The C4 Problem.

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  1. Ronin Oni

    WHen I pull my sundy up to act as faction front line spawn...

    I hang back and protect it.

    The enemy invariably comes at me with RPG's and C4, all I need to do is shoot them with my carbine. Protect my investment and "cert farm" (lol at least it's 5xp per now :p )

    It's funny how long it can last with minimal defense.
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  2. Keldrath

    I find it to be very easy to counter, just hold down the S button.

    They've got to catch you first. Good luck outrunning a tank.
  3. Scr1nRusher

    So Found this gif on reddit.

    so 1 lighting has about 3000 HP

    So that means 1 C4 does about 3000 damage or more factoring in resistances and explosive values etc.

    But the point is that C4 is to accessible and its to powerful. Its a "set and pull trigger".

    Or its a "place and then explode with another explosion for bigger explosion"

    in perspective HA rockets take 3-4 to kill a lighting.
  4. AshHill07

    Again, the only time this is a viable option is if they're stupid enough to come at you from the front so you notice, or you happen to be in third person trying to reposition. If you're already engaged with ANYTHING else, chances are high you won't notice. And as previously mentioned, the proximity radar doesn't help much in that regard.

    Despite my various MBT recording sessions, and my tendency to record from first engagement until death. I have yet to record one where I died to C4, although I did have a particularly rage worth session a few days ago when I drove off a pad and almost straight into an engagement with maybe the luckiest prowler drive in history, who thanks to a "friendly" AT mine that someone chucked next to me managed to instagib a full HP Vanguard. Maybe I should try to record more of my sessions than I currently do ...
  5. SeanFree

    1 C4 doesn't take out a lightning anymore, keep shooting.
  6. Frostiken

    Actually it would be a neat idea to give LA a recon tool, rocket launchers, a medgun, or a gluegun they can put in the third slot. No, they aren't getting those class's abilities - they'd be basically getting incredibly terrible versions of them burdened with limitations.

    - Rocket Launcher would be similar to a Panzerfaust. Highly inaccurate, short-ranged, difficult to aim, but small and light. Does reduced damage against vehicles, but is effective against MAX units.

    - Medgun can heal, but not revive.

    - Repair gun is only for MAXs. Does not work on anything else.

    - Recon tool is basically a level 0 Infiltrator droppable motion sensor, but this one costs resources.

    Turn Light Assault into a 'jack of all trades, master of none' class. This way, it's like giving ALL classes a jetpack. So you can actually use Light Assault to storm a base and you'll be able to bring an assortment of effective tools to help you out.
  7. Aelyn

    Do people not use the third person view? I'd go crazy in any vehicle if I'd lose the ability to use it. And the minimap? Chances are the Light Assault who's about to C4 you was spotted by a teammate. And if not, there are defensive upgrades you can get if you get C4'd a lot. The Proximity Radar for example, it shows you enemies within 30 meters for only 100 certs, or 50 meters if you have it fully upgraded. If you actually play smart (that is, not staying completely still and never use thirs person view or look around you), avoiding C4 is often quite simple.
  8. Corporal Hicks

    Is there any real point to these C4 threads?

    It seems there is this going on here,

    1) it's too powerful and blows my pretty vehicle up

    2) Everyone has access to it so anyone can blow my pretty vehicle to crapareens

    3) If your too dumb to not spot someone running at you or drifting / flying over you it's your own fault you got blown to bits

    So then,

    1) Tough, it's a frickin high explosive and is meant to go boom with varying degrees of success depending on vehicle resists. Putting into real world perspective anti tank rockets make tanks go boom with relative ease so be thankful it takes several of the things here in PS2. I'd actually like to see C4 just blow tracks/wheels off and make the thing unusable forcing you to pull another IF you want to drive again, rather than an instagib. Bit like sticky bombs off days gone by. But that's not going or very unlikely to happen.

    2) Well, so what, they still have to plant it on you. It's also useful for maxes and infantry much like grenades, except yes it's triggerable. If you stay alive of course. It's not class defining like the med tool or the rocket or the repair tool. So yeah, pick a class and just let them have it. Will you still get zapped, yeah you will. Is it easier to plant by light assault. Yeah it is, but that's kind of the point of the class. Being a right old nuisance on the battlefield.

    3) Seriously love to see some stats from SOE on just exactly how many vehicles get taken out by C4. Sundies will be, i assume, top of the list being a spawn point. But as previously mentioned a lonely sundie with no protection is gonna get it's little self blown up. By any number of things and not just C4.Situational awareness in Planetside is key. If anyone/anything stays in one spot or area for too long they will get pwned. It's the whole point of the game. It's big. It's got nasty people in it just itching to take it out on you. You get to come back and fight with little or no penalty. Oh, except for the whole resources thing. Which is currently poop and is getting revamped so that's not a valid argument for right 'NOW'.

