The current state of ESF dogfights

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  1. Roland2TowerCame

    I like the current state, I've been ganked much less often recently.
    I got too cozy though; a couple of days ago, me and another Mosquito were fighting a Scythe ace and we both died. It didn't help that we ran into each other.
  2. Accuser

    If you're in a tank and two enemy tanks show up in front of you, you're probably going to die, even if the enemy tankers are inexperienced. I think it's perfectly acceptable for this to be the case in the air as well.

    The idea that a highly skilled pilot should be able to take on a large number of less experienced pilots is both silly and completely out of line with Planetside's teamwork-oriented game philosophy.
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  3. Planetdoge

    Me, too. I got the Breaker rocket pods before I even knew what the Coyotes were exactly. So I use the lolpods for A2A with the Mustang. Not going to spend 1000 certs on the Coyotes; I just don't have that kind of money, and I already spent what SC I had on the lolpods, which are good enough for me. Right now, I really like the Scythe a lot more than the Reaver, though the former seems just a tiny bit slower (stock airframe). The thing that I like the most about the Scythe over the Reaver is the cockpit view. Holy crap, does the Scythe feel clean. The Reaver's window frame blocks half the screen--not only that, but it blocks the most important parts of the screen. Stock Reaver also just looks ugly as balls compared to the Scythe.
  4. bonkfire

    Give it time. Everything is OP when it comes out. (why testing never gets it right we never know). It will get balanced in time. Secondly A2A missiles that track their target have been around since the 1950's and are now the main weapon for A2A engagement.
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  5. SolLeks

    No, Skilled tankers can take more than one tank at once. not letting skilled players beat unskilled players is what makes games very very boring and short lived. What you are suggesting is the current state however.
  6. Admiralty

    Scythe hitbox needs to increase, that's all I have to say.
  7. Wizz

    Oh god.. Time to dust off the forumside in me.

    Kk, I will say this. In a 1v1 fight. The scythe. Is the reining king. It wins. Period. HOWEVER. This is a large scale game. It isn't generally balanced around one vs one fair fights. It's balanced against groupings mostly. And ANY competent pilot with a brain should know. In a group air fight with equal skilled pilots the reaver is almost ALWAYS going to win. I've been in many 48v48, 24v24, and even a few 12v12 air only fights in this game. Every time my team has been NC (which has always even been our off faction) air dominance is always easier. I've even been in TS where after a scrim I've heard ace pilots say "wow the scythe is ******* terrible for group fights" , is lol.

    There is no over powered esf. I'm sorry there isn't. Are there situational esfs? Yup. There is one UP esf though... Buff dat mossie yo.

    You can get me on record saying I would 't mind a saron change though.
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  8. Burevestnik

    So unskilled players should just roll over and die?. Or go through hoops and hurdles to try to enjoy a field of game where there the benefits only start to show at around 100-150h wasted?. The notion that everyone should get on your skill plateau to enjoy the game is rediculous one.

    I can tell you for a fact that lockons provide a better air experiance. They actually manage to get people who wouldn't even try flying into air and helping out the team. I always tell beginners and veteran players alike that have not tried flying to do so and to implement any form of lockons to find use within the air squad. Beginner with coyotes or tomcats isn't going to take on a better pilot and win. It's just not possible. Two beginner pilots might but it's not likely.

    What Shnoobs is talking about are pilots around my level. Who aren't good but have around 100 hours in ESF's and know what they're doing. Give two complete beginners fully decked out ESF's with lockons and they will crash them before getting out of the warpgate let alone engage Schnoobs.

    If you are not willing to specialize in full A2A build like Rotary/Tomcats or Rotary/Cayotes then it's your loss. If you get jumped by two aircraft in such configuration then you're suposed to get killed unless you pull of some amazing feats like coordinating with ground troops, having flares and having support aircraft.

    You do not deserve to win in air just like a HEAT/Kobalt tank that goes against two fully crewed AP/Halberd tanks doesn't deserve to win either.
  9. Accuser

    With the element of surprise, maybe. Otherwise it's extremely rare. The higher TTK and easier shooting mechanics make having twice the health and twice the firepower much more influential in a tank battle than an air battle.

    What many career pilots don't consider is that, in addition to giving added maneuverability in a hover fight, AB tanks also let you escape almost any situation. A pilot with AB tanks (particularly with Racer) who finds him or herself in a no-win situation can G-T-F-O in a big damn hurry. Even if Coyotes are straight up better for dogfighting than AB tanks are, the AB tanks retain that escape utility to compensate.
  10. McToast

    My problem with "specialized A2A builds" is not that they exist. They are just way way way too easy to use and reward the player with too much power for too little effort.
    Numbers > skill and rock-paper-scissor is ******** for a MP shooter.
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  11. moriarrr-ceres

    I have all 3 esfs
    The only who need something is the moskito, maybe give a bit of fire rate on the stock primary. Also i feel the maneuvrability should be better in this plane.And need ALOT more clip size and ammo and maybe a little more splash (0.7?).
    and for the scythe: maybe one day i won't fall like a rock when aiming the ground........
    The reaver is fine : it's the most maneuvrable thanks to its good reverse mode.
    The coyotes are good but rocket pods are stronger if you can aim esf with.
    I'd like if they remake the frelon missiles to be free look like the spure.(and give it maybe some projectile speed)
  12. VoidMagic

    For alot of pilots, the dream of doing this, is what we work very hard for, when we see others obtain it, were happy for them, even if their enemies. Taking away the ability for "hero" moments, just makes the game terrible. No sane pilot wants to lose the ability to "shine" via "skill". Many of us never even obtain that level of awesome, but chasing it is why we play.

    It's fine if the rest of the game is just # of bodies win... don't force the air to be the same.
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  13. ADUILO

    I'm talking about secondaries.
  14. Chubzdoomer

    Agreed. That's where the "Reaver has the fastest Afterburner, and therefore is actually the fastest aircraft!" argument falls flat on its face. Most people who use that one conveniently forget that Afterburners, even with fuel tanks equipped, are limited. If you are in close proximity to your Warpgate, sure, they'll help you escape. If you're not, a Mosquito will run you down the moment you're out of fuel.
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  15. VoidMagic

    Why can't we have a secondary that is like a nose gun... I think it would be awesome to have both a short range and long range A2A cannon. IMHO, I think I'd prefer that of all options the most.

    Heck maybe even A2G/A2A hybrid guns...
  16. Ziogatto89

    Too bad locusts didn't work out they way they should have.
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  17. bonkfire

    Ok. so the reaver is less NEW user friendly then the other esf's and that deters many potential NC pilots leaving only those stubborn or skilled.

    Basically NC TR VS has about the same number of SKILLED pilots the NC just dont have as many normal pilots. (NC has fewer pilots) At least on Connery it seems.
  18. Planetdoge

    It's (partly) because the Reaver's cockpit view is garbage, whereas the Scythe's is amazing. It might not be a big deal to experienced pilots who have already developed high situational awareness, but it's important to new players like me. It's so frustrating to end up in a dogfight and then have no idea where your opponent is because the clunky window frame blocks the most important parts of the screen.
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  19. bonkfire

    SO yes the esf's are fairly evenly matched in the hands of skilled pilots. But for unskilled pilots the TR and VS are easier to use allowing them to preform better.
  20. Chubzdoomer

    That's how it is on Waterson as well.