The cheating was bad, now it's RIDICULOUS..

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Quake, Jan 19, 2013.

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  1. JohnnyMaverik

    I'm starting to get really paranoid in this game, yesterday I saw a friendly LA cloak (heard the cloak noise and he become the infil shadow man) and then suddenly he uncloaked in mid air, jetpacked a few meters, disappeared entirely... I was like o_O.. hax or bugged to hell? Today I was shooting at an Engi from around 200m from a cliff side on Indar, I have a SVA-88 with grip, compensator and 3.4x scope, hit him a couple of time, through the scope I saw him turn (to give you an idea of how far away he was, I was using the chevron scope, the centre point of the cevron was about the size of him through my scope, at least 200m if not a bit more, then smack, full headshots... redeployed and came back to the same position, saw him healing up a Sundy so shot at him again, maybe 2 hits due to COF, no way to aim for the head at that range so I have no idea where they hit, he turns round, full headshots... but I have no idea if his weapon is kitted out for long range and has very low COF (I presume practically none?) or not... so I sat in the spawn room for a minute or so, decided he must be a hacker and reported him... but what if he wasn't? I've heard SOE saying they investigate the people who file the reports as well as those who get reported... what if he just had better kit & aim than me? IDK, maybe he is using a 6x scope and again, much lower COF on his weapon, no idea.
  2. Zan_Aus

    I'm not a programmer but some hacks I can understand like aimbot hacks. Aiming can rely 100% on the client so I'm sure there are ways to misuse, but stuff like invulnerability? How is hit/kill detection not 100% server-side?
  3. Metritirodogiy

    Which is why I'm confused, because pretty much three quarters of these complaints are about ones that are easily visible and easily reportable. Super-fast kills, invincibility, chained Headshots. Not subtle stuff that they wouldn't be able to notice anyway.
  4. Zan_Aus

    Hah yes I forgot that one. I've seen LA using the HA shield in mid flight before.
  5. TeknoBug

    Hit detection is client side, unfortunately, games since about 2005 or 2006 has been developed with client side hit detection which leads to some stupid problems especially with hacks. BF3 also is client side hit detection and there's hack there that you can stand in the spawn and swing your knife and kill the person across the map without moving.
  6. Brok9000

    I didn't read it all... anyways

    You can have some players given the ability to flag other players. This makes a list that which ever GMs are on simply look at. That way GMs save time and can be looking at high potential cheaters.

    1) Who special reported them is attached to the flag. If a player flags 3 players in a row who all turn out legit, they lose this special ability. If they flag 10 players who all turn out legit over a month of paly, they lose this ability.

    2) the list also gets added to by the standard /report method

    This would save GMs time and effort. It would speed up the process and give some control to the community which is always good, players like to feel somewhat in control of the game play and the game's direction. We should since we are the ones playing and (hopefully in SOE's case) paying.

    This can work very well, definitely better than what we have.
  7. Rage Kage

    just checking in. BR 50 - 200+ hours played; the amount of hackers in game has totally ruined it for me; i cant go more than 15 minutes without running into one and then i usually just log off in disgust.

    battlefield 3 has rampant cheating as well but at least you can join a private, moderated server and avoid the bulk of the cheaters, in planetside 2 there is nowhere to run, cheaters are everywhere.

    i dont think there is a solution short of private, invite-only, moderated servers; which probably will never happen.
  8. Metritirodogiy

    Seriously, either I've got real good luck, or you've all got pretty horrid luck.

    What sort of hacks are you facing, out of curiosity?
  9. BusterMcKnuckles

    This is the reason that I cancelled by subscription for PS1. Hackers pretty much had free reign on that game and it doesn't look like this is shaping up to be any different. Come on SOE, get your act together and hire some GMs to stay on these servers, its the only way you are going to convince people that you are serious about anything aside from taking their money, and its the only way to deal with the hacking problem.

