The defs lost the path?!

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  1. Collin

    Planetside was always community driven by the most part since the lack of support by SOE. Ingame events are rare and just driven by the community.

    I have the feeling community managers are doing everything but support and promote the game. New players help or feedback is not supported at all. Its all not clear through which channels SOE is communicating with us. They do use Twitter for ingame related stuff, reddit and sometimes the forums.

    The Facebook site is a sad mess not clear what they do try to achive there. No real information about the game. If I would not know the game I would have NO CLUE what they are about.

    The OMFG work is all nice and brilliant but first I don´t see that coming out in october at all trust me. We will lose a massive amount of players due lack of content and no hats don´t count.

    Broken stuff ingame and balance issues: Skyguard, ZOE maxes, marauders, NC maxes, broke lockon, LOCKDOWN FFS, gamecrashes and so on are not even discussed by the defs or mentioned. All we do get a post that SOMETIME in the future they will look at things starting with the Vehicles (god knows why because I thought they are balanced at the most part exept the marauder). It comes totaly out of the blue and the communtiy is astonished where that came from.

    - The community managers (looking directly to the purple hair) need to take more part in the forums and maybe sometimes at the servers
    - The devs need to work on the game not only on a global base but work on the live servers as well
    - Last but not least show artwork, what are you up to in the future, where is the game heading aso.
    - If you put an ETA on a patch PLS try to bring it out in a certain timeframe around that and not like 6 weeks after that.

    Collin BR40 CR5 - BR100 out
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  2. Hosp

    Sad but true. A little more transparency could go a long way toward placating the masses. Problem is that's a double edged sword. Particularly where "Fixing" something is going to tick someone else off.

    Fix Skyguard - Pilots Cry
    Fix ZOE - VS Cry
    Fix Marauders - TR Cry

    The safest bet to keep the crying masses in line is to say nothing, because most of them are spoiled brats and not mature enough to realize their sandbox has to much sand and some of it is gonna be given to someone else to keep things balanced.

    That said, I agree, Facebook page is a mess, I'm ok w/ lack of content for optimization and balance and hopefully, and if they can get a real marketing campaign out with the PS4 version and advertise for PC as well, maybe...just maybe we can get a good franchise going. But Facebook, Twitter, a few forums and SC Cards do not do much for getting and retaining players.
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  3. Cougarbrit

    I hope it doesn't come out in October either, don't want to wait another 11 months.

    More seriously though, the longer it goes without content, bugfixes and balance patches the more people are gonna be unhappy about the cost of this optimisation project. The optimisation is necessary though, lotta people getting ****** performance when they shouldn't be.
  4. ZeroErrorz

    there is only one major thing in this game that actualy left unbalanced AT ALL two word :NC........ (shotgun-shawdgun-shawdgun-shawdgun.enforcer modifed,AH,lowest dps,lowest pop,reaver bigass hitbox,etc,etc,etc.....:))
  5. Halo572

    'but first I don´t see that coming out in october at all trust me'

    OK, let's work with this.

    You posted today at 4.28pm. Where I am it is the 7th November. As far as I am aware it may be possible somewhere is in the 8th November, nowhere is in the 6th November any more and no where can be 8 days ago.

    At a guess I would have said it is quite safe to say that NOTHING is ever going to happen in October 2013 retrospectively.

    Please feel free to argue on things that didn't happen last month now happening last month.

    And if you have invented time travel, please share it with Mankind, but also watch Back to the Future 1-3 to see how dangerous it can be first.
  6. Ultramarine

    heh. Vehicle weapons balanced :p trade AI ES secondaries? Have fun with the modified.
  7. KiRRA

    ....leave my Skyguard alone....all I have to say....