The complaints about TR weapons are misguided and baseless

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  1. iwbs

    How can someone say in a straight face that the Gauss SAW is on par with others say Orion? You will instantly notice the difference if you have tried both guns for like 5 mins. I can only imagine the crying from Vanu if SOE decide to switch both weapons for a few days.
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  2. Corruptlol

    Everyone who says all factions are nearly equal, know **** about fps games and how weapons work.
    Good players will notice what faction has best guns after less then an hour gameplay of each faction.
    Anyone who doesn t seems to be an fps noob or closes his eyes because he don t want to see his faction nerfed.
  3. ak47

    I play TR and the proof is in the pudding as they say, Since lauch more people are switching to TR cause there the easiest for combat at all ranges.
    All that need to be done is to tighten the NC CoF and increase ours (TR) CoF

    fastest RoF = largest CoF with some recoil
    most powerful damage per round = most recoil with some Cof
    in the middle a some COF and a little recoil

    other factors then drop in place such as the damage drop over distance for VS, to the current small bullet drop TR and NC have without damage drop over distance.
  4. Meiu

    The real issue that brings imbalance isn't exactly the weapons themselves but the combination of how easy it is to brainlessly spray your TR weapons and hit your opponent and when you hit your opponent it causes his accuracy to go haywire each time he is hit. So an NC forced to do small controlled bursts only needs to get blind sided by one of your sprayed bullets to completely and totally make it impossible for him to hit you any more. This is what the real issue is and not exactly your weapons specifically. If getting hit didn't completely destroy any change you had of returning fire then balance would be achieved but as the current balance stands more accuracy and higher ROF is a vastly superior choice.
  5. FPSgamer

    Thank you Sir for being honest. The Devs better speak up because players are already leaving NC for TR/VS.
  6. PoopMaster

    I wonder why people don't realize you can't even kill an enemy with it unless they're 10 feet away or closer, or already hurt a lot if you shoot them any further.
  7. Meiu

    This is where a big flaw crops up. If our only option is to always fight at range, what do the close range classes do (LA)? Do we then try to find a niche in a long distance type attack style with a close range mobility class? If they got rid of the whole "each hit destroys your accuracy and ability to fire back" then the guns would actually be more balanced. As it stands TR weapons are drastically superior due to the ease of use and ability to spray blinded and get that one or two hits that completely obliterates their opponents aim.
  8. Meiu

    This is fixed if you purchase Mattock guns for the max. You actually can instagib people from medium range... If you upgrade to Slugs also, then watch out, you can actually pick people off from a pretty long distance. I do it fairly often on my Mattock MAX :)
  9. GTGD

    That isn't the only option. The weapons are actually pretty well balanced (aside from crap like the Jackhammer and to a lesser extent the Guass Saw). The TR have an ease of use advantage close up because of the spraying, however if the VS and NC learn the spray patterns they can be just as effective. If somehow the TR could perfect the patterns, theoretically they would have no advantage at long range. However it's a lot easier to adjust for recoil and hit at big targets up close than small ones far away.

    I do agree that they need to get rid of or at least tone down that ridiculous screen shake whenever you get shot by anything. It just makes the game less about skilled aiming and more about who starts shooting first. But I disagree that TR have some kind of advantage from that mechanic. It isn't about who hits more, it's who hits first. Your aim doesn't restart the flinch animation every time a bullet hits, it finishes its animation and once another bullet hits after that it restarts. Meaning between flinches it doesn't matter if you pump 2 or 10 bullets into them, the flinch will be the same.
  10. Shadestrike

    Still, I eat Reaver's for breakfast.
  11. ErrantPilot34

    Well I was looking at it from the perspective that the NC has the backing of corporations, which doesn't necessarily mean the backing of money...if a cheap gun makes bullets come out of the barrel, why spend money on a fancier gun when you can just train the people to use crappier guns?...

    Economics 101- Budget Cuts...

    Edit- "Maybe you've never heard of Blackwater, which is widely considered the world's most powerful mercenary army... a privately funded company"

    No it's not privately funded, it's privately in there are most likely owners and/or a board of directors or the like who use the mercenaries as a source of monetary production...

    The NC are privately FUNDED, as in the corporations DO NOT OWN them but fund them via donations in hope of a NC controlled planet where corporate law will be eliminated...
  12. Wrek

    TR weapons arent overpowered per se. they are just very easy to handle and award spray and prey. the TR weapons more or less handles like an SMG but has the power etc of a rifle. and therein lies the problem.
  13. Meiu

    It doesn't matter about the effectiveness and spray patterns, it has to straight up deal with the base accuracy and ROF. All it takes is one connected hit from TR and the overwhelming speed that they come and you literally are not capable of defending yourself at all. It is a really big deal. It is especially frustrating playing a close range class also, I can understand medium range classes able to compensate but anything in close range it is just not feasible in a number of scenarios for the NC without just straight up only using shotguns.
  14. Kenny007

    I can't honestly say whether or not the TR are overpowered or not; I jumped between factions quite a lot in the beta. However, since launch, I started as TR and only recently moved to NC because of friends, but I can say, now and before launch, TR weapons always seemed to be the most deadly in my hands. I wouldn't be surprised if they needed to be looked at.
  15. GTGD

    TR bullets travel the same speed as NC or VS bullets. It doesn't matter what faction you play, if you get the jump on someone you have a huge advantage.
  16. Gungan

  17. SpottyGekko

    In any FPS game,the average player will gravitate towards the faction/race/class where he's most successful. So if TR is the most popular faction, that should tell us something...

    NC may not have "underpowered weapons", it could just be that they are more difficult to use effectively in the average PS2 fight. And very few people choose the most difficult option, even if it's only 5% more difficult than the other options.

    Of course, all it takes is for the average player to think that the TR is where they play at their best. If you're playing in any overpopulated faction there's always a crowd around, the chances are that you will live longer and get more kills. Numbers do count.
  18. Tarrick

    Because NC weapons have higher damage per bullet values and long range combat requires strict single-tap discipline, the NC weapons have an inherent advantage in long-range combat that isn't evidenced by raw values of DPS and COF. Isolated data isn't always representative of an actual scenario.

    TR weapons have the best raw DPS. This will not change. It is the factional advantage of the TR. A toe-to-toe full-auto brawl is exactly the situation that plays to the TR advantage.

    NC weapons have the best burst damage, which means you can pop out of cover and fire continuously to take advantage of that fact. Additionally, a single head-shot from an NC weapon is going to hurt a lot more than any other faction due to the multiplier, so aiming carefully is more heavily rewarded since the recoil on almost any weapon is strong enough to prevent multiple headshots in a single burst unless point-blank.

    VS weapons have much more utility. They tend to be more accurate and they are fast to reload, making for effective hit-and-run tactics.
  19. Gungan

    Single tap discipline = even longer TTK. Yeah, you'll score hits, but while you're waiting between shots fired, the TR is spraying you and minimizing his own TTK doing so (or easily getting behind cover).
  20. Tarrick

    If the TR is spraying from ranges that you need to single-tap, then he's not hitting you. Stop kidding yourself that a TR HA can go full-auto from 50m and hit you with even 30% of his shots.