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  1. Eternaloptimist

    I am having huge fun playing as a fighting medic. You have to get into the thick of the fight and focus situational awareness on the fighting if you want to stay alive, rather than scurrying around looking for heals and revives at the risk of getting killed because of being too focused on your own team and not enough on what the baddies are doing but those medic functions are still there for extra certs when you can safely use them.

    Its more of a challenge than playing HA but with a bit more varied abilities, which are the attractions for me. The nanite auto heal is not a substitute for the overshield although carrying a personal rechargeable resto kit has kept me in combat for longer on more than a few occasions (and gained a few certs from proximity heals). The AR is a great all-range combat primary weapon. And did I mention the huge cert gains from heals and revives along the way? Assaults are the fighty stuff and then holding the point enables the medic role to take a bit more of a lead.

    My stock loadout is nano, frags, medikit (for those times when auto heal just won't do), nanite heal ability and maxed healing gun. Perhaps a purist fighting medic would equip C4 instead of medkits but I am purely focused on mobile anti infantry role. I'd love the option of AI mines for defensive situations instead of C4 (less crude and dangerous to allies) but then Engie is my other preferred class so maybe that's just me.

    TR is my personal favourite for this kind of gameplay because T1 Cycler - with laser for hip shooting those pesky infils who like to get into your lines (saving up for TORQ 9). And now that I am more aware of them generally, I seem to see more TR medics than in the other factions I play, so maybe the idea is catching on in that faction?
  2. ArcKnight

    well from my experience when it comes to healing/rezzing you should do it when behind cover, also for all intents and purposes your allies are effectively a shield when trying to revive/heal so let them take fire while you bandage up and bring the dead back to life behind their backs, putting yourself at risk is kinda counter productive as you dying means they won't be healed/rezzed

    now for killing, just stay with allies and aim for enemies like any other class but don't run way ahead of your allies as an HA is better suited for that task.

    the shield regen bubble ability is more useful to you and your allies. Fact of the matter is you'll lose your shields way before your health takes a hit and the bubble lets you get your shield back up pretty fast so you can pop out of cover sooner and considering you can get medkits as the AoE heal isn't necessary.. but I'd recommend having an allied medic around to top you up when your low
  3. Eternaloptimist

    Quite so - I tend to just keep up with them. It's all just about what makes the game fun for individuals. I played the more traditional medic role for a while but got fed up being more focused on trying to find people to heal or rezz. Tbh I never really thought about it until I read a guide that Iridar51 linked.

    I'm the same with engineer class, getting into the face to face fight but having a few extra tricks to turn rather than spending too much time just looking for things to repair. I still make a lot from ammo drops and repairing Maxes as a result (not so much vehicles) and those claymores! Plus carbines are my favourite primary weapon after AR.

    When I played HA I eventually got fed up with not having much else to do than chuck 'nades and shoot things, so now I mix the two. It's not everyones preferred approach but I thought I would share in case anyone else has similar views or has got a bit fed up of medic role and hasn't considered the possibility.
  4. Psykmoe

    I actually feel a little inspired now. I absolutely love using assault rifles, and I've been meaning to get my medic playtime up anyway, so maybe I should make a concerted effort.

    When I'm playing TR, I love the Cycler, I love the Cycler S and I love the TORQ-9. SABR-13 is fun too. I'm horrible at sticking to one gun and auraxing it.

    As NC it's even worse. Gauss Rifle, Gauss Rifle S, Carnage, Reaper, A-Tross, I'm so spoiled for choices. The post-buff Burst variant is supposed to be great, too!

    Maybe it's the fact that like 40% of my playtime is as engineer but the reduced damage loss of ARs over carbines (and in many cases ARs have lower recoil compared to equivalent carbines/LMGs) just make assault rifles feel so good.
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  5. Cheetoh

    I like playing assault medic too. I prefer maxed Flak armor and running C4 versus NWA and medkits. There are just so many explosions in this game I feel Flak is a must. For primary, the TORQ-9 is extremely versatile and well worth saving up for. HVA+Compensator+Foregrip makes it surprisingly accurate and deadly at mid-to-long range. With SPA and Laser, it's a great CQC rifle. IMO, it's the best AR and I have the T1A. It also sounds so awesome!
  6. MurgNC

    My loadout is:
    Max nanoweave, max self-heal, frag grenade, C4 ARX. Yes, you don't get many opportunities to use the C4, but when you do it can be a game changer! I like it because it gives me anti-MAX and anti-vehicle options, and it can be great in point defense scenarios.