    I think we all understand that there are going to be hackers, and that you can never stop them from getting into the game, but you CAN make an actual effort to remove these people ASAP rather than let them go on rampages for several hours at a time like you did in PS1. As a "premium" subscriber this will be the biggest factor in influencing my decision to stop giving you my money.
  10. BusterMcKnuckles

    Lets just start with the most recent. Guy flying around in the warpgate with a engie turret slamming into and flinging every friendly vehicle in sight, causing them to flip and explode, even knocking them so far back that they would go out of the WG and blow up. This is someone who had far more control over the game than a simple aimbot or wallhack.
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  11. Quake

    The bottom line is SOE is completely incapable when it comes to cheating prevention. SOE after all these years has never even tried to put anti cheating in any of their games. There is a reason why SOE is considered one of the worst gaming companies in history. Negligence, Inexperience and just straight noobdom have plagued the PC division since its get go. There is nothing else to say but if only Valve or a competent company had made Planetside how much better we would all be off.

    The worst part about Planetside is SOE develops and owns it. It's the hard truth. 13 years since PS1 and not 1 form of anti cheat for either game or any SOE game for that matter.
  12. Gadamlu

    hm. i usualy dont run into hackers much, perhaps they dont like the Mattherson server?
  13. Llaf

    The worst kinds of cheaters are the ones who are good at hiding it, the ones who use aimbots or wallhacks or both but only to get from point A to point B unseen quickly or use aimbots in large chaotic fights so no one can really tell the difference. The ones who obviously hack are just hilarious, annoying yes, but hilarious. I've killed a few because once I know they are hacking I usually hunt them down, because we're all human really and they can't always be paying attention. Then I usually berate them in /yell about how bad they are that they use all these hacks and little old average joe me killed them, more than once sometimes. You wouldn't believe how much rage killing a hacker inspires, one time I got spawncamped, the guy singled me out and just killed me over and over, but eh, death means nothing in this game and as long as hes camping me the rest of my team is doing something useful(hopefully).
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  14. Quake

    Whenever I see the blatant cheater I just log on to his faction, go to where he is and just gank and gank over and over again. Their cheats are not coded to fight friendlies and I just bash them down, over and over again. Weapons lock? I just log onto my next account. I run them over, nade them, knife them, everything to reverse grief them.

    So if you all see a without a doubter cheater who is bragging about it, log onto an alt from his faction and reverse grief his ***. You would be suprised how much they in fact rage out. It's gold, it works and most of all you troll the troll and those types of players hate that.

    So go get revenge and do it in numbers. First report in mass proper and then go knife his ***.
  15. {joer

    The problem for me are not the blatant hackers, but the ones just using it to get an edge.

    The other day I get wasted by an Orion at max range for it. So I check the guys stats, he's 1.2 KD but has a 40% head shot ratio, most played HA. So basically a HORRIBLE player with a script. Only issue is no way to prove it, so I didn't bother to file a ticket.
  16. skiddish

    I know im only one player, and i love the game, but when your in a larg fight and you can planely see 5-6 obvious hackers (speed running across the compound, Light inf cloaking, unkillable players,) all from just my position, ive had enough i wont play for a awhile or at least till i see some sort of comprehensive effort from SOE to stop these hacks, good luck fellow non hacking warriors.
  17. sustainedfire

    This game is not that bad in comparison to others. Ever try Modern Warfare 3 on the PC? About a week into release the game was absolutely unplayable due to hack users. That, and it was a crap game :eek:
  18. veiledcascade

    look closer at some vanu players then on that realm tell me again there aren't any doing some very obvious hacks.
  19. Scifi

    I saw a Scythe today that took no damage after it flew over my Anti-Air Turret and I hit him for 10 seconds and there was no damage at all taken, I nor he was lagging. This game needs admins to police this game or it will suffer like every other game that allows cheats to run wild and that is die.
  20. WarTourist

    So, cheaters do so for attention and to make people mad. What this thread does is give them attention and confirm you're mad.

    What was the intent of this thread again, to make cheaters feel like their mission is accomplished?
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