The cheating was bad, now it's RIDICULOUS..

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Quake, Jan 19, 2013.

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  1. Nulgaoh

    Shooting some guy at less than 100m, he sees me, he warps just off to my side and kills me. I spawn back in and see him doing this to my whole platoon. 1 guy just killed my whole platoon by warping around. When i saw him i shot him. It showed the x hit indicator, he killed me, he has full shield and hp.
  2. mina5

    i need to ask one thing :cheat or bug ?

    i was trying to take crown back from VS (i play as TR ), i jumped up the cliff whit my light assault and ran into the near building (right next to cliff ,right side of snake pass ) i killed 2 players there and then this one heavy assault stromed in building.
    i shot hes super shields down and normal shields . at this point i had full hp and 1/3 of shields
    then suddenly he stops for few milli seconds (this time i had managed to kill 1/5 th of hes hp .) and then he didn't took no dmg at all

    he tjust stand still and shot me ..... i emptyed one mag to that dude after hes little pause . i didn't get any hit indigators or anything .
    but im 100% sure it i hit him . i mean a was like 2 meters away of him and emptyed a one mag to him and he didn't too any dmg .

    i had arounf 40 fps at that time

    so cheating or bug ?
  3. Dulu

    Video or it didn't happen. Page Up is the default key to record a video.
  4. mina5

    well it did happen .
    but i didn't had my record thingy on :(
  5. Ruggle

    They siriously have to do something against that massive cheating..... else this game will end like APB (old Realworld times) did in the past... died too massive cheating.
    Everyone who says there are no cheaters are blind, know a cheater personally and take advantage of it or are cheater/exploiter too.

    One guy i know from reallife is even cheating he even told us that the two most common planetside 2 hack got sold over thousand times... he showed it me and some friends when we visited him, he doesn´t hide it at all and we made a bet with him:
    he is saying he will never get banned in a month, even if we all report him and even give SOE a link to his hackingtool, as long as he uses a normal name and adjust the aimbot so that it doesn´t make only headshots.
    Guess what.... seems like we will lose this bet... all our friends who are playing reported him and he is still playing.... 3 weeks now since we reported him the first time.
    Well, if we realy lose this bet the rest of us will quit this game too.... half of us already did because of all those cheaters and the other half cancelled premium for this month and don´t buy anything more (me neither) until something is done
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  6. forkyar

    wine complain,there will always be hackers in any online game,get over your selfs,they are trying.
  7. Stormlight666

    No they aren't. On Jaeger we had 3 separate hackers last night in the same battle.

    1 NC who teleported onto our warpgate tower (whom I saw and shot before he killed anyone) - then reported.
    2 VS: 1 who was flipping NC and TR tanks like mad, the 2nd destroying EVERY NC and TR aircraft in the battle.

    The tank flipping one is really frustrating since they can toss you 3-4 hexes away from a fight and you're lucky if you live through it.

    And those are just the obvious ones. Who can tell how many aim botters there are out there.
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  8. Stormlight666

    I think that defense should be for those who get banned "Video you weren't hacking at the moment of the complaint or your non-hacking didn't happen".
  9. Stormlight666

    I had a HA, that I tried to run over with a lightning and then shoot dead on with HE rounds, survive and kill me - only to show he was at half tank health afterward. Seriously he hacked himself tank health.
  10. Pinchy

    Useless hack supporter reply. Just look at how dumb it is.
  11. Stormlight666

    Most of the people who say "i've never seen a hacker" probably hack themselves.
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  12. WarTourist

    Uh, no. They're just not obsessing about it like you are. I played for 4 hours on Helios yesterday and not a single issue. Nobody in my platoon complained about it either.

    You guys are giving the hackers exactly what they want with threads like this. Seriously, you're part of the problem.
  13. Paradopx

    Wow you have a lot of kills bro, keep reading the forums and sucking bad. LOLOLOL QQ
  14. PaperPlanes

    Not everyone who cheats does it to grief openly. That's the difference between ragers and fake skill cheaters. The latter will use subtle things like ESP just to gain an advantage and they will try very hard to hide it, like they will know a guy is camping in a room, for example, and go in and conveniently "check" that corner first and they won't pre-fire on him, but they still have a massive advantage by knowing where the guy was. This can get very easy to hide in PS2 since an ESP cheater could just fire a lightning or MBT HE gun into windows where he knows there are enemies, and there is no way to prove he was cheating because it can be written as randomly firing into rooms.

    Or aimbotters who use cone-based "trigger" bots. They only activate when the player actually shoot the weapon and they only function within a cone in front of the player, say if the cone was set to 5 degrees, it would basically only trigger when they aimed and fired at people, but it would provide them with guaranteed headshots.

    It's impossible to tell how many of these stealth cheaters exist, as many try their best to look like a normal player. But they will gain enough of an advantage to always know when to flee from danger, they will always know when it's safe to camp, always know when someone is about to come into the room ahead of time, always know where to throw their grenades or fire tank shells, etc.
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  15. Nacasatu

    Are you 5 years old or something ? hur dur herp derp derp... keep exaggerating your kills bro, it really means something to everyone else, honestly, you're the bestest player evar !

    My name on the forums btw is not the name I use in game but it is used by my 10 year old son, who has already lost interest in the game. I'm more of a team player anyway and wouldn't see a need to lie publicly and exaggerate my k/d in order to tell people there's no cheaters/hackers/exploiters in the game.
  16. Drsexxytime

    I can show you many cases of these, but the videos are private for the most part, as I just send them to SOE. I just experienced one last night. Yet another VS aimbotting and speed hacking in a biodome. Aimbotters flock to them due to no bullet drop being easier on the programs. Plus they're harder to see.

    I have quite a collection of hackers and bug videos now that I've sent off to SOE. Hell, I just made a new bug video today where I was recording the repair tool exploit. Just never knew if i was sending the vids to the right place.
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  17. Dulu

    Fortunately, in the civilized world, we have this concept of "innocent until proven guilty".

    If you're claiming someone is a cheater, you need to provide evidence. It's only fair. Imagine if someone claimed YOU were cheating. Should you have to be burdened with providing evidence that you are in fact legit?
  18. TacosWLove

    Remember this is more then haxxin to pad stats, etc. But last night we couldnt even use the WG. From what i understand they spawn like unlimited vehicles on top of you so when you try to load you get the cont loading screen over and over and over, then find yourself 3/4 of the way across the map. Dude followed us from cont to cont as we try to just form up

    Then we stopped going to the WG and thought we were in the clear, and he decided to come to J9 impact site and grief us there right in the middle of a kick **** TR fight :(
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  19. Garakan

    its still happening on some servers.. a whole day without a solution from SOE. they dont even monitor the servers till this hack is fixed.
  20. TacosWLove

    Lame, I really dont want to have to go through this again tnt !
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