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  1. OdinsPride

  2. OdinsPride

    Great OP tonight DL3G! Nice support and excellent communication...
  3. Dnuts175

    Had a great time playing with you guys last night. DL3G is quick and ruthless. Did a lot of damage while being outnumbered.
  4. OdinsPride

    Thanks a lot Dnuts! Means a lot coming from Dark Skyes, you guys know how to get it done for sure. We'll have to do it again sometime man I know my guys were impressed with you as well...
  5. OdinsPride

    Welcome to all our new members this week! Glad to have you. Going to have a great time kicking *** with the Legion!
  6. OdinsPride

    Also, feel free to leave responses here if you have any questions about The Dread Legion. Leadership checks the forums regularly so we should be able to respond to you here as well.
  7. PrideOfValhalla

    Hey guys! Played with you the other day and I just wanted to say THANKS! Only joined cause OdinsPride was leading and I thought it was funny that our names were so similar, and I'm glad I did...
    Hard to find an outfit these days that really cares about everyone in their squads not just the outfit guys. Very welcoming, yet you could tell that every member knew how to play the game and play it well. Good coordination, good communication (a rarity these days unfortunately), MATURE (thank god), and best of all a hell of a lot of fun!

    Keep it up dread legion, I'll look for you from now on if I'm looking to beat up some NC and VS!
  8. OdinsPride

    Thank you my friend! Always nice to play with another viking!!

    We pride ourselves on our communication, both within our squads and with other outfits on the server. The Dread Legion always makes it a point to bring outfits together to help the TR as a whole succeed whenever possible. We like to think that we are always where we need to be, no matter the cost.
    While we do like to have a high level of maturity overall, we definitely have times where we like to blow off steam and have fun as a group of friends. Most of the time we are very proud of our tactics and strategy, but be aware that if you catch us in one of our moods you are in for major shenanigans....

    Friend me in game if you like. We don't always have an open platoon going so feel free to message me and jump in with the guys!
    Also check out the website codex if you are looking to make The Dread Legion a more permanent home!
  9. OdinsPride

    Big shout out to Liege [LIEG] for running Bravo last night. Excellent job gentlemen we will have to do that again!
  10. Kaal87

    "We are one, we are many, we are Legion."
    As legionnaires we stick together as a single squad, using close proximity support in defensive situations and attack as a force- multiplier shock troop unit. As DL3G we fight and die together.
    For that we are many: where the opposition numbers are numerous but scattered, we charge where it is weakest and hold. Some
    of us would fall, only to return and hold our own once again.
    The Legion is an outfit of its members, without our operatives the Legion is nothing.

    Don't believe me, ask anyone who has worked with us or better yet, shoot one of us a invite and squad up. If you like how we roll, then maybe the Dread Legion is for you.
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  11. OdinsPride

    Couldn't have said it better myself Kaalock. Time and time again you prove your worth to this outfit....

    He, along with myself and others, make up the officer corps of The Dread Legion
    If you are interested in trying out a squad but do not see an open one in game, hit up any of these names in /tell or FRqst us and we will get you in:


    We are friendly and welcoming, and one of our greatest strengths is the chemistry that exists between members of this outfit. If you fit in with us (read: don't act like a d**k or a child) and are willing to put your teammates first, then you are ready to be a member of DL3G! K/D, BR, XP etc are nice but we have no problem bringing on new players and helping them achieve success in Planetside 2.
  12. DCrute

    Nice work tonight Dread Legion. The Harasser + Skyguard tank combos was a blast. I almost feel sorry for the vanu resource loss on their part... almost.
  13. OdinsPride

    Hell yes DCrute that was a pretty sick run. We will have to implement that more now that we know it can tear through anything that isn't infantry. We should brainstorm different squad compositions and see how they do...
  14. OdinsPride

  15. Reinfear

    I will be on tonight, so if anybody is interested in seeing what we are about give me a shout.
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  16. OdinsPride

    Excellent Rein...Maybe we shall make you squad lead! MUAHAHA
  17. OdinsPride

    Three new members were added to the Legion in just FOUR days just by this thread! Let's keep getting the word out folks, once people see what we are about they end up making DL3G their permanent home!
  18. OdinsPride

    Thank you to all who showed up to the training session last night! Great to see all the members who regularly attend....
  19. OdinsPride

    Don't forget DREAD OPS are tomorrow night gentlemen at 8PST! Last couple weeks have been amazing let's keep up the trend...
  20. ZedMikey

    Tomorrow, let's show the VS and NC what The Dread Legion can do!