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    Who we are
    Greetings, soldier!
    We are The Division, an organized teamplay outfit with the main focus on enjoying ourselves while being effective on the battlefield.
    Despite our outfit being new, the majority of our players have played this game for 2-3 years under the tags of [IP], [TAW5] and [VVG]. We generally focus on infantry play, although we field strong players for all playstyles.

    What you can expect from us
    We usually have 6-18 people in teamspeak every evening, playing together in a layed back fashion. You will always find a squad to play with and people to talk to.
    Additionally, we have ops night every week, where we either practice organized teamplay along the lines of MAX-squads, tank rushes, and lancer nests, or enjoy casual challenges like HUD-less mode or scrims on Jaeger/Test server.
    Since a vast majority of our players have jobs/family, none of our events are mandatory. We understand that real life comes first, and embrace the idea of Planetside 2 being a very easy game to drop in and out of.

    As we focus on good organization, teamspeak is absolutely mandatory to play with us.
    Additionally, you have to be 18+ years of age to join our community.
    Knowledge of the game is not required, since our veterans are eager to share information and train new players. All we ask from you is: Be on teamspeak and be interested in learning and improving. And don't be afraid to ask questions.

    Joining [DV]
    You are interested in playing with us and want to join? Feel free to drop by on our teamspeak sever,, and see if you enjoy our playstyle.
    If you made your decision, apply to our website, , to get accepted to the outfit.

    Hope to see you soon, on the battlefield!
    [DV] leader

    Tactical and efficient Vanu outfit on Miller. We require teamspeak and age of 18+ to apply.
    Apply at