The Complete and Total Comprehensive Revamp Thread - "Change everything so it actually feels good"

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  1. CrazyCanadian24

    First off, I'd just like to say that I abhor the idea of NS knockoffs of ES weapons. I don't even like the idea of cross-faction weapons in the first place, given how each faction is supposed to feel unique. That said, into the grinder we go...

    This is the TX1 Repeater. It already exists.

    This is essentially the Striker, though the Striker trades damage per-shot for lock-on features.

    That'd be the Commissioner and the Underboss, though they're both NS weapons. The Rebel comes close.

    Decimator, though again, an NS weapon.

    I love these. As you can guess, I don't think they should have NS knockoffs at all, but sh*t man, this is EXACTLY the kind of thing the VS should be about - accurate within their effective range, but nigh useless after a certain point, with some exotic options for the more outgoing. Great stuff.

    In other news, I want to see NC gauss tech replaced with railgun tech. Just sayin'.
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  2. MrNature72

    You know you're doing a good job when there are debates about debates about your suggestions.

    Aw yeah.
  3. Jimbo8250

    (Darn, another wall of text. I tried to work on the formatting this time, but no colors yet.)

    Two points in all of that: The NS knock-offs are to try and deal with the need for every faction to have copies of all the weapons (and shut up those whining people). Yes, we'll always have that, but this seemed like a decent compromise (at least to me). Second, I was going purely by faction descriptions, what they're good at, and came up with a couple ideas. I don't really have the cash to buy the guns, and all my certs have been going to my abilities. Also, I only play VS.

    From what I've heard, and read on these forums (I know, take it with a couple pounds of salt), it seems like SOE should just re-do ALL the weapons, giving each faction distinct ones (perhaps the Auraxium ones should stay as they are). All the "common" ones should get lumped into the NS. And refund (probably in cert points) all the money people spent on weapons. Is it perfect? No. Is it going to cause outcries? Probably. Is it the best idea in the long run? I think so. It's going to hurt them, though.

    From a world-design standpoint, it makes sense for NS to knock off the faction-specific infantry stuff (probably not the vehicle weapons, although I'm undecided on that). They want their money, and why would they not try and provide something "good enough" in order to get more? Just so long as it's not "too good." From a game-balance perspective, it gives the factions more versatility when needed, but if the NS ones are weak enough, comparatively, then it makes the faction weapon the clear winner, every time. So even if everyone grabs burst pistols, the TR have the best burst pistols. Would I rather there be no crossover? Yes. But with how things are, there needs to be some sort of compromise. And it gives a little variety. Oh, and it gives the SOE team two new weapons to sell every time they design one. While that might not sound good to us, it provides a financial incentive, which makes them more likely to take this seriously.

    With those beam weapons for the Vanu, you might tie the beam coherency (and how far it travels) to barrel length. It's an idea.

    My idea for the Vanu is to make them iconic. You know that the equipment is Vanu. It doesn't have to say "Planetside 2" on the image for you to recognize it as Vanu. In terms of the appearance, that happens right now. But in terms of the actual weapon effects? There's no REASON to remember that it's Vanu. To a large number of FPS people, "Charged Plasma Pistol" means Halo. Love the series or hate it, it's iconic. If you've played it, I'm sure you can remember at least some of the weapons (I go back and play Halo 2 just for my Ghost). That's something Planetside 2 needs. Because the Vanu feel like crap right now.

    My other issue with the NC is that they aren't LOUD enough. When I'm fighting the TR, I can hear a minigun spinning up in the next room over the sounds of voice chat and the firefight. The NC need to have a similar effect. Their guns need to be loud and iconic. They work hard, play hard, and don't care if you know that they're in the next room, because they have another bullet ready for you.

    MrNature72, much as I respect what you're doing, what we need to do is go further. We need to bring in business cases. We don't need to just sell this to the dev team. We need to sell this to their bosses. We need to have their bosses know that this has a higher potential financial return. We need to have the entire dev team hearing us say this, AND hearing their bosses say this. Is that going to be really difficult? Oh yes. Can we do it? I'm willing to try.

    Oh, SOE, put a couple people on implementing those VS guns I described. There are two. Maybe add in a beam-based carbine. Three guns. Put them on the PTS for a few months. See how they do. I'm willing to bet that if you make a formal announcement that you're trying out some new VS weapon designs, people will try them. See how many people use them. A decent amount will probably start using them. Partly because they're new, partly because they're unique, partly because they just feel cool.
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  4. MrNature72

    I'll be writing a infantry revamp thread soon enough.
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  5. CrazyCanadian24


    I'll be waiting tirelessly patiently for that one.
  6. Jimbo8250

    (The forum software's reply function hates me today.)

