The downloaded file is incomplete or was corrupted.

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by YelpingManCandy, Dec 16, 2012.

  1. YelpingManCandy

    Here's what's happened ...

    I had previously been running through Steam, and I was finding that PlanetSide2.exe kept disappearing and needing to be redownloaded. It wasn't easy, and I'd have to get it manually from other sources, because SOE's launcher kept reporting that it couldn't download it because it was incomplete or was corrupted. I ended up keeping a spare good one on my desktop to copy in every time this happened.

    So I did some research, and on the forums here there's a sticky about avoiding Steam validation and only using the SOE Launcher validation plus a bunch of general finger pointing at Steam in other posts. So I did as I was told and used the SOE Launcher "Validate Game Assets". It deemed that everything I had was bad anyhow, and I was looking at 3GB of redownloading, that would fail on Assets_000 OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND ...

    I then decided that there's gotta be issues between the Steam version and the current live files, and in the interest of removing any extra issues I went to and used the official PS2_setup.exe provided from the website. PS2 was uninstalled via Steam prior to that, and all game files were deleted. I'm talking fresh install in a fresh location on my games drive (not in the Steam folder in any shape or form).

    The bloody program did its bloody thing, installed the exact same bloody launcher, and now does the exact same bloody thing on the same bloody files without Steam even bloody running. I have 7GB left to download and can't even get one asset file finished because of file checksums. It downloads a few other files properly, but the assets are invalid every time.

    Logfile details
    Launcher -> Advanced Settings -> Updated File List
  2. YelpingManCandy

    I have to admit that I'm a but surprised to see I'm the only one having this issue. I changed nothing on my end -- barring the actual initial "Validate Game Assets" blunder -- and I don't seem to have issues downloading anything else. For testing purposes I've downloaded a few Linux distros, downloaded WoW (I know I know, it was JUST for testing), and a whole bunch of games on Steam that I didn't have installed yet.

    Short of requesting a new IP from my ISP or playing with my hosts files to remap SOE update traffic to a different server, I am at a loss how to proceed. I can't begin to count the number of reinstalls I've tried, or the number of times I've spammed the launcher over and over in the hopes of getting just one more valid asset file delivered to me uncorrupted (I'm up to 67 now, apparently only 256 to go!). It doesn't FEEL like a hardware issue, and I've done everything I can think of to rule out software on my end short of a format and reinstall of Windows.
  3. YelpingManCandy

    It took me all day yesterday to get up to Asset_204, but it's failed over 50 times on Asset_189 and I can't proceed past this. This is more painful than grinding for certs, so I'm off to do a complete hard drive format and a fresh Win7 install. I would be pleasantly surprised if that fixes it, but this really feels to me like an SOE issue, because I can download fine from other websites / services as long as the SOE Launcher isn't running. If the SOE Launcher background app ("AwesomiumProcess") is running, it interferes with alot of other non-Sony stuff, from packetloss to corrupted downloads to DNS resolution errors. I've had 4 days to test with programs like PingPlotter & WireShark, and within 30 seconds to a minute after killing that process my network connection stabilizes.
  4. YelpingManCandy

    I'm no longer infuriated at Sony. This was not their issue. It was a recent ninja firmware "upgrade" that was rolled out to my CISCO DPC3825 cable modem via my ISP (Shaw Cable). I have alot of theories and conspiracies, but all I can say is that after wasting days trying to pinpoint the issue, reinstalling Windows, and over an hour and a half on the phone dealing with "did you try rebooting?", it turned out to be my ISP's fault.
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  5. Chazwic

    YelpingManCandy.. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

    I had the exact same issue, same ISP, Same modem! After reading your post i removed the modem, tethered to the BB and it updated just fine! How did you end up getting the modem fixed? Did you have to do a rollback yourself or was there another update? Do I need to call shaw? I would hate to have to explain this to the front line people that answer the phones and deal with hours of trouble shooting suggestions.... Every patchI run into the exact same issue...
  6. Veratu SOE

    Glad to hear you got this resolved. There are a small handful of devices out there that really cause havoc for game companies, us included. Ask the Aussie Telstra 3G users how they feel about their routers ... poor guys, I've been working for weeks on their issue, and it's not even something we can fix, but we're working on an alternative solution to help them out :)
  7. Sparkatb

    There is a slight work around for this.
    Everytime this error message pops up, click on the language selection tab (bottom right of the patcher window), re-select your language, then it will continue downloading. You have to repeat doing this over and over until the bar reaches 100%.

    Its not the ISP, its the modem.

    At my home the launcher works perfectly.
    But at my sisters house, same ISP, lives like the next street down from me, different modem (both modern modems), the SOE launcher has this problem.

    I had to copy all of my PS2 files from my PC onto a USB SSD, then copy it to her son's PC. Ive told him when he wants to play PS2 he will have to do what ive said above with repeat clicking the language selection tab.

    Its so annoying though.

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