    Currently using the A Tross AR, but I've auraxed Gauss AR, Reaper AR, Carnage AR, and GR 22 AR.

    My favorite was the GR 22 for superior close range TTK.

    Carnage was a close second for the 0.75 ADS and great handling.

    Reaper was my third favorite for great medium range TTK (I usually fight at closer ranges which is why I didn't rank it higher).

    4th: Gauss AR was a jack of all trades, master of none. I didn't dislike it, but I was glad when I had it auraxed and could try something new.

    Last place: The A Tross. Tries to fill the same role as the Reaper, but with inferior TTK, so...meh.

    If you're trying to complete the Medic Directive the fastest way... The heal ribbons, revive ribbons, and regular kills are all easy, you'll complete those just by playing as a Medic . What I found is that the "Medic kills" took longer than anything else. I foolishly chose to ignore the Shielding ribbons in favor of focusing on Savior and Medic kills. What a mistake! Now I've maxed out Savior kills but I've still got 150 Medic kills to go! Meanwhile some of my low BR friends have already maxed out the Shielding ribbon category, it's so easy.

    My advice would be to ignore Medic kills entirely and focus on the other 5 categories.
  7. LaughingDead

    I was wondering about the reaper verses tross. Honestly the reaper just looks like a better gun period.
  8. Zvezdan

    Get rez grenades as soon as possible. They're great for mass farming experience when you need it, and pay for themselves in no time, especially if you're using grenade bando. Personally though, my favorite to use is flak armor, as grenades get to be more of a problem when you're standing a little further back.

    If you're running medkits, I'm not sure I would recommend taking the AoE heal. Medkits cover your health regenerating needs pretty well, so regenning shields with the shield bubble helps. It also makes a lot of certs, guides pubs, and is a soft counter to EMPs.

    As for why TR has more "combat" medics than the other factions? It's because the TR have such great assault rifles that you see a lot more medics willing to use them.
  9. Psykmoe

    The Tross is mostly a more range-specialized sidegrade to the Reaper. It has less recoil and a lower first shot modifier (lowest of any automatic infantry primary), making it operate more smoothly, and it's the only assault rifle with even more damage in the mag than TR's 40 rounds/143dmg assault rifles, but on the downside it's less forgiving at shorter ranges because its damage output is only slightly better than that of 652rpm/143dmg tier guns like the CME or NS-11A. At least it's better than the Corvus, I guess.

    Still, those 30 rpm it lacks compared to the Reaper mean you do less well if the enemy is close. But if you can turn the slightly better recoil stats in a better head-shot ratio, the Tross will be great. The big mag is really nice. But it's kind of similar to the Gauss Rifle S where it's criminally easy to use but most people dismiss it for firing slower than another gun with the same damage.
  10. bubbacon

    Currently enjoying the T1 Cycler Burst. Burst variants have a come a long way with the upgrades to HVA. I can't stress it enough to use HVA with Burst variants, unless the weapon's default is greater than 600m/ the SABR. It doesn't seem to affect the SABR much...might even hinder it.

    I'm using Lazer Sights more often with better scopes like 3.4s and 4X scopes with chevrons. Foreward grips seem to be buggy right now.

    I run Max Flak armor on Med and Engi...just seems to help those 2 classes survive longer imo. Medic with Max Flak, Shield bubble, and maxed revive/regen gun is one tough ombre.
  11. iPervy

    Full heartedly agreed here, the burst variants for all the factions are great and are now my favorite go to weapons with them being so accurate at range and with hva -- effective. Personally still use a foregrip since I don't find myself needing extra accuracy though, but still for me the burst guns are like better versions of the faction defaults. Only issue is that sometimes I find myself clicking to fire other guns sometimes forgetting they are full auto haha.
  12. Dualice

    Think this could be on the money! Ain't a bad one in the bunch for me; even the T1S makes up for being an "S" variant by making a nice sound. :p

    To OP, TORQ-9 is really fun, reckon you'll like it. Would recommend trying the Cycler TRV at some point too, for the complete Terran experience. Just be prepared for a rather impractical reload time. :p