The Broken Logic of DEVS.

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  1. Villanuk

    I do not post much let alone do threads but this update is nothing short of ridiculous and it dose not address the issues or the main concerns for players but has now changed the dynamics of the game without even a certs refund.. ( yes we know what im talking about ) but i will come onto that later.

    Claymores.. So "reduces the effectiveness (and frustration) caused by claymores placed where they cannot be countered or avoided."
    So lets analyses this.
    Cannot be countered.. Well isn't their grenades that CAN counter this? or a implant EOD HU or Flack? Ah, but you say, they are hidden around a corner, well as they only work at 180c you are limited to what you can do with them, ie you are not going to place them in the middle of a room but also as they stand up your just not going to miss them?

    But but but, they are instant kills, No. Unless they are positioned correctly, and even a flack will save your ****.

    But but but, the stats PROVE its better, so it must be OP. Its a small amount but indeed they are, so again lets look at something else.
    Betelgeuse. As Wrel put it, the best farming LMG in the game. The stats on this are so far above anything else its just comical to see. It has unlimited ammo, just look as the camping and farming options you now have with this that cannot be countered.. its a killing machine, just left untouched, but hey the little claymore is a game breaker compared to the Betelgueuse?

    Lets look at something even better, dont forget the Devs logic... "cannot be countered or avoided."

    Ravens and Phoenix. Tell me how i counter any of these behind a mountain or in a spawn room, you cant. Certain bases when approaching with transport are near impossible due to the spam of these but hey those pesky claymores are a game killer compared to these.. really??

    Thermals. Has anyone in the game gone, oh no its a tank with thermals run.. no. Its an advantage but its open to all factions to use.
    " The intention behind these changes is to increase the skill required to hunt down infantry (especially while using natural cover, like tree canopies or underbrush,) while increasing the optic’s ability to detect vehicle-based threats."

    So what your saying is its no different to any other barrel site now, so its not a thermal which everyone has brought via certs. So their is no reason not to give the certs back, its now not a thermal, its has no use to what it was before. I could go on, but there are so many other irregularities and issues that need to be addressed for balance you chose the claymore..

    DBG, you wonder why people just dont pay for this game. GK.. now nerfed to ****e. The striker, well we all remember the video with the NC laughing so much that a pistol had more stopping power than a launcher. Constant nerfs but the Betelgueuse never gets touched ever, the best gun in the game second to only the SVA another VS gun or the Parsec, oh another VS gun or the
    Solstice Burst, oh another VS gun or Eclipse VE3A another VS gun... all top of the stats but those dam pesky claymores eh?


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    Is that.....true?....a TR is crying because he feels like VS and NC is better? :D

    Oh hey just you know....

    Parsec = Bighorn50 = Moonshot

    TR carbines are better than VS...Firerate AND Ammo

    And the last thing:

    Funny how TR LMGs are much higher ranked as VS LMGs....yet you are crying about VS beeing op

    And yes there is a rank list of the LMG Kills, KDR, SPM and even Accuracy... And TR one are higher...
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  3. Villanuk

    Im sorry at what point did i make such a statement. I used it as an example. Claymore v Betelgueuse, which one has a greater impact on the game?


    I do quote a biased TR now: "Repeater is not OP and even when they do not win Alerts"

    Now i will say that to you in other form:

    Claymores are not UP...
    Even if they where...
    You do not lose Alerts because of that.
  5. Daigons

    More like....

    LOGIC =/= Villanuk Whines
  6. Villanuk

    I didnt quote that above, so its irrelevant.

    Lets just go back to the question i asked, Claymore v Betelgueuse, which one has a greater impact on the game?
  7. adamts01

    There's no way I can come back to this game with logic like theirs. Yes, the claymore was better, it worked as intended. If I trigger a NC or VS mine, I'm statistically more likely to survive. And guess what, I feel bad for whoever placed that thing, they put it in a good spot and deserve a kill. If one killed me, I don't cry, I think to myself "that clever little bastard", and I re-spawn and go about my way. Now all mines are equally worthless? How is that a good scenario? **** this game.
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  8. Eternaloptimist

    OK then.............

