Jourmand1r

    Can you please provide a link to your source for these statistics?

    I'd like to see your numbers on how many people are buying station cash, and also your proof that everyone thinks the prices are fine.

    Which will be hard for you since I bet half the playerbase won't answer your survey.
  11. Fox234

    Agreed completely.
  12. Rec0n412

    You're right we are entitled, to not spend money on what we don't want to spend money on and to make opinions heard as to what we think of the companies pricing structure. Go take your time machine back to the USSR if you don't like it :p

    On your response to the topic of weapons being available account wide: your logic is flawed.

    You ask why would TR weapons be available to an NC character, and guess what? THEY WOULDN'T BE :D

    Because the developers can code the game that way. You see? They code the game, and they can code it any damn way they want to (including in ways we don't like, but then we don't give them any money) :D

    As for the rest of your argument, that can all be very easily solved by only allowing one character to be equipped with a gun at a time. At that point, you either take the gun one character has and move it to another character, or you buy another gun and equip it on another character of your choosing.
  13. Marka Ragnos

    I cant see the costs of things changing. Could you imagine people who paid 7 bucks for a gun then a week later the gun they bought is alot cheaper. Even certs point costs. i Spent about a week of playing to get a gun. I get the gun using all my certs. sometime in the near future the cost gets reduced. I would feel kinda cheated. The only thing they can really do is increase the Cert rate gain.
  14. Creedom

    I can definitely back this.

    It goes back to the same old argument that they rushed the launch; which is typical SOE.

    Polish still needs to be done on this game. Yes, it's free to play. But a lot of us have shelled out decent amounts of money on a game that was supposed to be a finished product and it obviously is not. (emphasis on this weekend's lag/server crash fiasco)

    They gave it a nice little rush fluffing for launch but after a couple hours of play, you notice that there are a lot of cracks below the fluff.

    It's a shame. :cool:

    *EDIT* Also, those aren't exactly SNIPER rifles. They are short to mid range SCOUT rifles but I understand that it is still an issue because new players aren't probably informed of the difference when they log in for the first time and are wasting their hard earned money... :rolleyes:
    Hell, even after being in beta several months, I logged in and bought a couple weapons that I now know that I will probably never use.
    Not happy about that... :mad:
  15. Zeekez

    With DLC these days do you ever actually get an entire game for the initial price? hmmmm?
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  16. Hetzau

    Have you ever tried shooting any type of aircraft with the default rifle on HA? Or how about using the default rocket launcher to shoot fast moving aircraft? Or hell, have you ever tried using only 1 burster on a MAX to shoot down a flyer. How about shooting infantry with default ESF guns? How many times have you gotten a headshot with a default Infiltrator's rifle just for your target to escape and for you to never see it again because you needed a bolt to make that headshot effective?

    So on and so forth.
  17. General Epeen

    Even worse when the DLC is on the original disc and then sold to you. Worst practice ever.
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  18. SuperLexatron

    I haven't paid a penny (maybe never will) and I LOVE the way it currently is.

    Long-term goals with very satisfying rewards, short-term goals with nifty little upgrades - and get to have an absolute BLAST while achieving these goals.

    I find this to be the problem with a lot of people though, they are so focussed on how long it will take, or what gun they don't have, they forget they're playing a game, and I thought the objective of a game is to have fun. What you might consider a grind-fest - I consider hours of playing a bad-*** game that keeps me very entertained - the goals are just that, a goal to reach, a reward. NOT an entitlement.

    Only thing I will pay for is cosmetics, even then I kind of wish they would charge like, 2000 certs or something stupid for the cosmetics - i'm a sucker for the sense of earning something.

    All just my opnion of course, just though i'd throw it in there.
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  19. Mansen

    I completely disagree OP.
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  20. Kediec

    ROFL ... shooting air with a rifle ..... i'd rather use my ammo on infantry as it's meant to .
    1 Burster arm max - Yep , used that before i got a second arm thanks .
    Infantry with default ESF guns...... ever thought it isn't meant for killing infantry .......
    Headshot with base sniper , plenty thanks - If you can't , practice more with it .

    In beta i never bought a single weapon , yet i managed fine . In live the only infantry weapons i have are the ones i got from my Alpha Squad , and i haven't even started to use those yet

    The starter weapons work fine , learn to use them .