The cheating was bad, now it's RIDICULOUS..

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Quake, Jan 19, 2013.

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  1. Quake

    Is this the end of Planetside 2? Where are the GM's? SOE just lets blatant cheaters speedhack and ruin it for everyone. Tonight was so bad, it ruined it for so many people and the worst part is they taunt us all with the hacks!

    Where are you SOE, Where are you Smed?

    Come on SOE you gotta do a far better job than this as now you are letting blatant hackers fly around your servers, Matherson is a complete joke right now. RIGHT NOW. Where are the GM's? nobody knows..

    Come on Smed, you need active GM's on the servers. There is none and your Drones in the sky are akin to **** on a Bull.
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  2. Veri

    Maybe SOE have been owned by the cheaters in this game.
    Or it's at a stage where there is the addition of multiple people who played the game from launch are getting tired of the game and are seeing how long they can go on for with subtle cheats being covered up the assumption the player is good based on high rank.
  3. Dulu

    All in the last week. These are just the ones I've been able to see when I'm online.

    Usually when I see a hacker, it makes me log off in disgust.
  4. ent|ty

    From experience, people start to cheat when they get bored with the game. Or they start to grief.
  5. Rendezvous

    Nanites will save this game:
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  6. Xind

    I will say the last two times I've gotten online, I was subjected to dealing with aim/wall hacking. It is getting pretty bothersome and it ruins good fights. The enemy wasn't even losing, some ******* just wanted to be a *******. You need to pick some semi-reputable players and give them the power to ban for 30 minutes and immediately submit those players banned for GM review. I think most people appreciate not having to deal with hackers or having them on your side.
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  7. Veri

    Took a look at the Heavy Assault clip.
    I thought the double rocket launch was a glitch until a few days ago.
    I noticed one cheater was indeed firing two lock on A2G missiles at me and hit me with both of them.

    Now it seems thanks to the glitch which has been around, people are exploiting it to win.
  8. daskleineviech

    Bad idea. Players should never have power over others, it just doesn't work.
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  9. Xind

    Players are the only people who will be able to respond to the problem fast enough. They can't hire GMs to be on 24/7 and monitor every fight. If we can have "Leaders" like Sir Biscuit, we can have players who can help keep hackers down.
  10. HadesR

    Best thing that could happen is that hacker's totally **** up the showdown next week .. THEN SOE might act and get GM's ingame
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  11. Zanobyl

    Might be easier to police the servers if there weren't so goddamn many of them.
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  12. daskleineviech

    Just forget the idea. The cheating is bad and causes a lot of complaints, but just wait if SOE pulls the god players and people show up here because some **** banned them out of anger. Sure they will be unbanned after research, but stuff like this is great for losing players very fast. And don't pull the "reputation" thing, they are players. We can put a certain amount of trust in SOE because we (or some of us) pay money, players don't have any kind of agreement with you.
    Take BF3 as an example. The amount of threads about hacks was nothing compared to the amount of complaints on the forum and the customer support about admin abuse. And BF3 admins actually paid for servers themselves and had more "justification" for their behaviour than PS2 players have.

    And for me personally it's just a thing of trust. I have an agreement with SOE, not Timmy who happens to have a better reputation than others so he can boss me around. People online (including myself) are always *****.
  13. Xind

    In this case, your agreement with SoE would be enforced by another player who made the same agreement.
    The reason I suggested only 30 minutes while it was submitted to a GM was incase someone decided to abuse their power. After the 30 minute ban, they wouldn't be able to ban the same player again for 24 hours. Assumably if they were hacking they would cease to be and it wouldn't be an issue. If the player was found to be banning competent players out of anger or trolling, his account would be suspended. It'd be quite easy to pick reputable players who are interested in playing the game.

    You could even hold a server wide vote where everyone who wanted to could apply if they met some basic requirements. (BR 50+, 50% of kills out of vehicles to imply they are around when hacking occurs as I haven't seen vehicular hacking yet personally)

    Plenty of online forums have community based moderation and it works out quite well.
  14. daskleineviech

    Sorry, but I have no reason to trust anyone that I don't know. I pay SOE money, so its employees are fine. Everyone else is just another player.
    I've been a server admin for CS and BF2 long enough to know that the worst kind of player is the one that has power over others. You wouldn't believe how many operators lose their "job" because they tend to go a little crazy sometimes. And even a 30 minute ban is bad for business, a customer who got wrongly accused of breaking the rules is bad enough (happened in PS2 before), but it's worse if it's not an employee doing the banning.

    A forum moderation is something completely different. And I know LoL pulled something like that off, but the LoL community is... special.
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  15. Xind

    How is it different, exactly?

    I'm sorry your personal experiences have left you jaded and afraid, but I would love for players chosen by the playerbase, to have the power to prevent hackers from ruining fights. At least on my server, when someone is hacking, both sides usually communicate the persons name and ask for everyone to report him. Maybe Jaegerites just enjoy a good fight more than the rest of PS2 players. *shrug* Who knows. But you literally just said you've had this power and no one with it can be trusted. Hypocrisy, much?
  16. daskleineviech

    Not hypocrisy, it's experience. Some of the most "trusted" players of this community got banned some time ago. In one case it was apperently K/D spikes, some claim it was stats padding. It's not my business to judge, but it shows that you can't trust players with power. There will always be false accusations and while a GM might take a while to consider the fact, players tend to go crazy sometimes.
    And then there's the simple fact that players don't have access to all data. As a server admin I could at least check the logs, players can't do that. And SOE has good reasons to not give access to certain info to someone who is not employed by them.

    To put it simple: Don't trust strangers on the internet. Especially not on the basis of popularity. Imagine if a stealth hacker was really popular, now that would be fun. And there's plenty of those around in online gaming, otherwise the ESL wouldn't be such a joke.

    /e: But for a compromise, I'd suggest prioritized reports. Players can't ban each other but certain player reports weigh more. I don't know how the system works now, but some kind of counter for correct reports would be nice. Player A reports 5 players and none is confirmed for beeing a hacker. Player B reports 3 players and all are hackers. System sets reports from Player B on "priority/trusted" for future cases. This way we wouldn't even need to consider popularity, which is flawed anyway because people with Youtube channels are not automatically Jesus.
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  17. Cpu46

    I had some run ins where my game that usually runs at 30-40 fps dropped down to under 1 frame per second. I'm talking about crippling lag here. Not sure if it was a hacker or an exploit but my roommate who also plays had the same thing happen as well but he found that it only happened when he looked at a certain player. When that player died after much blind shooting the lag disappeared. Other than that I haven't had too many run ins with hackers.
  18. DevilJade

    Last night on Mattherson there was a 95 and 0 TR Max in/under the floor and rocks in the biolab. He moved all over the place and I could see his name moving around.
  19. LiBeRtY76

    I just started playing a few days ago..I thought wow what a great game. I spent about 50 bucks so far. Well I see how bad the cheating is and will have to play free from now on untill something is done.
  20. Mark467

    Am I the only one who never sees hackers? Even when I was in a squad I somehow managed to avoid one that my squad mates bumped into.
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