The cheating was bad, now it's RIDICULOUS..

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Quake, Jan 19, 2013.

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  1. QuantumMechanic

    I played last night for the first time in a week. I witnessed some type of hack that I hadn't seen before.

    I was playing as TR, attacking some bio lab. I teleported up to the teleporter room inside the bio lab which was TR owned, and had the one-way protective TR shield-doors.

    There was 5 or so of us in there, and also one NC guy. How the hell did he get in there? He was also flickering from being visible to invisible very rappidly. He wasn't attacking us, just running around inside the teleporter room. I managed to shoot and kill him, so I got his name and submitted a ticket.

    I think it's pretty rare to play this game for a single night without witnessing some type of hacking or exploiting.
  2. Skadi

    Shot at a LA with my VS Infil alt today, missed the head and the second i hit him he flew off sideways faster than a scythe trying to ram into the ground after a mossy opens fire on him.
  3. Rager

    Logged off after seeing a speed hacking NC max.

    No thanks.
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  4. DankFist

    I would quite honestly die laughing and hope this actually happens.
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  5. Malonez

    I want to see this so bad. I bet all the hackers will be NC also. Then they will claim the reaver and all of the NC need more nerfs and the VS need a buff.
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  6. fastdak255

    You wanna see how bad it's gotten. If you didn't see it before the mods pulled it down (and why i'm not just simply posting it in here), go watch my latest upload on youtube. Search my channel (fastdak25) and view the latest video, simply titled Planetside 2 Hackers
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  7. Endlos

    I had my "I quit this game" moment last night.

    It's already difficult to find a fight in this game. Between the map not showing friendly positions (seriously, in what game, ever, is it made this difficult to find your teammates? It's easier to tell ENEMY POSITIONS on the map than friendly ones) and having too many servers that need to be merged, you're lucky to find one single battle on an entire server if you're playing off-peak hours. Most of the time it's "convoy simulator" or "ghost cap bonanza" while all the teams just avoid each other to flip empty bases.

    After 3 hours of semi-aimless wandering on Amerish, our 40~ish army of NC ghostcappers slammed into a similar sized force of TR. Oh. Em. Gee. We had a fight on our hands! After 3 hours of killing/camping 1-2 red guys while our zerglet took undefended lands.

    Then one guy killed all of us. One by one. He'd teleport to us, or teleport through obstructions to get shots on us, then auto-headshot us. The only damn fight I'd found all night, completely dominated by one scriptkiddie. I logged out in disgust.

    I tried to log in again today, tried. I got on all three of my servers, one character of each faction, before I piloted a scythe around to some empty bases for about 30 minutes and then logged back out. What's the point? Servers are too dead to find a fight most of the time, and if you do find a fight, odds are it's going to be **** on by a handful of cheaters that SOE doesn't seem to mind ruining their game.
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  8. Aliasse

    IP/HWID Bans don't do it anymore you need to stop the banned players from registering again to play and hack.
    RECOMMEND PHONE VERIFICATION to stop the banned players from creating another account.

    Phone Verification Process:
    -Upon registering put phone number in.
    -Phone ring and tells you the code you must input to complete registration.
    -Registration complete.

    If the phone number is banned then they cannot register. -SUCCESS!
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  9. Nacasatu

    As well as the cheater, pretty much what Endlos said too. All 3 servers I play on are dead past a couple of hours of primetime, and even then it's only the usual places in Indar where the action is at. Logging on to play outside of those hours and all you'll get is frustration from cheaters blatantly doing what they do, with absolute impunity it would seem. I know when you open a ticket and report people they get investigated, but there are so many of the bastards at this stage it becomes a chore to do so.

    Servers need to merge to save the game for a start, bollocks to the server transfer tokens, the servers need to merge.

    One East Coast, One West Coast, One EU and keep the Oz server. Might be easier then too to combat the cheaters as they'll be concentrated on less servers.

    Or yeah, we can all run around ghost capping empty bases on empty continents, oh gee what fun...
  10. fish998

    There aren't that many hackers on Woodman, I've seen 5 (all VS) in about 200 hrs, and only one of them was during a significant fight that we might have won otherwise. If it ever gets to the point where they regularly spoil big fights, I'd probably stop playing.
  11. siiix

    its kinda expensive for 100's of players, its mostly international calls
  12. =dS=

    great idea :D
  13. Stormlight666

    Lord knows we needed a GM tonight with all the hackers tossing tanks, teleporting onto our warpgate towers and just decimating over 20 aircraft in a row.
  14. Aliasse

    Didn't know a automated message telling a code # to input that'll last only 20sec on the phone cost SOOO much money :( [Thats sarcasim btw]

    Proposed Automated Phone Statement:
    Hello the Code # is xxxx-xxxx. Again, xxxx-xxxx. Good bye (Call Ends)

    Also... if you cannot afford @ Max 2.00 USD to verify something then you shouldn't be playing video games...
  15. SikVvVidiT

    Oh god I hope your right and I will do my best getting the word out there so they possibly do.. Everytime you see a hacker please tell him "Connery 2th January make sure you be there."

    I really hope tons of Hackers log in and absolutly ruin the event for SOE. That is the only way they will do ANYTHING about these hackers.
  16. SikVvVidiT

    I like!
  17. FatSheriff

    I also don't think I've seen a cheater yet......... I think a lot of people just jump to that conclusion when out matched, where as I assume to be **** anyway.
  18. siiix

    REALLY 300000 calls you don't think it would cost money ? and you do realize this is a free2play game... witch means there are people playing it who never even seen a credit card or know what paypal is

    dont be stupid !

    BUT i could agree to make 1 server that is phone verified ONLY, and you could transfer free to that 1 server, OR maybe for a small fee, like 200-500sc
  19. Sinist

    I would just like to note that


    If they appeal the ban is lifted.

    If they do receive a "perma ban" there are ways they can bypass it by creating new accounts. But that is not the largest problem right now, the largest problem is that there are hackers Battle Rank 80+. How can you get to the top of the leaderboards by being a hacker and not get noticed?

    They have done a PATHETIC job with cheaters. The worse I have seen in an MMO ever.
  20. Nacasatu

    lol... You're either incredibly naive or have only played the game for a very short amount of time, or you're just trolling.
    When someone you're shooting at 50 feet away suddenly teleports behind you and kills you, yes, yes that's being out matched...
    Or what about the time I was out matched when the enemy player with more skill than me, knifed me, while I was flying a Scythe.
    Top class skills there, absolutely no hacking involved :rolleyes:
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