    That sounds excellent. Also, feel free to use my ideas for your thread. I don't want to go put massive posts in and disrupt your lovely organization. I just have one key thing that needs to be in there. The sounds of battle. If I'm an Infilitrator in an enemy base, and I hear a fight in the next room, I need to KNOW who is in there, just from the sounds. I want to hear the sounds of a firefight, and know who is shooting. The NC NEEDS to sound different from the TR and the VS. The TR has the spinup sound. You know they're shooting at you before they start. The NC shouldn't give you any warning. The first warning you should get is the giant projectile that just ricocheted off that wall, hit your shield, knocked you down, and makes it hard to breathe. And the VS should sound like it's from another world. Strange and exotic and frightening. The sort of thing you don't want to hear close. I don't know how to better put that.

    Also, I would suggest C4 be restricted to sabotage-types. Which means Infiltrator and Light Assault. Plus it should probably get a nerf.

    Also, I think my favorite 40K weapon is the Conversion Beamer. And the NC should have railguns that make the Space Marines with bolters (rifles that shoot .998 caliber exploding bullets, for non-40K fans) feel inadequate. I want my first thought when I see an NC soldier to be "HIDE AND HOPE HE DIDN'T SEE ME." It shouldn't be "I can cut him down from here with my carbine." (Yes, I play VS, but I know that whatever I'm feeling, the TR will also be feeling, and I spent half an hour last night trying to deal with a Mosquito. Did I mention that I can't aim?)

    Also (last thought to stop me from rambling), why not give the NC HA a railgun in place of a rocket launcher? Not tank-cannon-size, or even MAX size, but something big enough to be scary to whatever he points it at.
  7. DeusExForever

    Or put it in WoW terms (so the millions upon millions who played that game can see it):

    Blue (NC) = Alliance.
    Red (TR) = Horde.
    Purple (VU) = Draenei + Klaxxi (Spacegoats who meet the mantids!).

    When I downloaded PS2, the colors essentially decided which faction I chose, as the history section of the Vanu reminded me too much of this...

  8. Goliath Mk2

    The highest these suggestions could go would be Higby and he's on the dev team, and everything MrNature is suggesting (in my opinion) falls under the category of Balancing/Revamp but currently what the devs are focussing on right now in Roadmap are Core Features of the game that (I think) need to be in place before a massive overhaul like this can take place.

    For example the resource revamp, squad platoon revamp and bug squishing to name a couple, take priority over a Revamp of this scale.

    (I'm jus' sayin')
  9. CrazyCanadian24

    1. IMO this is just a tad overcomplicated. Distinctly different reports for each faction's weapons should do fine, I think
    2. Agree completely.
    3. Most patterns of Bolters are .70 caliber, actually, though there may or may not be one pattern that does fire .998 caliber rounds (there's a good deal of debate on weather the ".998" in that pattern's name refers to the caliber of the weapon or the year in which it was designed, given how the Imperium records the date).
    4. I'd gladly trade the Phoenix for this.
  10. turingmachina

    I love all of your posts. This... this is exactly what I have a problem with in this game. Its all samey-wamey boring. I want new weapons because I am bored of everyone getting an "equivalent" or the same weapon damage numbers or nothing that feels like my faction or their faction or anything.
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  11. Niller

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  12. Ironclad Lion

    You know what this thread made me realize?

    Is that if everyone just used NS weapons and had the same tank... Nothing would probably change. The game would probably feel the exact same. It's gotten that bad.

    It's just that people have nothing the complain about so they just complain about the little things. Like how their amazing hover tank sucks because it runs people over. I mean seriously, if THAT is what the complaining has come to, they need to start buff things. And get some new gun models for christ sake. That **** is FUN to make. But they are too lazy to make guns!?!? REALLY?!? What kind of game developers are they....
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  13. DatVanuMan

    When is the next thread coming out, Lord Nature? I need to read more amazing ideas!
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  14. Goliath Mk2

    Empire Specific Troop Transports, these are simply more combat oriented sunderers that are cheaper but don't have the versatility of the Sunday... rer. They would be smaller and just as tough.

    TR = Halftrack, it's got a driver a gunner and 6 rumple seats in the back (non max)
    NC = APC a driver 2 gunners and 2 rumble seats (maxed)
    VS = Invisible Hovering party wagon with a driver and 5 rumble seats situated evenly around the exterior (maxed) and can fly a few meters above the ground.
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  15. Goliath Mk2

  16. MrNature72


    You know, that's pretty cool actually. Small capacity, durable, fast little troop carriers. Kind of like an IFV.
  17. Gammit

    Great ideas. Like you said, even with different numbers, the heart of your thread is spot-on.
  18. Atis

    Nice ideas, but bases would require complete redesign. Right now, decisive fights are mostly CQC and CQC-faction will have easiest life in general.
  19. Kanil

    So you want to nerf the hell out of my playstyle, 20 months after I picked my faction, because you think my faction shouldn't be good at that playstyle?

    Yeah, no thanks.
  20. MrNature72

    None of the factions would be nerfed.