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Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by Quor, Nov 26, 2012.

  1. Quor

    Yeah, I'm going off what my friend is telling me and what I remember from right before launch + what I've tried during my trial period of the EM1. ADS recoil is pretty nuts, but hip fire is relatively controllable.
  2. Zaik

    Er, when I say ADS accuracy I mean the cone of fire in ADS. It never actually goes away, it just gets smaller when you first aim. The EM1's is pretty bad before you even consider what it's recoil does.
  3. Quor

    That too. It's late and I'm tired, but I knew what you meant lol.
  4. StormFrog

  5. Quor

    If I could edit the post I would. That's why i used general terms. The only one I know of for certain is the SAW. The rest is from personal testing of my own.
  6. StormFrog

    Yeah, I've often wished you could edit posts past the time limit.
  7. tProphet

    I ment the EM6. The EM6 supposedly has slightly less damage then the Gauss Saw S, but also has slightly less Recoil and has slightly more RoF. Did u check the link? its on there
  8. Zaik


    Yeah that's probably true. I've not bothered to use the Gauss SAW S so I'll take your word for it.
  9. IronArchon

    Thanks for this post Quor. I just started investing in my NC character on Waterson and the GD-S22 was the first thing I bought. Your article helped me appreciate the choice - the gun seems to do great and is all around an excellent weapon for someone who knows how to conserve ammo and engage with a full clip. I'm not sure if I will even bother having the Ammo Cert. In my experience, 350 rounds is more than enough to get me through a life. I either kill my way to a Sunderer / terminal or die before it becomes an issue. Reloading, honestly, is the biggest thing. It does suck quite a bit to get locked down in a firefight and have to reload 3 times while the guy at the other end of the hall is still unloading at you full auto.

    Anyways. Thanks for the guide!
  10. NIkonov

    Weird, why do I feel the GD-22s has a slower RoF than the EM6 ?
    In your guide it states the GD-22s at 600 and the EM6 at 580.
    Is it just me?
  11. Quor

    Keep in mind it's largely general terms from personal testing. I sit here with a stop watch, fire off a full magazine, and then do the math from there to find RPM for each gun.

    I've done that with all five of the LMG's, but I haven't done it with the SAW S or the EM1 since the game went live. Supposedly there were some minor balance tweaks between final beta patch and live, so I use general terms to describe the guns as a bit of a hedge for that as well.

    For practical purposes, you could probably see the GD and EM6 as being identical in RoF, but with the GD having more damage per shot at the expense of a smaller magazine and attachment choice restrictions.
  12. NIkonov

    I actually tested all of the LMGs but the EM1 with a friend after launch, and all of them have the same damage, besides the NC6 Gauss SAW. We measured by "HUD points"

    NC6 Gauss SAW 7.5 points to the chest and 16 points to the head
    SAW S, GD-22s, and EM6 6.5 points to the chest and 13 points to the head.

    And another thing that is bothering me ATM is: I feel the reflex sights are somehow, mysteriously in a way I can't even begin to explain making me LESS accurate compared to the iron sights. Once I unloaded a GD-22s clip on a VS HA derp, and I must have missed 80% of the projectiles, that was while I had the reflex dot right on his chest at close range. I consider myself a good shot and I win most 1 vs 1s but if I slap a reflex sight on ANY weapon, I start losing duels left to right.
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  13. Pivke

    hello, very informative post for me as im new to the game and i like to play heavy assault class NC fraction :) i didnt play any other fraction yet so i cant compare HA classes from other fractions. but i did noticed that i die alot when facing 1v1 shootout and im especially fragile when i enter the buildings (close quarter combat)

    i focus mostly on mid/long range fighting and providing suppressive fire. i have the starter gauss SAW with 2X reflect scope (i may be be wrong, its the last scope on the list) using short bursts to improve accuracy a bit. i now have about 150 certification points to spend. would you recommend me to save up and buy SAW S (and upgrade later) gun or upgrade the starter SAW gun (with things that reduce recoil)?
  14. Quor

    I would say use the trial option for the SAW S and see how that feels to you. I find it much more of a generalist weapon than the SAW, and you can cert it for short, mid or long range combat very easily, just swapping attachments depending on the situation.

    The SAW is a powerful weapon when you invest the requisite 230 certs into it, but before that point it leaves a lot to be desired. The SAW S is much more all around, and works fairly well "out of the box" as the case may be.
  15. Kyutaru

    Tests aren't needed when you can just check the game files.


    The NC6 does 200 damage max, the EM1 does 143 damage max, and the others all do 167 damage max.
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  16. JojoTheSlayer

    I own all of the weapons except the SAW S which I felt sucked considering I owned all the other weapons at that stage.
    I agree with most of whats said. A few extra pointers would be that:

    + The EM-6 is a good average user weapon. Dont like the SAW and want to trail something try this one first.

    + NM-1 if for those in the lower skill levels. You hit a bit, you miss a bit, but the weapon is easier to control.
    1on1 Ha though 2-3m you will most likely lose if you face a head stream shooter. Otherwise you might put so much lead towards "something" that you just get some kills. Kinda similar to the luck breaks many TR contacts get at times.

    + You should not use the GD-22S in chock points battles, aka, for now, the Tech plants.
    You need more ammo in the clips because constant reloads will kill you. 1on1 HE close battle at 2-3m this weapon gives you the best chance of living. Downside is that if the one you are facing has less skill, in which case you would have won with the EM-1 as well, and if he has backup you are most likely going to die because of reloads. If you are a pro get this one. Ammo conservation and making every shot count on critical part is what you do. Then you wont have down sides with this one in most cases. Tech plant might still be a issue though :p
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  17. Quor

    Bump to the top for any new folks.
  18. KnightCole

    Damn son, and people claim the NC are underpowered!? HOW SO!? I was just messing around with the Gauss Saw. 12 bullets to drop a lv14 guy. The TR CARV takes like 40!? THAT is an underpowered vs Overpowered gun! The CARV is OVERPOWERED!?

    From what I can tell, stock the NC have a little bit of trouble with recoil, but once you get 130 certs, handgrip+optic, they become PLENTY powerful. NC are by no means underpowered. Then to boot the Gauss Saw has better accuracy, on the move, crouching and whatever other position you can think of. What stats are the devs and people using the claim the NC are UP!?

    If anything is Overpowered, go take a wack at the VS Orion, or any of their guns. They are OP. They get 0 bullet drop, 0 bullet spread and they get all the bonuses of the CARV in RoF, plus their damage is plenty not at all lacking. TR guns take a long time to kill you, despite the higher RoF, due to pitiful damage overall.....from what I can tell, its like 8 rounds for the AF19 Merc, half the clip or more for the T1 Cycler or TRAC5.......NC UP....give me a break....
  19. Quor

    Your contribution is appreciated Dave.
  20. Grixxitt

    12 bullets vs. 40?

    Seems legit.


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