    • Slight nerf to Calymores is annoying as I've had a lot of kills with them (and with the other factions AI mines although I have had to finish off one or two survivors). But it is just a case of placing them slightly differently. I don't place betties or proxes the same way I place claymores, to allow for their different characteristics.
    • Sure, the Battlegoose is probably the best directive weapon by far in the LMG class but you can buy claymores much more quickly than the time it takes to get the BG.
    • And I guess people may not have complained about getting farmed by vehicles using thermals because they don't know whether or not thermals were used to kill them. I've never looked that closely at the kill screen to be honest so I could be wwrong. They do complain massively about lolpods becasue the kill screen tells them what weapon got them.
    Overall, I think this patch is rather undramatic (I don't use shotties, which seem to be the most drastically changed thing)
  9. Villanuk

    I do agree apart from nerfing AA turrets, now that really does effect the game and today i noticed it. They have gone to far on that but its still not addressing the issues. BG is just way to good and i cannot think for any reason why this is not mentioned enough.
    The GK is just a pile poo but a claymore gets touched, not by much but WTF for?...
  10. stalkish

    Re. Claymores.
    Wierd change, not sure it was needed, the problem with claymores is they kill through walls, i think this is why people seeming get killed by unseeable, uncounterable claymores. The amout of times ive stood outside a doorway and boom, claymore inside kills me....
    If they cant think of 3 types of AI mine, they should have given all of the empires the 2 types, long range narrow angled, or short ranged 360. Could even have 2 types of claymore, 1 very long range but very narrow blast, 1 medium range with medium blast.

    Countering a Phoenix is easy, you can shoot the misiles down, or just move slightly to the left / right, they even slower now, but they do not turn on a dime.
    1. open map,
    2. right click on spawn room,
    3. place personal waypoint.
    4. Stay 300m away from your marker at all times when in your vehicle.
    Phoenix effect completely nullified.

    Why does everyone keep talking about tanks when mentioning thermals? Zepher libs, rocket pod ESFs, they're your main problem where thermals are concerned.
    Perhaps we'll see some re-buffing of AI weapon potential now that its not auto-aim like sighting?

    Because drop and forget AI mines are ********?:p
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  11. Drunk

    No neeed to go dramatic on claymore changes. Everyone knows you always needed *2* mines placed wisely to reliably secure the critical route anyway.
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  12. Eternaloptimist

    I reserved judgement on them as I haven't played since the patch so I've got no personal experience to base a comment on. It did strike me as weird though, that something which should be a counter to something else may not have the range to do its job but can be hit by the thing it is suppossed to counter.

    BG is basically an Orion in terms of performance IIRC and there are plenty of them around already. The heat mechanic is just like having your personal engie dropping ammo packs everywhere you go, whihc is the difference.

    I think there was some grief about BG when it first came out, a bit like the way people are being sick all over the carpet atm about the new Rocket Rifle for LAs. But I haven't been shot by a BG for a while now.

    Its the same for anything that is new and makes a difference to the game, until the planetmans get used to it being around. It doesn't help that eveyone tries out new stuff. I couldn't move without being shot by a Tomoe a while back - but it is rare now.
  13. stalkish

    The heat mechanic does allow for sustained fire indefinitely tho.
    Tell me what you do when you run out of main LMG bullets on your NC/TR? You switch to pistol.
    What then if your run out in your pistol? Unless you like that new laser pen knife you're stuck reloading.
    A VS will re-draw his LMG with it ready and waiting to fire having auto reloaded.