    So what is it that's needed ? Two lumps of C4 to take a MBT down ? Four ? Eight ? Over nine hundred ?? Does it even need fixing and changing. Personally i don't think it does. But that's just me and my opinion whici i like everyone else is entitled to, it's up to SOE to do something about it and really it's been as it is for a long time without ruining the entire game for everyone so let them do actual important stuff and not the endless C4 debate.

    K THX Bye.
  9. Scr1nRusher

    so after a year....... you make this post on my thread.
  10. dedgaem

    simple: stuff like mines, c4's and nades all share the infantry pool (Maxes). While grenades ain't any problem there and they should also be very common, just like in every war game, c-4 and mines can get very abusive. So...the suggestion.

    Make a different (dedicated) pool of resources for c-4 and mines, name them "tactical resources", "fairies dream" or whatever you want. Make them substantially more expensive than they are now and limit their stockpile cap (for example max stockpile being 5 mines and 5 c4). The resource refilling is for all factions the same.

    Why all this?

    Dedicated pool: random solo warriors or non team players, have infantry pool always full. They don't team play, throw nades, spawn maxes in critical situations or gal drops, etc. This pool is for them luxury.

    Expensiveness and stockpile cap: the game regarding c-4 and mines (which common sense derives into tactical game), has become so degenerated and distorted in PS2, that it has nothing to do with tactics any more but flying fairies doing suicidal c-4 runs. These fairies don't even care if one c-4 didn't even land in the right position and it gets detonated too far away of the target. These fairies don't care at anything at all, as they have 40 of them ready to get used and 750 resources they otherwise never use ready to get burnt. Such a change would at least re-create the requirement for some careful planning instead of drifting straight towards a tank in a +48 battle with nothing to lose.
  11. Icedude94

    But C-4 is the only way my tiny outfit can win against zergfits that do MAX crashes...

    Furthermore, blowing up that one HE MBT that has been farming everyone on your team just isn't as satisfying if you do it with a rocket launcher, a tank, or a liberator.

    I also demand extra points if that tank happens to be a PPA magrider.
  12. Scr1nRusher

    The problem with C4 is that has such a effective reward and that no matter where you place it, you will wreck tanks and vehicles.

    Its not C4, its a mini nuclear bomb.
  13. Scr1nRusher

    Let me tell you something.

    you know somethings wrong when every Tank user/Vehicle user is SCARED of a single LA, or a medic/HA/Engineer rushing them with C4.

    It causes panic mode.
  14. Longasc

    It's funny how stupidly easy it is to fly around like a pigeon and crap C4 onto everything and destroy it.

    C4 is only messing up things, it is not solving problems like tanks laying siege to spawnrooms and all that. Nor will the upcoming uber-nerfs to tanks they are trying to sugarcoat atm.

    They want to encourage and improve "combined arms" and there is no need for it as jihadists blowing everything up with bombs are... well... not the idea of combined arms for sure. XD
  15. Corporal Hicks

    Your powers of reading and looking up users are excellent, well formed reply as well.
  16. Corporal Hicks

    No matter where you place it ???? Unlike tank mines which are leave and forget C4 disappears if the planter dies. You kind of have to plant it directly ON something or pretty damn close near by for it to be effective.

    This isn't really a debate is it? It's an i don't like C4 please nerf / get rid of it thread you somehow think you 'own'.
  17. Scr1nRusher

    I was joking lol.

    But the point I'm trying to make with this thread is that C4 is way to accessible.
  18. Kevin49704

    I spend a lot of time in tanks and sunderers and I personally don't have a problem with C-4. Yes its frustrating to lose your sunderer, especially if you have just recently deployed it but 9 times out of 10 when that happens its either your fault or your teams fault for not defending it. I use tank mines against enemy sunderers and from the perspective of the person attacking it you won't believe how many times enemy players ignore me and run past or just don't see me. I literally ran into an enemy player next to their sunderer today and he just walked off and left me to blow it up. So yes most of the time if a player gets to the sunderer they deserve the kill otherwise the driver probably placed it in a undefendable spot. Also the OP mentions that everyone can use C-4 but everyone can pull an AMS as well so there shouldn't be any shortage of sunderers to bring in to replace ones lost.
  19. Scr1nRusher

    its not just sunderers its for Tanks aswell.
  20. Scr1nRusher

    C4 is so good its not even funny.

    Why is it not restricted class wise?

    HA has rockets so they don't need C4

    Engineers have AV turrets and Tank mines so C4 isn't needed.

    Medics Deal with infantry primarily so instead of C4 they should have bouncing betty's.

    The LA doesn't have anything else, so C4 would be a logic choice.