The commissioner for LA

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Hagestol, Apr 18, 2013.

  1. Hagestol

    Any thoughts on this combined with a CQC carb or a pump shotty? Is it worth it?

    I thought about the underboss but it seems like the commissioner is great for us.
  2. OutlawSundown

    The Commissioner just seems like a good secondary choice in general. If their shield is already down when you have to pull it it's probably going to just one shot. Otherwise it's pretty much going to take someone out at close range with two or three shots. One shots infiltrators if you hit them in the head at close range. From a power standpoint it beats the underboss. The things I do like about the Underboss though is that it has a fairly fast rof, shorter reload time, and better sights.
  3. Rudette

    I agree! I've been running the Commissioner with a pump action shotgun.

    You can do your normal thing and flank, or you can get up to a good vantage point and take pot shots like you would with a carbine!
  4. Ghoest

    The Commissar in practice is sort of like a slug gun with worse fall off.

    If you like flanking it seems like its the best gun to have when your main gun runs out of bullets.

    I have a harder time judging how good or bad it is for finishing poeple off when you emoty a clip.
  5. Kalocin

    I actually really like using it to wear down enemies before they get to me by using it at long-range. If you test it out in the VR, you'll notice it takes about 5 shots to kill a guy from an absurdly large distance. Add in the fact that they might be fighting other people and you can take out a lot of wounded folks at long distance. It's actually pretty awesome for finishing either wounded enemies or enemies running away, especially the latter. Overall though, the main strength of the weapon is that it's actually fairly accurate at long range which is kind of hard to do damage to with a short-medium carbine or a shotgun.
  6. commandoFi

    It seems like it would be perfect for finishing fleeing targets when you run out of ammo, that said, the Underboss seems like a more rounded choice.
  7. Crewell

    I've been using the Underboss over the Commisioner. I like the faster reload. Combined with an auto-shotgun it is good for finishing off a target or taking down one when the 10 rounds on the shotgun run out.
  8. Aegie

    Both are great IMO- though, it would be nice if they gave us a recoil multiplier instead of a COF multiplier when jetpacking (shameless suggestion promotion) because bullets fly out at random and extreme angles from the barrel so anytime you fire in the air it is like spinning a roulette wheel whether you will hit the barn or not. If you like to pop off rounds while airborn just be aware these are the worst choice for doing so (well, maybe not as bad as the Rebel or Manticore) except that I seem to see more people running from the sound of these new pistols without considering the situation very well.
  9. PaperPlanes

    The Commish is the best pistol in the game, there no reason to really use anything else, regardless of class or primary weapon setup. The Underboss kind of has a niche role I CQC it does better DPS, but the Commish is way way way more versatile.

    The TR's Repeater is the only pistol that is still viable aside from the revolvers, due to it basically being a small SMG.
  10. Airmanator

    Personally, the Underboss won out for me in terms of viability. I JJ poptart to see over a wall, aim down my sights and pop-pop-pop-pop in quick succession to set a kill or two, usually headshots. Or, when my NS-11 carbine runs out of ammo when spraying an agile target, I hipfire them to death with the sidearm.

    The Commissioner is a nice weapon, but it's far too slow for my tastes. I don't see myself sniping with ti any time soon, and the Underboss allows for some deadly suppressive fire when on the ramparts at an Amp station.
  11. LongestHorizon

    Both are good choices, but I prefer the Underboss due to the fact that since i'm more of a run-and-gun, in your face LA, the faster fire rate and quicker reload means that i've got a better chance of surviving if I fail to kill someone when my Hailfire's mag empties.
    Basically you're trading better range and raw damage for a faster fire rate and reload. It really depends on what your playstyle is.