    Thats my understanding of the 'problem' with heat mechanics, although i can see the point, i dont see it as a problem myself, just some ES flavour.
  14. outchy

    lets ignore the troll here they are as stupid as removing the thermal.

    and Yes VS gun are made by dev for dev who are almost all playing VS i would bet on that.. op gun thats what VS got.. sniper that kill tank, its just plain stupid.
    by definition a dev is working on the game so he dont have the same time to play the game. so they are in a way some advence kind of gamer noob.
    (i can see a few VS troll have something here to troll about like they always do, its ok i will not read your trolling comment anyway)

    i know many player that left for OVERWATCH because there its a real infantry game with a real class choice and its fun. there they dont nurf everything for stupid reason. they have fun objectives and its great..
    Dev cant make this game an Infantry game BECAUSE IT IS NOT BUILD THIS WAY!!!

    but they dont care about what i say. they only care about what we do so this is why:

    i cancel my subscription because they are nurfing the vehicules again and again making this a zerg boring game.
  15. adamts01

    They were annoying at 450+ meters, because the random shot would keep NAR from starting, but they weren't a threat. Sure they match Hornet range now, but the problem is that most other A2G weapons out-range AA...... Whoever thought this was a good idea needs to share a little of what they're smoking. The worst part is that Hornets already beat turrets, so this whole change was absolutely pointless. It's just idiotic.
  16. CrimsonEclipse5

    So basically, devs made a very small change to Claymores, making them on more of a level playing field with other AP mines, and you think that is bad, citing a bunch of hard/time consuming to unlock directive rewards as the reason?

    I haven't died to Phoenix/Ravens in a ******* long time. I die to claymores every day. When I feel like partaking of the cathartic release that is using the Gauss SAW, I occasionally die to someone using a VS directive weapon - but it's usually because they have been playing for long enough to unlock it and thus are of a high skill level. You CANNOT compare the stats of directive weapons to anything other than directive weapons of the same weapon class. I confess that in terms of directive reward weapons, the VS definitely got the best deal, however the recent PTS and live changes indicate that the devs are aware of this discrepancy and are working to equalise the value of the directive rewards without diminishing the VS ones in any way. This is the best thing they can do in my opinion, and I wholeheartedly support it.

    The PTS changes to the Butcher make its special functionality superior to that of the Betelgeuse with the exception of the never-needing-to-resupply part. A 500 round magazine has so much redundancy, the likelihood of you firing all those bullets before dying is practically nil.

    The Godsaw changes have the potential to make it the best en-masse AA weapon in the game (because you don't have to switch to a specific AA loadout) if it is powerful enough, though I haven't bothered testing it myself as it's likely it won't even make it to live :(
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  17. LaughingDead

    I do not feel like hitting the reply button on my phone so I will simply make a list.
    1. Battlegoose has 23 points in KPH higher than either the godsaw or butcher
    2. Nerfing based on statistics is never a good idea in fact it's just stupid
    3. Personally, based on how the devs wrote it, I think that it is supposed to make it less frustrating to die to a claymore in being in a situation in which you cannot shoot it from this side of the door so to speak.
    4. I'm kinda meh on this change. One hand I can sympathize nerfing something you can't do anything about but I've generally never ran into this situation so I can't say that this situation comes up often enough to be a viable...excuse? And on the other you nerfed a tool of the engineers base defense kit.
    5. No crimson, the godsaw being an AA tool is simply hogwash unless it's against a gal in a big group, ESFs take about the same amount of bullets as do harassers, this would be like if everything had harasser armor but more HP. I think how it works is that it changes your damage type to HMG instead of smallarms.
  18. Villanuk

    I agree with what your saying. BG got a lot grief but its seems to get nulled but any dip ****e can tell its way OP and to nerf a claymore over that is just comical - pathetic quiet frankly.
  19. Villanuk

    Nerfing the claymore is not a massive deal as its not a massive nerf but its the dam logic. Its not TR's fault the thing is bugged and its only works at 180 but to focus on that on the basis of no counter when i made the points it can is utter rubbish, more so when the BG is way above the best gun in the game, even wrel said so.. but stats i agree are debatable but not with the BG..
  20. Villanuk

    The change is small i agree, in real terms you could argue why am i making a fuss its not worth it.. that i agree but its the dam logic. its just above average in stats, but the BG is way above anything in the whole game bar nothing, nothing at all yet the BG is never touched, so please tell me how this can be the case, its utter rubbish, complete bollocks. No changes has ever stopped the BG being so OP.. it is and you can check the stats, way above any other gun, launcher, mbt, emf etc.. it has the biggest margin of blatant OP in anything in this game, but hey a little claymore needs a nerf... Logic, sorry i cannot see it?