The Crown = Gamebreaker

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  1. illgot

    Oh, I wasn't whining about a zerg. Only stating that there should be at least one place a zerg of tanks does not determine who wins (outside of biolabs).
  2. Ash87

    Here are a few popular solutions to fixing the crown.

    Lattice: Looking at the roads, the crown would be linkable to Ceres, Pallisades, Zurvan and TI Alloys. If by the lattice system you could no longer cap if you had no connection, then people would only need bypass the crown and capture the points around it (Much easier to do wit the lattice), thereby cutting off anyone who wanted to take the crown, thereby forcing them to spread out and retake points, allowing the crown farm to break down.

    Move a point down the hill: Move the B point, currently up on the hill to the west, down to the crossroads infront of the crown, down the hill. This would make it like Raven's landing on Amerish, if you don't have adjacency, you loose the crown.

    Make the crown worth something: If your going to keep it, make it so there is some incentive to hold it.

    Learn from the crown and make all areas as defensible: Rather self explanatory. People stay to farm the crown, because it is so amazingly easy to defend. Simple solution: What makes the crown broken, apply to all other bases. Now everyplace on the map is easy to defend, and possibly cert.

    Just get rid of it: Well, your adding in Interlink facilities, put one of those up there.
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  3. Wardancer

    There are many areas where the zerg does not determined the winner but yes the game does have a big issue with numbers being the most important factor. The game really needs some sort of limiting factor on infantry respawns. Lets say if someone dies 10 times in the same hex, increase there spawntimers to the double in that hex. That way a determined defense can actually "kill" an attacking enemy force enough times so that they have to pull back. Which really is a mechanic that is lacking right now.

    And to get on topic: this would sort of "fix" the crown as well. If people get farmed at the crown they will eventually have to go somewhere else to be able to spawn at a decent rate.
  4. Fivetide

    One of the biggest problems with this game is that noone cares if they lose the rest of the map. This is not a problem with the crown itself but a lack of incentive to defend other bases. Its all about the cert farming.
  5. TomoB

    Every time my squad leader gives order to attack the Crown, I'll find another squad.
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  6. Neovius

    How about having a mechanic that will limit the spawns (after Xth person the spawn stops working) / increasing the spawn timer when the hex is cut from the warpgate.
  7. Olek

    So is this about people complaining about the majority being at the crown? if it wasn't the crown it would just be some other base instead, the next best thing, so, would you want to take that away from them as well? when does it end?, probably when all those players say **** this and move on to another game, and your still left fighting small squads after all the whinning.

    Not everyone want's to play the game like you, if they want to play at the crown well good luck to them, it's really none of your business.
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  8. Gaarthar

    This statement is wrong. Every game has the general way its supposed to be played - Chess for example. you have different strategies , right , but you dont go throwing your figures at the opponent , just because thats fun according to your personal opinion.

    Mindless crown-fights are the same as throwing chess pieces. it has close to 0 tactical or strategical value , while the game is supposed to have huge accent on tactics and strategy.

    I don't think I clarified that enoug. The xp/hp reduction would only happen to those defending a cut off territory. The warpgate is the source so no reductions would take place to the wg or any connected territories.
  10. Olek

    Not everyone plays for the tact/srat value of the game, some people may only have time for an hour each night, and if they want action for that hour, then the center of the map is the place to find it.
    You can't tell people how to play, you cannot tell people where to play, that's just the way it is, as long as these guys are populating the servers, paying out cash to SOE, then they they are at least contributing to the game.

    Personally I would prefer a much more strategic type of game, but the way the game is designed, it's going to be this way, Battleground Europe has a great system, very strategic, even a high command which are high ranking players who control the battle locations, movement of Brigades and such, if this was more like that then you would be much happier I assure you.
  11. Transvestosaurus

    Would SOE ever do something as drastic as bin an entire base? Or heavily redesign an entire continent?

    Because until we know they would, all this stuff is a bit pointless.

    There's a few facts of life that need listing...

    - Indar is designed for tanks and planes. Infantry, especially uncoordinated infantry, is at a disadvantage.
    - Indar is the most popular continent.
    - There are many people who want to play infantry.
    - The Crown is the only location relatively safe from tank/Lib spam, or tanks simply sitting outside your spawn, which is also defensible against pretty much anything by infantry alone.

    It really isn't any wonder that this happens. Out of the several sq. km in Indar, there's a few hundred sq. metres where an infantry can go to be infantry in this infantry-based game.

    It's boring and repetitive, I try not to go there any more but I don't blame anyone who does.
  12. Patrician

    Not quite sure what you mean here; in what way is the fight at The Crown/Ti Alloys less of a fight than that at Eisa Tech for instance? Generally I'd suggest that the fight at The Crown/Ti Alloys is actually much more like PS2's intended fights than most others; long lasting with large numbers of players.

    And that's why there's always a fight there; it's one of the very few bases than can be defended.
  13. Fivetide

    Maybe its supposed to be about tactics and strategy, but its not. There are no more tactics and strategy at any other place in the game. Its mostly a game of numbers and certfarming. Territory has little or no value outside of the crown that is only valued for its certfaming capabilities. The main tactic to take bases is to get a good vehicle zerg going and just run over bases until you meet another zerg of the opposing faction. Numbers will always win. Losing a base doesnt matter so you dont even have to look back to protect what you have.
  14. NoctD

    LOL we TR laughed when we got orders to show up at The Crown yesterday on Mattherson, a whole bunch of us were north knocking on the NC warp gate instead. Of course, we lost The Crown soon after those orders came in.

    And the NC even if they have The Crown, seem to prefer holing up in Allatium instead.
  15. Fenrisk

    The only people complaining about the crown are the tank and aircraft crowd who's playstyle consists of aoe spamming spawn rooms. The crown is one of the best designed base locations in planetside 2 as it uses natural terrain to block spawn campers and prevent tank zergs.

    It just shows how dependant some players are on their precious spawn room camping tactics if they think the crown should be removed. Maybe certain platoons should learn to do something other then aoe spam spawn rooms walls?
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  16. SilentSalvo

    I didn't used to hate the crown but I've changed my mind. When you're the low pop faction on the server every man wasted on that piece of **** cert farm is a legit push wasted elsewhere.
  17. Selerox

    Really? I'd say Indar has a boatload more flaws than either of the other two continents. Indar may look great, and it does have an awful lot of variety, but in gameplay terms it's not all that fantastic.
  18. Leer

    You still didn't say why the crown is bad. It is fun time to time. Trenches, charges through choke points, blind spots, cover, armor, air, infantry all restricted in what they can do. No jump pads or teleporters....sounds like a nice change from Bio lab and Amp stations.

    I don't see the problem with taking a run at the crown every few days. Last night it was almost dead. I drove the south road a few times between Zurvan and Alatum (sp?) and didn't see anyone other than the turret sitters. I came back after my squad disbanded and harassed the defends for a bit and there was almost nobody there.
  19. Rene Korda

    Kill the Crown with fire. Drown it in the liquids of the 24/7 jerkoff that's going on there. Flatten it out and put up a table "ici l'on danse, ah ça ira, ah ça ira!"

    Just get rid of the goddamn place already. This abomination is cancer upon the game, sucking out half the players into a world of brainless farming.
  20. Gaarthar

    PS2 = kick enemy out of their position , push in and take it for yourself. flank the next position to cut enemy reinforcement line , push in and take this position as well. so on for the next and the next after next etc.
    crown fights largely stay at the same place , never move , never advance any significant number of positions. its mindles aiming at enemy and firing.